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December 30, 2014

Which one of the Ramones was also an artist? A classic tale closing on Broadway, a women’s sample sale, and more, New York!

Exciting Exhibits Now At The Field Museum!


Remember capturing fireflies on a warm summer evening? Its light seemed rare and magical, and yet there are thousands of other living things that blink, glow, flash, and flicker. Creatures of Light delves into the mysterious world of bioluminescence – from the glowworms dangling from the ceiling of New Zealand’s famous Waitomo Caves, to the deep-sea fishes that illuminate the perpetually dark depths of the oceans. Discover the variety of ways in which light is used to attract a mate, lure unsuspecting prey, or defend against a predator, and see how scientists study this amazing ability to glow. Immerse yourself in these magical environments and revel in the beauty of this remarkable natural phenomenon, only at The Field Museum.

Discovered by chance in 1940 by four teenagers, the Lascaux caves in southern France have inspired and awed anthropologists, pre-historians, scientists, and artists ever since. Beautifully subtle paintings and engravings of animals line the deep cave walls – sophisticated artwork created at the hands of our early ancestors nearly 20,000 years ago. In an effort to preserve their fragile existence, the caves have remained closed indefinitely, denying us even a glimpse of their shadowed majesty.

But now, during its North American debut, you can experience your own thrill of discovery in the new exhibition, Scenes from the Stone Age: The Cave Paintings of Lascaux. Walk through exact cave replicas by flickering light, marveling at full-size copies of the paintings—including some never before seen by the public—and see them through the eyes of ancient artists. Deconstruct the paintings’ many layers of complexities, meet a lifelike Stone Age family, and discover why the true meaning and purpose of the caves remain a mystery even today. For a limited time, uncover the birthplace of artistic creativity, only at The Field Museum.

Check out fieldmuseum.org for more information.

Experience CSI at the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History!


Imagine entering a crime scene and being the one responsible for noticing and collecting every trace of evidence. The pressure is on: you know the analysis of your evidence must be scientifically sound to crack the case.

You’ve seen the hit television crime drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS. Now you play the role of the investigator in a forensic science exhibit created in collaboration with the TV series and actors. CSI: The Experience is a completely immersive exhibit that invites you to enter “crime” scenes where you identify and record evidence. It takes you inside “laboratories” for scientific testing and to “autopsy” rooms for pathology analysis. Then it returns you to the “office” to build your case, based on the scientific evidence. The exhibit brings to life real scientific principles and the most advanced scientific techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists.

From DNA and firearms analysis to forensic anthropology and toxicology, you’ll be immersed in hands-on science in an exciting multi-media environment with dazzling special effects direct from the CSI TV series. Cast members from the TV show welcome you into the exhibit from a large video monitor, lead you through the experience, and praise you for a job well done at the end. Visit CSI: The Experience, opening May 25 and running until September 2, 2013. Click here for more information.

Expand Your Scientific Knowledge At The Franklin Institute!


Looking for something fun yet educational?

Visit The Franklin Institute, one of the oldest centers of science education and development in the United States, dating to 1824. In the spirit of inquiry and discovery embodied by Benjamin Franklin, the mission of The Franklin Institute Science Museum serves to inspire an understanding of and passion for science and technology learning. Among other exhibits, The Science Museum holds the largest collection of artifacts from the Wright brothers’ workshop.

The Institute is full of interesting and interactive exhibits, both permanent and traveling. Some of the permanenet exhibits are:
Kid Science, Space Command, The Train Factory, The Franklin Airshow, The Giant Heart and Changing Earth.

The traveling Exhibit, Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, runs until April 7, 2013. This exhibit contains more than 300 legendary artifacts conserved from the ship’s debris field, offering visitors a poignant look at this iconic ship and its passengers. The 15,000 square foot exhibition takes visitors on a chronological journey through the life of Titanic, from the building of the legend to life on board.

Click here for more information.

TITANIC: The Artifact Exhibition in Ft. Worth

Discover the compelling human stories told through authentic artifacts and recreations of the ship’s interior. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition, features hundreds of artifacts and painstakingly recreated rooms and details. You will experience Titanic’s voyage from launch to tragic ending, to modern-day recovery and restoration efforts. Your journey will be educational, emotional and appropriate for all ages. At the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History until April 28, 2013. Click here for more information.

The Academy of Natural Sciences: T. Rex to Asian Butterflies

The Academy of Natural Sciences, established in 1812, is the oldest natural science museum in North and South America, chock-full of permanent and touring exhibits, family programs and activities. All 4 stories of the Academy are wonderful for all ages and feature a variety of permanent exhibits that would delight any child. If they like a little adventure, more than 30 dinosaurs and other Mesozoic reptiles reside in Dinosaur Hall, including a 42-foot long Tyrannosaurus Rex! For the daintier types, the Butterflies! exhibit showcases live butterflies from Central and South America, East Africa and Southeast Asia in its tropical garden. And everyone can enjoy The Live Animal Center, which holds over 100 live birds, mammals, reptiles and invertebrates. Ceiling-to-floor observation windows let you look behind the scenes, where staff and volunteers feed, groom and upkeep all of the animals.

Check out the website before heading over, because the visiting exhibits are ever-changing and always exciting.

Christiane Amanpour Stargazes at Hayden Planetarium

As CNN’s chief international correspondent and anchor, Christiane Amanpour is a journalism star. She has interviewed some of the toughest figures in international news and reported breaking stories from crisis hotspots like Afghanistan and New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

When Christiane needs a break from the chaos, she heads over to the Hayden Planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History. Taking a Journey to the Stars (the scientific stars, of course), the beauty of the gigantic stars in space tends to put situations on little earth into perspective. The show, narrated by none other thPicture 6an Whoopi Goldberg, features extraordinary images from telescopes and never-before-seen visualizations of physics-based simulations of the life and death of stars, stellar formations, and other heavenly bodies in space.

Christiane isn’t the only journalist who raves about the planetarium, National Georgraphic Adventure and the New York Times say the mind-blowing visuals makes this “easily the most beautiful planetarium show.”

If feeling inspired after the show, the planetarium’s prime Central Park West location makes this one of the few places in NYC to actually see a few stars at night.

*** Christiane Amanpour is one of the leading journalists in news as CNN’s chief international correspondent and anchor of her own show, Amanpour. Her excellence in covering the toughest international breaking news stories has been awarded with a myriad of acclamations including 9 News Emmys, 4 Peabody Awards and an honor by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

4. Have a Splash of Science with Your Cocktail at Exploratorium 1/20/10

Picture 6In one of the coolest science-meets-reality exhibits, for one night only the Exploratorium is hosting mixologists from across the city for the Science of Cocktails. Hands-on as always, bartenders from hotspots like 83 Proof and Orson will be mixing the drinks, while guests will be participating in experiments about alcohol, inebriation, hangovers, and cocktail mixing.

Not only will guests be learning from the experiments, they can also get a free bartending lesson as the masters show the secret behind their craft. This is one event where drinking is both fun and for a good cause as this event will raise funds for the Exploratorium Museum.

Bay Area Discovery Museum

Everyone’s talking about the museum on the west coast that makes all other children’s museums green with envy. Located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge, The Bay Area Discovery Museum is the only museum in a National Park and its creative exhibits are admired by other museums nationwide. Whether it’s sculpting a model of the Golden Gate Bridge (that’s right above!), examining live sea creatures in a recreated natural habitat, or watching a puppet show, the hands-on museum nurtures future generations of creative thinkers and innovators.

There are tons of exhibits at the Bay Area Discovery Museum year-round for children to discover and get creative in their own way.