The Avenue of the Arts runs through the heart of Philadelphia on Broad Street, the city’s widest and busiest street. To say that this area is saturated with culture is an understatement- museums, theaters, restaurants, perfPicture 7orming arts venues, universities, you name it, it’s there. The Avenue is a great place to visit because it’s easy to get to (lots of parking garages on the Avenue as well as accessible public transportation) and is always bustling with foot traffic.

The busiest and most affluent area of the Avenue is on South Broad, starting from Philly’s beautiful City Hall to Lombard Street, where you will find many of the city’s major theaters like the Academy of Music, Merriam Theatre, and Wilma Theater. When meandering down the Avenue, you can stop along the way and catch the building tours at many of the venues. Be sure to look on the Avenue of the Arts website for a listing of all the shows happening at all venues!

Take advantage of all that there is to do- and see- on this beautiful Avenue in the heart of Philadelphia.