While the city skyline is beautiful from the balcony of a downtown hotel, nothing can compare to the city’s best views, Twin Peaks Vista Point.  Called Los Pechos de la ChocaPicture 23 (breasts of the Indian maiden) by early Spanish settlers, Twin Peaks is perfect for lovers and sightseers alike.

The drive up is stunning, especially at night, so hire a limousine or taxi to fully enjoy the ride.  Of course, you can also take a bus or hike up during the day– it’s worth the trek in clear weather once you see Ocean Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay Bridge all in one sweeping glance!

Twin Peaks are a must for anyone who comes to San Francisco and for anyone who hasn’t been in a while.  Bundle up for the wind, and you’ll enjoy eucalyptus-shrouded hiking, bird-watching, city-watching and the most popular place to snuggle with your loved ones in the city.

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