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Dance without pretenses at The Slip Inn

The Slip Inn is Dallas’ quintessential unpretentious, divey-but-not-dicey dance club and bar. Their claim to fame is cheap(ish) drinks and excellent rap and hip hop music. While the DJ’s vary, the general consensus is that they all rock (and start playing at 10 pm). The Slip Inn is also known for a diverse and friendly crowd and provides a more casual atmosphere than most dance clubs. Despite the casual atmosphere, dressing up is still allowed. Located right off Greenville, The Slip Inn is the bumpin’ place for weekend post partying, although showing up early is also encouraged as the tiny L-shaped establishment is, well, tiny and L-shaped.

Eight Lounge is a Club with Staying Power

8loungeThe undeniable fact about nightclubs, is that, well, they don’t have a long shelf life. They stay hot for a few months, and sometimes burn out before making it to the year mark. Eight Lounge on Greenville Avenue has not only been alive since 2003, but is still just as popular as it ever was. Friday and Saturday nights are the busiest, with a line out front and a line at the bar. No worries though, the bar is designed to help patrons get their drinks quickly and easily.

The dress is upscale causal with a trendy vibe, so if you are looking to avoid the Dallas “scene,” Eight Lounge might not be what you are looking for. The DJ spins popular Top 40 music and an abundance of hip hop, so be prepared to shake, spin, and impress on the floor. The drinks are lower than west coast prices, but be sure to bring the credit card and plenty of bills for tipping the staff. Eight Lounge delivers exactly what you expect from a Dallas nightclub: flashy females, loud music, and flowing drinks all night long.