Usually people think about the Sears Tower when talking about the Chicago skyline (and that’s now passe since it has changed its name to the Willis Tower), but the John Hancock Tower & Observatory is probably the second most recognizable within the incredibly tall array of Windy City skyscrapers.

Like a black dagger, the John Hancock is recognizable as the tallest building from the east end of Michigan Avenue, signifying the beginning of the Gold Coast neighborhood. If waiting in a long line to get to the Skydeck doesn’t seem worth it to you, the Hancock is definitely the way to go. Plus, all the fun lies in having a cocktail or dinner at The Signature Room at the 95th. You may recognize the restaurant as its been the star in plenty of movies. Rene Zelweger once awaited her proposal here in The Bachelor with Chris O’Donnell. This building is also the last place to host Chris Farley, who died within in his apartment on a lower level.

Celebs aside, take in the view, it’s worth the wait. The line, the elevator and the service atop move quickly in order to get the most people in to see the sights. At the first level, shop away like any other ol’ block on Michigan Ave.