When you wake up on the weekend and know that the only cure to your wretched margarita-beer-kamikaze-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink hangover is a belly-bursting brunch, Sabrina’s Café will be calling your name. Sabrina’s is located just outside of the Italian Market and offers all the classic comfort food of an all-star brunch menu. The weekly specials are always themed (recently it featured Jersey Shore selections like the “Self Tanner” Mexi Special and the “Situation” burger), which makes it even harder to choose from the already stellar menu.

Tried and true favorites, liPicture 15ke the caramelized Challah french toast, stuffed with cream cheese and bananas topped with vanilla bean maple syrup (say what?!), and the “Barking Chihuahua Breakfast Burrito” rolled up with scrambled eggs, black beans, red peppers, and pepper jack cheese (yo quiero!), will send you full and happy to your post-brunch coma…I mean nap. Shuffle on into Sabrina’s in your Sunday sweatpants and that sweater you swore you’d never step out of the house in, because it’s time to hit that sweet, salty, greasy breakfast goodness.

Insider’s Tip: The lines get long and the wait can be too, so be on the safe side and call ahead, they’ll add your name to the list before you get there!