Art has most of us seeireneebevan3webng inspiration in its pure form.  At Nob Hill’s favorite art-jewelry gallery, Velvet da Vinci, all you’ll see is too many pieces to fit in your box.  The lofty and warm space introduces San Francisco to the most unique pieces in modern art available, such as last June’s Jane Adam Jewelry exhibition.  With current pieces like Renee Bevan’s Rose Petal Lei, you may find something special just in time for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary.  And with 10-12 exhibitions a year, you’ll have monthly supply of fresh pieces for your home and heart.

Since 1991, Velvet da Vinci has featured craft artists from the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Japan.  The regular exhibitions of artisanal jewelry, sculpture and metalwork are popular amongst collectors, museum curators and jewelry enthusiasts. With each unique piece up for grabs, this popular jewelry museum is a must-stop for everyday shoppers.  With only the cream of the crop in contemporary art and sculpture, it’s hard for anyone appreciative of beauty to walk out empty handed.