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So much to do on this Monday… catch some Broadway, head to a festival, or cheer for your fave team.


This weekend brings you chances to sample so many foods, head to a concert, or a football game… time to tailgate?!

Swim with sharks at Adventure Aquarium

So you think you’ve got guts? Well, come on down and go for a swim in Adventure Aquarium’s Shark Realm. They will brief you on what to expect, teach you about the animals you will encounter and give you a quick snorkeling lesson. Once you’ve gotten your nerves under control, you’ll enter the Shark Realm where you’ll come within inches of sandbar sharks, nurse sharks and barracuda. Once you’ve gone around the perimeter of the Shark Realm, you’ll enter the Stingray Lagoon where you can swim with and feed dozens of stingrays. You can even have your picture taken to prove to everyone that you actually did it. In addition, you’ll receive admission to the Aquarium, an adventure t-shirt, souvenir snorkel and mask, and memories to last a lifetime. (All gear except bathing suits, towels, water shoes and toiletries will be provided.)

New England Aquarium’s Shark and Ray Touch Tank: The Largest on the East Coast

If you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with some sharks and stingrays, the New England Aquarium has the exhibit just for you.

The largest Shark and Ray touch tank on the East Coast has just debuted at the Aquarium allowing visitors of all ages to get a hands-on experience gently touching cownose rays and bonnethead sharks as they swim around in a mangrove-themed tank. The exhibit also discusses the importance of conserving essential coastal habitats, including mangroves and lagoons. Check out the website for the Aquarium at neaq.org for more information.

Ohhs, Ahhs, and Eeks! at the New York Aquarium

From hair raising encounters with toothy reef sharks to meeting the adorably playful penguins and just about everything in between and underwater – you’ll see sea lions, sea otters, giant walruses that weigh in at over 1200 pounds, and octopuses – the New York Aquarium will make you go ohh!, ahh!, and eek! Tickle a starfish or a horseshoe crab at one of the two Touch Pools. See California sea lions dance, swim, and sing, er- bark at the Aquatheater musical show; if you are lucky you may even get a kiss from one of these sweet west coast creatures. Or for a real jolt, experience a day in the life of our aqueous friends in 4-D – 3-D is so last year – at the Planet Earth: Shallow Seas show. Or better yet, stop by the Alien Stingers exhibit to explore the many types of spine chilling tentacles. Whatever you go to see, and you should probably see and do it all, you won’t have a complete Coney Island experience until you have visited the New York Aquarium. It’s the only aquarium in New York City and it features over 8,000 creatures waiting to befriend (or eat!) you.