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August starts with a Bang. J. Cole, Phish and Blondie are in concert. Plus, Dave Chappell takes over Radio City Music Hall.

UCB is Cheap Comedy- That Doesn’t Mean the Jokes

Upright Citizen’s Brigade is LA’s staple stop for comedy talent scouts. Robin Williams, Mike Myers, Will Ferrell, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey and Conan O’Brien have all performed here. Upright Citizen’s Brigade churns out countless alumni performing and writing the uprightcitizensbest comedy, sketch comedy, late night, political and daytime talk on TV as well as major box office movies.

Improvisation teams compete with intelligence, speed and intensity that have made it a stand out among other comedy clubs. With four shows a night ranging in improvisation form and theme, there’s one for everyone and the price maxes out at a whopping $8.

While most famous for the ASSCAT production, Facebook tears audience profiles into long form improvisation gold and has become a Wednesday night highlight. Soundtrack has a mix master DJ improvising the track to color scenes with whatever is available on audience iPods. And in Cagematch, watch as the challenging team tries to overthrow the previous week’s reigning champion. Every show UCB has to offer is uniquely playful and the excitement explodes as students morph into comedians grounded in their own styles and voices.

Eats and Early Seats at DC Improv

Need a little comic relief?  Head to the District’s premier comedy venue, DC Improv, host to a variety of nationally touring jokesters, local celebrity headliners, and a full restaurant and bar.  As the perfect alternative to the typical night out on the town, DC Improv offers Happy Hour Trivia Nights, free of charge, as well as nightly comedy acts, Tuesday through Sunday.

Seats to early shows (around 8:00pm) Picture 31are offered on a first come, first serve basis so be sure to grab a ticket online beforehand and arrive early when the doors open, usually 90 minutes prior to the show.  Don’t worry about killing time before the cracks begin – the theater’s restaurant offers a variety of bar bites perfect for a casual night out. After all, all shows require a two item minimum per person, anyway.

For night owls looking to laugh, grab a seat at one of the later weekend shows.  Doors open at 10:00 PM for 10:30 PM performances on Fridays and Saturdays, with assigned seating based on reservation number meaning the earlier you book, the better the seat.

Insider Tip: Take advantage of DC Improv’s recession-proof, “Pay What You Can” night – a monthly series that caters to those looking to save a buck on a fun night out.  Tickets are the standard $17.00; however, guests are encouraged to pay whatever they can afford for some quality entertainment.  “Pay What You Can” tickets are only available the night of the show, on a first come, first serve basis.

See The Next Big Thing at Miami’s Improv & Dinner Theater

With the hottest comics around, including Steve Martin, Jim Carrey, Jerry Seinfeld, Ellen DeGeneres and Robin Williams, getting their start at the Improv Comedy Club, chances are today’s comics at Miami’s Improv are the next big thing.

Housed inside the classic open-air shopper’s paradise, Mayfair Shoppes, the Improv packs them Picture 13in on a weekly basis with stellar line-ups featuring the best in the funny business. For example, joker Gabriel Iglesias has appeared on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend as well as the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, while LA-based Darren Carter is a favorite on the comedy club circuit for combining comedy, sketch and impersonations into his act. To see up and coming comedians, the Improv Comedy Jam, held several times a month, is a great show to catch.

Also considered a dinner theatre, the grub here is good too, with an impressive menu of appetizers, entrees and drink specials to please any palate. Overall, it’s a great place to unwind at the end of a busy workday and laugh hard and eat hearty.

Second City is First for Improv

Picture 4Chicago’s Second City alumni list reads like a who’s who of today’s Hollywood comedic hard-hitters: Bill Murray, Jim Belushi, Stephen Colbert, Jeff Garlin, Mike Meyers, Bonnie Hunt, Chris Farley, Tina Fey and oh-so-many more are among those to have once graced the stage (and still do on special occasions). That said, who knows who tomorrow’s stars are, but you’re sure to find at least one of them on the stage at Second City at any given time. This is after all, the best improv-based comedy school and theater in the world.

Always pushing the envelope with witty humor that plays on everything from American politics to the flu, the Second City packs in audiences every day of the week, so buying tickets in advance is always recommended. On top of the stand up gigs, shows with a modern twist, a la Taming of the Flu, are performed on the main stage. Aside from the main stage, shows take place at the Skybox Theater and Chicago E.T.C.

For those who don’t want to stop the experience as a spectator only, classes are available. Who knows, maybe the next star is you?

Love It at the Lovitz Comedy Club

Picture 24Looking for a laugh with a famous face to match? Look no further than the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk. Along with the famous actor/comedian, many famous faces have passed through to deliver some of the best laughs Universal City has ever seen. With three levels and out of this world audio, the experience at this comedy club is truly unlike any other.

The reason this club is a rising gem is also due to its appearances and live tapings. Thanks to Pilot Jake and the rest of the girls from The Bachelorette, the comedy club turned into a group date experience where all the girls went on stage to perform some original routines.

Though this comedy club has brought in some pretty hysterical people, don’t expect the decor to be as A-list as the comedians. Taking a more laid back approach, the beach set meets Full House decor sets the mood for a, errr, unique experience. With a fun ambiance and even funnier performers, this comedy club is sure to keep the laughs roaring in.

Seasonal Affective Disorder? Laugh it Off at Zanies

If you think the Second City is the only place to have a good laugh in Old Town, think again. Just a block down from the famous Second City is Zanies Comedy Club where you can find the best stand-up the city has to offer. Comedians from places like Comedy Central, HBO (regular appearances by Jeff Green and Suzie Essman), late night shows and Picture 5of course, hot, new local talent perform on Zanie’s famously small stage. Recently, Zanies partnered with TBS for “A Very Funny Festival,” hosting shows with stars from TBS.

The intimate surroundings of Zanies make for heartier laughs. Here you are likely to get called upon by the comedians and after the two drinks you’re required to consume, you probably won’t care. To be fair, avoiding the two-drink purchase may be done with canned goods donations.

With a calendar full of shows, finding fun themes is oh-so-simple like “Ladies Night,” “Rising Star Challenge,” and “Best of Chicago.”

Insider Tip: Buy tickets to big shows in advance (online) as the big names do sell out and long lines form at the club, even on weeknights.

1. Comic Greats at SF Sketchfest 1/14-2/2/10

Picture 13“Weird Al” Yankovic, an evening with the Reno 911! Department, and a Sketchfest tribute to Conan O’Brien are some of the main events at the Ninth Annual San Francisco Sketchfest. The comedy festival is always one of the highlights of the year taking over various venues across the Bay area. Check out hilarious local comedians as well as comedic celebrities performing improv, stand up, and more.