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Piece: Eat Your Pizza in Peace

pizzaandbeerWhen you think Chicago and pizza, the image of a 100 pound deep dish usually conjures. Not the case at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Wicker Park. Nope. Here slices of just about anything you want can be made and the most popular is actually the “New Haven” style.

From clams to sauteed mushrooms, the topping selections means no one goes home hungry. And the beer? What other perfect accoutrement could one need? With its seven barrel brewery, Piece produces award winning micro brews thanks to brewer John Cutler who was even named top brewmaster at the World Beer Cup Champion as was this small brewpub. Prost!

3. Join Artists at Here/Not There at MCA July 6-31

Picture 7Here/Not There is not your average art exhibit. For the past three years during the month of July, the Museum of Contemporary Art has been host to a unique art exhibit where the viewers and guests are encouraged to break that “don’t touch” rule and get involved in the making of a piece of art. Every Tuesday at 7pm, a different artist presents a piece and guests and viewers participate in performing and creating works of art.

If you can’t make it to the Tuesday creation, remnants and documentation generated by the performance are on exhibit in the gallery throughout the rest of the week. One part performance, one part visual art, this popular series creates a whole new experience in enjoying art at a renowned museum.