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Fried Chicken Thursdays at Magnolia Pub & Brewery

Magnolia Pub and Brewery on the world famous Haight Street offers an upscale dining experience at Haight Street prices. The restaurant is open for lunch or dinner weekly and offers brunch on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

You can’t go wrong with any of the menu items (plate of pickles anyone?), but the stand out choice is Magnolia’s Fried Chicken Thursdays special – a deal that is not to be missed. They serve it up until it’s all gone and pair it up with some of their delicious French fries and you’ll leave feeling satisfied and smiling.

And don’t forget their brews. They have everything from lighter brew to stouts to pair perfectly with a burger or salad. Tuesdays are $3 Tuesdays with all beers for only $3 all day long. Not only is it a great opportunity to try one of the fabulous house beers but a wonderful chance to take in all that Haight Street has to offer.

Magnolia Pub and Brewery is located at 1398 Haight Street.

Piece: Eat Your Pizza in Peace

pizzaandbeerWhen you think Chicago and pizza, the image of a 100 pound deep dish usually conjures. Not the case at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Wicker Park. Nope. Here slices of just about anything you want can be made and the most popular is actually the “New Haven” style.

From clams to sauteed mushrooms, the topping selections means no one goes home hungry. And the beer? What other perfect accoutrement could one need? With its seven barrel brewery, Piece produces award winning micro brews thanks to brewer John Cutler who was even named top brewmaster at the World Beer Cup Champion as was this small brewpub. Prost!

Revolution Brewery: We all Want to Change the World

Micro-breweries are so hot right now. Chicagoans said they want a revolution (from dull beer) and they got one with  Revolution Brewery.

Managing Partner, Josh Deth is just the man to bring on the revolution as his long history with beer (working with, not only drinking) began with iconic Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery.

All draft beers at the bar appear as arms and fists, a slew of revolution hungry revelers. And the brews that pour from them? Salivate over the sounds of the Iron Fist Pale Ale: dry-hopped American ale featuring centennial, cascade, chinook and amarillo hop or the summer special, Rosie: tart summer ale infused with 12lbs of hibiscus flowers and  orange peel with a sexy pink hue.

And though beer technically is a food source (right?), they do serve chewable food as well – and darn good grub at that. A hearty brunch, tasty pizzas and the classic Iron Fist Fish & Chips.