If you think of opera as long, boring, and hard to follow, you haven’t been to the San Francisco Opera.  From the bellbottoms to ball gowns dress code, and SFotellowith subtitles above the stage, a night at the opera isn’t just for the world-traveling elite anymore.  The San Francisco Opera does justice to this classic art form by making it accessible and entertaining to modern society.

In the heart of The Civic Center next to the Capitol Building, every grand staircase and facade of the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House seems to have been carved out of marble and gold, and the set designs are always elaborately impressive.  Taking in the spectacle is even better while enjoying a pint of beer or a high-end wine.  And don’t think the crowd is going to be boring either, since the opera is attended more these days by 20-50 something’s in the peak of their social lives, with great fashion sense to boot.

Tickets can range from $10-$120, but if you’re looking for an old-fashioned night out on the town don’t be afraid to play “Pretty Woman” dress-up, make reservations at one of the many nearby fine restaurants (like Absinthe), and go all out with a box seat and opera glasses.