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City Hall Nightclub

City Hall is the premier live music venue that everyone is raving about in Denver. This music venue has hosted some of the best musical acts in the industry today. From The Game to Katy Perry, City Hall covers all musical genres. With a historical look and feel, this spacious venue makes room for some great music to bounce from open wall to open wall.

Silver Lake Sets a New Standard for LA Cool

This is definitely not the Hollywood Hills that you’re used to seeing. Known as “The Williamsburg of the West,” Silver Lake has been home to many famous musicians, artists and hipster elite a la Katy Perry, Beck and Tom Waits, much like its BrooklynPicture 18 counterpart. As upscale as it is quaint, Silver Lake is the place to go for off-the-beaten-path boutique vintage shops and amazing multi-ethnic cuisine. With a thriving indie music scene, and many up and coming artists, Silver Lake puts the hip into hipster.

Silver Lake is also home to some of California’s most impressive modern homes (like Kiefer Sutherland’s bachelor pad) and sprawling picturesque landscapes and city views that only the Hills and the Silver Lake Reservoir can provide. Silver Lake is an awesome locale for someone who is eager to experience the “real” LA, the LA most people didn’t even know existed. Hey, if it’s good enough for Agent Jack Bauer, then it’s good enough for everyone.