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A classic movie’s anniversary, another celeb book signing, and where to eat… today on Citybuzz!

TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition in Ft. Worth

Discover the compelling human stories told through authentic artifacts and recreations of the ship’s interior. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, features hundreds of artifacts and painstakingly recreated rooms and details. You will experience Titanic’s voyage from launch to tragic ending, to modern-day recovery and restoration efforts. Your journey will be educational, emotional and appropriate for all ages. At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History until April 28, 2013. Click here for more information.

Wine Tasting in San Francisco

Wine Tasting in San Francisco

Visit the Winery Collective is the first multi-winery tasting room in San Francisco focused on boutique wineries. This unique experience allowing you to taste wines from dozens of small wineries across California right in San Francisco without having to travel to each of the wine regions. Daily from 12-9pm.
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