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Cheers to the freaking Weekend! A tasty festival starts, Joe Rogan cracks up and a b-ball game.


Grub with live music, or see a show this Thursday! Jon Bellion in town – or get thee to Fun Home!

Weekend Edition: Jan 30-Feb 1

Happy Weekend, New York! A comedy show, a concert, and our picks for where to watch the Super Bowl! Go Pats? Go Seahawks? Great parties either way.

Weekend Edition: January 23-25, 2015

Ready for the weekend? Have some outdoor fun at Winter Jam, help Lexington Candy Shop celebrate 90 years, or head to the movies!

Pick Your Favorite Brew at Public House

If you could go to a bar where you can have any type of beer, which one would you choose? At Public House, it’s all about beer. Located in the heart of Chicago, this bar/restaurant has hundreds of different drafts of beer, a great food selection, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. It is a great place to not only eat and drink but also socialize with other beer-lovers. Only after one visit will you want to come back for more.

Head Out To The Dead Rabbit For An Old New York Evening

Dead Rabbits

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog embodies the conviviality of Old New York and the Irish-American tradition.

Our ground-floor Taproom offers an informal setting for the enjoyment of craft beer, bottled punch, and whiskeys of the world, with lunch served daily.

Upstairs, our sumptuous Parlor focuses on small plates, communal punch, and 72 historically-accurate cocktails dreamed up by the nineteenth century’s most celebrated bartenders.

The Dead Rabbit is dedicated to advancing the art and practice of hospitality, as it was understood then and as it is understood now, for all residents of and visitors to this great metropolis. Visit deadrabbitnyc.com for more information.

Bub City- the most fun BBQ, country music and whiskey in Chicago!


Country Music and BBQ at Bub City…Paradise for BBQ fans!

Bub City brings in rising stars from Nashville, Austin, and other places, to play on the stage, in Chicago. You might see someone you could only see in Nashville.

BubCityIt’s a casual atmosphere, where you can stop in for a beer, and some bar-b-que, and listen to some fine country music. Bub City is open late every night. On Tuesday they have Country Karaoke. You wont find a more lively, fun place in Chicago’s River North neighborhood. Click here for more information.

Bold, beer hall fun found all night long at Houston Hall!

Houston Hall

Come on down to Houston Hall to hang out with friends and have a beer or two. The huge room, formerly a FDNY storage facility, has rows of tables and benches, and a very lengthy bar, which on a busy night can be five people deep. The hall resembles a downtown version of a German Beer Hall. It’s self-serve seating. The bar has a strong menu of unusual brews made by Greenpoint Beer Works in Brooklyn. Visit houstonhallny.com for more information.

The Publican

Featuring pork and fish/seafood preparations, the menu is best described by Kahan and Huston as “pristine product, simply prepared,” an approach to food Kahan has long espoused in all of his kitchens. The Publican boasts the simplest cuisine of all three properties, each dish stripped of adornment and containing only essential ingredients. The menu is presented in sections: Fish, Meat and Vegetables, each laid out from lightest to heaviest fare.

Pristinely fresh oysters, hand-selected for the restaurant from purveyors with whom the culinary team has formed partnerships over the past year, anchor the fish portion of the menu. From classic Belgian-style mussels to seafood stew to wood-roasted whole fish, the seafood is simple and straightforward yet eclectic in presentation.

Meat dishes center upon pork, all certified organic and sourced from Dyersville, Iowa. Anchored by a wide selection of housemade terrines and charcuteries, the menu changes daily to reflect the seasonal availability of products. Other hearty dishes, again, presented simply and stripped of adornment, include such seasonal items as black and white sausage, steak tartare, pork shoulder and pot-au-feu. Kahan and Huston plan to make the wood-roasted chicken a signature, “… with the best frites in town,” boasts Kahan.

A selection of vegetables rounds out the menu, including such seasonal items as daily aïoli, roasted broccoli, pine nuts and Italian buratta and cauliflower sformato with Marcona almond romesco.

Strong architectural lines dominate the space, which is large, airy and awash in earthy colors. Guests enter The Publican through a glass-enclosed vestibule, its 10-foot-high ceiling offering a glimpse of the restaurant’s 13.6-foot ceiling. Inside, the spacious interior is dominated by a large walnut communal table designed to recall 16th Century European banquets. Set up in racetrack fashion, the banquet table seats upwards of 100 people, side by side.

At the center of the banquet table stands eight English pub-style three-tiered cocktail tables where guests can stand, leaning comfortably on one level, with their beer and food resting on the other tiers. This interior space is large enough for guests who are waiting for tables or visiting the restaurant just for a beer and a bite. Against the east wall stand a series of four-top walnut banquette tables set up on platforms and privatized by table-height swinging doors.

The walls and ceiling are wrapped in a material reminiscent of antique pressed tin. Across the front of the space, 10-foot cafe-style doors open out onto the street. At the back of the restaurant, a partially open kitchen offers a view to the culinary action.

Deep Ellum Brewing Co.

At DEBC, they like hops, but they like American hops most of all. Here they use some of our absolute favorites. However, they might not be used like you may expect, by using varieties with high alpha acid contents (which means more potential for bitterness) and using them in ways that emphasize the flavor and aroma they can render a rather bitter ale with over the top tropical fruit, citrus, pine, floral and more hop derived aroma and flavor.

Urbanize your pizza experience at Urban Crust

With more young professionals moving away from the city, Downtown Plano is moving from the down-home country atmosphere and bringing in a younger, cooler crowd. The new-ish pizzeria, Urban Crust, brings in both the family-oriented diner as well as the young drinking crowd with a big family-style interior and a rooftop bar, complete with 32 degree beers and an ice bar to keep your cocktail chilled. When it comes to the food, they serve up Neapolitan style pies with gourmet touches to either feed the whole family or soak up all that ice cold beer. Favorite pies include a four cheese pizza drizzled with truffle oil and the Urban Amore, featuring fig preserves, prosciutto, goat cheese, and arugula, as well as a slew of starters and delectable salads served family style.

Get your Texas on at Billy Bob’s

The self-proclaimed “World’s Largest Honky Tonk,” Billy Bob’s Texas in Fort Worth is the number one way to get that real Texas experience. Most locals end up at Billy Bob’s to catch a country show, but this is no ordinary venue. In addition to excellent music lineups on a regular basis, Billy Bob’s is a playground for just about every Texas stereotype. They have both a mechanical bull and live bull riding shows, dance lessons and barbecue. And of course beer. Lots of beer. With the uber western ambiance, it’s no wonder patrons randomly break out in the two-step. Seriously, it’s just like movies.

Grab an alien-free pint at the Flying Saucer

The Flying Saucer provides another watering hole for the craft beer aficionado, with hundreds of imports, micro brews and craft beers on draft as well as some specialty bottles. While most beers are always available, they regularly rotate seasonal and new kegs, with rare tapping and glass night events during the week (buy the beer, keep the glass). The Saucer’s real claim to fame is their UFO club, in which after trying 200 different beers participants are awarded a saucer with their name and a quote on it. Scores of saucers adorn the walls from former “beer knurds” that have achieved success in beer drinking. The Flying Saucer has two locations, one in Addison and one in Sundance Square in Fort Worth. It’s worth noting that the Addison location is one of the few good places in Addison that is non-smoking (except for a small room in the back). Also worth noting is the free popcorn. Just ask for it.

Red Door Tavern

Come to Roswell’s neighborhood friendly bar, perfect for any occassion. Offering a large beer selection and a great pub menu, Red Door has a weekly happy hour and nightly drink specials. We are open late every night. Perfect for after work, a singles meet and greet or your weekend spot to watch television sports, visit Red Door Tavern today.

Tavern on the Scene: Laurel Tavern

laurel tavern pic 1

If you happen to be in the San Fernando Valley on a Saturday night looking for something to do, visit Laurel Tavern in Studio City where there are a fine selection of beers on tap as well as a fine selection of pretty faces everywhere.

laurel tavern pic 2

Though the Valley isn’t particularly known for their happening nightlife, Laurel Tavern is an exception to the rule. This rustic “pub” is the perfect place to grab after-work drinks with friends or kick back with a beer and bucket of fries any day of the week. Though they have an outdoor patio in front, finding a table inside seems to be all the rage, making it exceptionally hard to find a place to sit after a certain hour.

laurel tavern pic 3

The after-work crowd tends to pile in around 6pm or 7pm when the kitchen is still open and serving dishes such as Grilled Artichoke, Chorizo Sliders and Pork Belly Skewers.

The only downside to finding a table, chair and someone to share a beer with: you have to pay for everything at the bar.

Also, don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity or two at a table in the back.

Piece: Eat Your Pizza in Peace

pizzaandbeerWhen you think Chicago and pizza, the image of a 100 pound deep dish usually conjures. Not the case at Piece Pizzeria and Brewery in Wicker Park. Nope. Here slices of just about anything you want can be made and the most popular is actually the “New Haven” style.

From clams to sauteed mushrooms, the topping selections means no one goes home hungry. And the beer? What other perfect accoutrement could one need? With its seven barrel brewery, Piece produces award winning micro brews thanks to brewer John Cutler who was even named top brewmaster at the World Beer Cup Champion as was this small brewpub. Prost!

Drumsticks & Draft Beer: Dillion’s Irish Pub

Where in Los Angeles can you enjoy a 3 dollar beer while playing a free game of pool in Hollywood? Meet Dillon’s, your new favorite hangout for after work drinks, sporting events and any reason to get out of the house to get to the bar.

dillion's pic

With comfort food, endless beers on tap and waitresses running around in green and white school girl outfits, the vibe at Dillon’s is always changing, from a mellow Tuesday night with a pitcher of beer to a packed bar on the weekends.

Though most people visit Dillon’s for the cheap beer, Dillon’s large menu offers classic comfort food and game day treats such as Crisp Fried Calamari, Fried Onion Rings and Avocado Fries, slices of avocado fried to perfection served with chipotle and lemon aioli on the side.

Thanks to comfort food, inexpensive beer and an always popular bar and seating area, this Irish pub is becoming as popular as the bars and night clubs that share the same street.

Hop City

Hop City is pushing the envelope for beer. Taking a cue from their beverage cousins, wine, Hop City organizes their beer based on based on style and not brewery. It’s the only beer store they, or we, know of that has taken this ingenious approach.It’s also the first store in Atlanta to specialize in craft beer.

Aside from its unique line-up style, Hop City is stocked with incredible beers from around the world. The store’s shelves hold 450 different types of beer including an impressive selection of 250 Belgian beers. The staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Hop City is so passionate about educating their costumers that every Wednesday they hold a free beer tasting. Hop City is proudly elevating the experience of beer shopping, which is long overdue.

The Porter is a Pub With Beer on the Brain

Throwing its proverbial hat in the gastro-pub scene ring is The Porter Beer Bar. The Porter boasts a beer menu of some 300 bottles and 30 more on-tap. In the kitchen, headed by Nick Rutherford (formerly of Seeger’s, Quinones at Bacchanalia, and the Chocolate Bar), pub grub is served up with gourmet style. Try their legendary wings served three ways:  Chipotle BBQ, Traditional Buffalo and Teriyaki.

The Porter also has a “Hair of the Dog” brunch on weekends featuring peach-covered waffles, biscuits and  sausage gravy, and a smoked salmon scramble.

The Porter Bar is located in the heart of Little Five Points.

Visit theporterbeerbar.com for more information.

Revolution Brewery: We all Want to Change the World

Micro-breweries are so hot right now. Chicagoans said they want a revolution (from dull beer) and they got one with  Revolution Brewery.

Managing Partner, Josh Deth is just the man to bring on the revolution as his long history with beer (working with, not only drinking) began with iconic Chicago’s Goose Island Brewery.

All draft beers at the bar appear as arms and fists, a slew of revolution hungry revelers. And the brews that pour from them? Salivate over the sounds of the Iron Fist Pale Ale: dry-hopped American ale featuring centennial, cascade, chinook and amarillo hop or the summer special, Rosie: tart summer ale infused with 12lbs of hibiscus flowers and  orange peel with a sexy pink hue.

And though beer technically is a food source (right?), they do serve chewable food as well – and darn good grub at that. A hearty brunch, tasty pizzas and the classic Iron Fist Fish & Chips.

4. Sweet Water 420 Earth Day Festival April 17-18

Picture 28Two full days of music, food and plenty of tasty SweetWater beer from Atlanta’s favorite brewery. Join other earth enthusiasts in beautiful Candler Park in support of Mother Earth. Events include yoga in park, diesel to grease demonstrations, eco art, sustainable living forums, solar energy exploration, activism through music, alternate transportation in ATL, round table discussions for Georgia’s Energy Future, youth climate activism, eco book building, water conservation measure and much more. And best of all, it’s free to go!

4. 300 Different Beers SF Beer Fest April 25

Sample over 300 incredible beers from some of the best Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 4.13.26 PMcraft brewers from around the world as well as taste a delicious variety of offerings from some of San Francisco’s best restaurants. Admission includes unlimited beer tasting and food, basically a dream come true.
And, you can get your fill without a lot of guilt. The money raised from the admissions tickets will go entirely to fund the teaching and learning programs at the Telegraph Hill Cooperative Nursery School for an entire year!

5. Unique Snuggie Pub Crawl April 10

Screen shot 2010-03-26 at 5.20.48 PMChicago is known for its unique pub crawls, from the Pug Crawl to the Zombie Pub Crawl. The Snuggie Pub Crawl does not disappoint, as participants go out in their comfy Snuggies to drink and have fun. For a $22 registration fee, Snuggie enthusiasts can roam around Lincoln Park to drink beer and play classic drinking games. There are prizes given to the most outrageously decorated Snuggies as well. For Snuggie lovers or those who want to have some fun at the comfy Snuggie’s expense, this pub crawl is definitely not one to miss out on.

Brass Monkey: A Real Bar in the Middle of Meatpacking

There are many bars and clubs in Meatpacking, but finding one that’s “normal” very hard. Meet Brass Monkey, a classic watch-the-game-on-big-screens-beer-and-shots type of place. Picture Brass Monkey

Since opening in the trendy district in 2004 (a lifetime in Meatpacking years), the bar has become a neighborhood favorite. Its open brick walls and rich wood interior creates a friendly and warm atmosphere to watch sports or just hang out. It has one of the most extensive beer lists in the city, with more than fifteen draught beers on tap and over 75 imported beers, ranging from Chimay to Stella Artois to Hoegaarden.

Despite its laid back vibe, that doesn’t mean Brass Monkey falls through the cracks. It has received rave reviews from the likes of the New York Times and celebrity appearances from A-listers Glenn Close to MTV’s The City cameos. In the summer, make sure to check out the killer rooftop deck with incredible views of the Hudson and the Highline.

Post 390 Gets the Stamp of Approval

Ever felt like you needed a drink while at the post office? Himmel Hospitality Group did too, which is why they created Post 390. Situated at the site of the former Back Bay Post Office Annex, this place boasts killer views, an impressive beer and wine selection, and super-chic clientele.

Picture 5On the first floor of this two-story urban tavern, a lively bar scene of a polished after-work crowd surrounds the cozy four-sided fireplace. Upstairs, there’s a second bar, open kitchen, and a fireside dining room with floor to ceiling glass windows that showcase the unbeatable views of the John Hancock Tower and Copley Place.

The bar (or shall we say, bars) boasts one of the best beer selections in the city with 12 brews on tap and 30 microbrews available in bottles, and they also have more than 200 wine selections. Post 390 offers a wide array of aptly named Bostonian drinks, including The Green Line, Dirty Water, Boston Tea Ketel and of course, The Back Bay.

As a sister restaurant to Grill 23, Harvest and the new Bistro du Midi at The Heritage on the Garden, Post 390 showcases Chef Eric Brennan’s talent here with a modern twist on classic comfort food favorites – think beer and bacon macaroni and cheese – in a chic setting. Visit post390restaurant.com for more information.

Golden Gate Fields: Where the Bay Goes to Play

A day at the races has long been America’s favorite pastime, well next to baseball and BBQ’s.  Luckily for San Franciscans, the Berkeley shoreline across the bay houses Golden Gate Fields, the only horse track in Northern California. Even for first timers, it’s easy to get swept up in the scene.  There are dozens of screens overhead on every floor highlighting the races, boxing matches, sports, and just about any televised activity favorable to gambling.Winners

Making a reservation in The Winner’s Circle is where your group receives personal attention.  With a champagne buffet set up next to the winner’s circle, valet parking, and your group’s name introduced by the track announcer, this is true Derby in style.

Most fans opt to come on Sundays for $1 beer, programs, tickets, and hot dogs. For those feeling more lavish, the Turf Club has amazing views of San Francisco Bay, Alcatraz Island, and the Golden Gate Bridge.  They even have Hermes and Gucci equine scarves on display next to antique bridles worn by winners past.

With tickets starting at $5, this is a place where everyone can take a Sunday to play.

Vintage Wine Bar – Much More than Fine Wine

Malbecs and Beaujolais and Viogniers, oh my! Just as a fine wine has its particular nuances that sometimes you can’t seem to put your finger on, Vintage Wine Bar and Bistro has that charm that keeps you coming back for more.

Picture 6It is certainly helpful that Vintage is constantly changing their menu, but the one great consistency is that there’s over 60 wines by the glass at all times. The menu is crafted to enhance the wine, and features French-inspired bistro food like steak frites and escargots for fantastic prices. For those that prefer a different fermentation, Vintage also features a plethora of specialty brews from all nooks of the world, like Dogfish Head from Delaware and Sagres from Portugal.

If you’re searching for an evening with some extra oomph, the staff offers personalized food and wine pairings and would be happy to work with any group. Order a flight with some recommendations from the wait staff and settle in for a great evening in this enticing and sophisticated atmosphere.

Beers & Steers at Denver Chophouse & Brewery

Set within of the historic Union PacificDenver Chophouse Brewery railstation complex, this link in a small national chain hearkens back to Denver’s cowtown past, when beer and beef were what was for dinner most every night.

Handsomely high-ceilinged and woody, Denver Chophouse & Brewery is a decent place to dine (tip for filet fiends: order yours one shade pinker than usual). But it’s a better place to imbibe, with a good-sized selection of wines by the glass, generous cocktails, nearly ten housebrews on tap—including an oatmeal stout conditioned in Wild Turkey barrels—and bottomless bloody marys and mimosas for weekend brunch.

New Deck Tavern Pours the Best Pint in Philly

Here the beer flows, the crowds are loud, and the atmosphere is just right!

There’s no better placPicture 11e than New Deck Tavern to grab a cold pint and a Philly, cheese steak that is, with friends after a hard day’s work. Although the grub’s unbeatable, the happy hour is what’s got people coming back for more. The Deck boasts a vast array of beers from around the world as well as one of the largest single malt scotch collections in Philly. They’re proud to pour the best pint in the city, thanks to their European Draft System imported straight from Country Cork.

Study up for Quizo Pub Trivia on Wednesdays, or, perhaps, get your sing on for Karaoke Tuesdays.  This pub’s got it all, with live music, Monday night football, and more. Stop by any night of the week and confirm that the Irish sure know how to party.