From potted plants to those that live in water to those suspended in the air, The Conservatory of Flowers houses almost 2,000 different species of tropical and colorful plants and flowers.

In the Aquatic Plants gallery, a giant art installation of glass and metal can be viewed, but that’s not what draws in the crowds. An authentic and rare Victoria Amazonic water lily hangs suspended in the air! Its leaves can support the weight of a small child!

Picture 5The Highland Tropics gallery of the Conservatory is world-renowned for its collection of delicate high-altitude orchids, which grow on the bark of gnarled trees. You may want to bring a cardigan, since the gallery’s temperature mimics that of misty cloudy forests of tropical mountaintops.

Step into the Lowland Tropics gallery and notice its steamy, humid, rainforest-esque atmosphere. This gallery is home to Phil, the 100-year-old giant Imperial Philodendron, and Cycads that pre-date the dinosaurs.

It’s not all plants and flowers at the Conservatory. Be sure to visit the Butterfly Zone where you can see these colorful insects at work in a picture perfect surrounding of beautiful blossoms.

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