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Jessica Ingber is a freelance writer from Los Angeles who enjoys everything from finding new restaurants to the best shopping finds. As a graduate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in English, Jessica made sure to hurry home to L.A.where she could enjoy the best restaurants, nightlife and entertainment a city could deliver. Her fascination with discovering new places to explore allow her to combine her passions for food, shopping and writing as she takes to Citybuzz to document her travels. As she is constantly writing about new and exciting places, she is relentless to find which Los Angeles eatery really does serve the best cheeseburger.

Full Hollywood Experience at the Andaz Hotel

In the land of expensive hotels and luxurious condominiums, it truly takes an amazing hotel to make any kind of impression. With views of the Hollywood Hills and Sunset Strip, it is no wonder that the Andaz Hotel in West Hollywood is making such a splash.

With modern rooms featuring panoramic views and flat screen televisions, the Andaz is the perfect place to stay when you are looking for that Hollywood experience. Along with amazing Picture 16room accommodations and amenities, the Andaz also features a rooftop deck for late night cocktails and RH Restaurant & Bar for all your drinking and dining needs.

Though beautiful and elegant, the Andaz Hotel is receiving popular reviews ultimately due to its location. Snuggled up in the hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard, the location is ideal for hitting the nightclub scene or daytime shopping. Unlike massive hotels like the Beverly Hills Hotel and Four Seasons, the Andaz delivers a more personal experience that makes visitors feel as though they are staying in a boutique hotel.

With exceptional views and a perfect location, the Andaz is the place to stay if you are looking for an A-list experience along with the A-listers.

Syrup & So Much More: The Waffle

Unlike other modern breakfast places in Los Angeles, The Waffle serves both modern and classic breakfast and lunch food in a diner-style environment fit for a Brady Bunch family member.

The Waffle pic

This breakfast eatery has become famous for their endless breakfast options including specialty waffles such as their Blueberry Lemon Waffle as well as six versions of Hash Browns such as their Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onions and capers. For starters, The Waffle created fun and unique appetizers such as a Flight of Savory Waffles and Waffle Dip and Chips featuring spinach, artichoke and parmesan dip accompanied by homemade potato chips. The restaurant also serves signature lunch specials and vegetarian dishes.

The Waffle has not only become popular for its food, but they have also become known as a “dog-friendly” eatery where dogs are welcome on the front patio. This eatery is also open late for those looking for breakfast after dinner, or drinks.

Roseark’s Red & Violets are Bedazzled

With hundreds of jewelry stores in Los Angeles, it takes a truly unique store to stand out amongst the rest. Roseark, lPicture 7ocated in West Hollywood, is filled with designer one of a kind pieces and elegant jewelry that is every L.A. fashionista’s secret gem. Designers such as Kathy Rose (Bravo’s Launch My Line) and Jennifer Meyer (Tobey Maguire’s wife) showcase pieces like wrap around snake cuffs and over the top emerald cocktail rings.

Some of the best jewelry from Roseark are the small and intricate pieces, such as the simple gold peace sign bracelet and horizontal cross necklace. Roseark’s true mainstream claim to fame came when Taylor Jacobson, star of The Rachel Zoe Project, sported a gold cross necklace each episode and twittered about her Roseark purchase. With beautiful jewelry, accessories and famous shoppers, Roseark is an absolute must for the jewelry aficionado.

If You’re Looking for Classy, Go To Trashy Lingerie

WhenLAtrashy the Playmates are on the prowl for Halloween costumes and the celebs are in the market for some serious lingerie, the only way to go is to go Trashy. The classy vibe is seen in the expensive price tags and even more extravagant party costumes worn by Hef’s ladies.

Trashy Lingerie, located on the corner of La Cienega, looks just as cute on the inside as it does on the outside. The bright pink exterior is home to the most amazing costumes and priceless lingerie. Anything from $300 dollar sailor outfits to mix-and-match bras and undergarments can be found.

The “members only” feature requires flashing a pink card at the door to gain access to all the goods. Once inside, the walls feature anything from lingerie sets to hooker heels by the dozen. The personal shopping experience with a lingerie expert makes the visit to Trashy feel ever so classy.  If you are looking to go trashy but need a serious deal, check the website for Holiday deals offering anywhere from 40-50% off Trashy sets.

Pretty in Pink’s Hot Dogs

From Celine Dion to Snoop Dogg, everyone’s favorite hot dogs seem to be Pink.

Though the actual color of the dog isn’t that pretty shade, Paul Pink who started his first hotdog stand in 1939 is the reason people wait in hour long lines for the delicious dogs.

If you ever pass by Pink’s, you’ll probably notice the crowds hovering around the hotdog stand waiting to place an order. With famous options such as the Bacon Chili Cheese Dog or Chili Cheese Dog, anyone who’s anyone will tell you the line is worth the wait. Though original options definitely make a splash, offerings such as the Guacamole Hotdog or The Three Dog Night, featuring three hot dogs wrapped in a tortilla with bacon and cheese, are all becoming favorites to Angelinos.

With great tasting hotdogs and prices to match, people from all over the world venture to Pink’s not only for the food but also for the experience. There is truly something about waiting in line and calling out an order that makes the experience rather than breaks it. Similar to the long lines, parking can be just as difficult.

If you truly want a Pink’s experience, it wouldn’t be the same without the difficulty of parking and the long, long lines.

All for a Pink.

Family Dinner at Dominick’s

Stuck in the heart of West Hollywood, Dominick’s is one of the only places in Los Angeles made to feel as though you are dinning at your family’s home for Sunday supper. Though a 2004 renovation took place at the restaurant, executive chefs and co-owners opted to keep the homey vibe by incorporating dark woods and booths to add levels of comfort and style.
With Italian fare offering signature dishes such as a grilled artichoke appetizer and a flourless chocolate cake for dessert, patrons swear by the food, flavor and fun that Dominick’s promises to deliver. Along with the essentials such as homemade fettuccine and grilled chicken paillard, Dominick’s brings in families and friends on their favorite night of the week: Sunday.
Sunday dinners at Dominick’s are one of the most popular nights for the restaurant due to the weekly change of menu, multiple course meal and $15.00 price per person. Offering favorites such as skirt steak and potatoes with a strawberry shortcake dessert, Sunday night supper at Dominick’s is meant for anyone with a true taste for Italian.
Though the food alone is reason enough to visit this Italian stop, Dominick’s offers an extensive wine list for the true vino enthusiast. With a long list of bottles to choose from, many visitors often opt for a $10.00 bottle offered on Sunday nights.
When the food is served and wine is poured, most people try to sneak a peek into the kitchen in hopes of finding an Italian grandmother doing all the cooking. Though you are likely to find chefs Ebbink and Boudet cooking away, we can always dream.

Now that’s amore.

Hollywood Royalty Slumber Party: Sunset Marquis


If you are from Los Angeles or simply have been here before, you probably think you know all the best places to stay on Sunset Strip. But if you head off Sunset, you’ll find Sunset Marquis, where Hollywood royalty come to “get away from it all.”

This hotel, hidden by trees and fences, is definitely one of those places you either know about or have been before. With gorgeous rooms and five-star service, even if your last name doesn’t end in Lohan or Spears, you’ll still be treated like a star.

But Sunset Marquis is also just as fun as a watering hole one Saturday night or a quick place to grab a meal at Restaurant, the hotel’s eating establishment.


And for those wild Hollywood nights you have with your friends, Bar 1200 is the perfect night cap – just make sure your makeup and hair are still in tact. The likelihood of a celeb spotting is almost too high.

So whenever you want a quick getaway or a night out with the girls, follow the Sunset.

1200 Alta Loma Road

West Hollywood, California 90069


A Whole New Way to Soak In The Sun: Santa Monica Place

Looking to spend your day shopping? What about a nice glass of wine with an ocean view? Well, if you think you have to pick one or the other, you clearly haven’t visited Santa Monica Place yet.

This new shopping and dining compound is the newest addition to the Santa Monica area, offering everything under the sun, and more.

Let’s talk retail: Santa Monica Place is quickly becoming known for their amazing shops, that include Kitson, Bloomingdales and high-end boutiques such as Tory Burch.

And just when you made the rounds and worked up an appetite, don’t expect your average mall food court (even though they do have that). You can also head right to the top and visit a number of fabulous restaurants, including Sonoma Wine Garden, a restaurant that has quickly become popular for their cheese plates, pizza and selection of wine.

So drop those bags, grab a glass of wine and put your feet up as you soak in the sun – Sonoma’s patio has a breathtaking view of the water.

Welcome to paradise – we mean Santa Monica.

395 Santa Monica Place
Santa Monica, CA 90401

Runyon Canyon: The Hottest Place To Break A Sweat

In the land of kickboxing, yoga and Pilates, you can find one of the best workouts in Los Angeles that actually comes with a view.

Runyon Canyon has become a celebrity hotspot and weekend go-to for the true workout enthusiast. After you grab your Evian and leash up your dog, prepare to be quite literally “wowed” by the gorgeous views surrounding you at each possible direction.

Runyon is truly unlike any hiking trail of its kind. Filled with beautiful people in an equally beautiful setting, this is the type of place that is the perfect escape, first date or Saturday ritual.

But be warned: the sun’s shining rays can get easily mistaken with the packs of running bleach blonds and blinding white teeth.

This canyon is officially the chicest place to run-yon.

2000 N Fuller Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Neighborhood: Hollywood

New York City Meets Los Angeles: The Hudson

No, we aren’t in New York City. The Hudson has arrived to Los Angeles, and with reason.

Reason being that this bar is the perfect place for after work drinks, a Saturday night out or a quick way to say you’ve done something outdoorsy (as long as you sit at the table closest to the tree that literally makes its way into the bar and through the roof.

The Hudson is what you would call geek chic. It’s chic enough for a night out with your girls but geek enough to find a cute computer programmer in the corner to buy you a drink and then hop into the photo booth with later.

And if you happen to get a little hungry after those round of beers all those “geeks” bought you, a basket of fries from the Hudson always does the trick.

Taste The Forbidden Fruit: Eden Nightclub

Step off of Hollywood Boulevard and step into Eden, literally.

Eden Nightclub in Hollywood is the newest nightclub addition to what is referred to as Hollywood row. But what makes this nightclub different than the rest? Everything.

Let’s start with the decor – the interior is chic and sexy, filled with dark furniture and wood for days. And if you ever question why they call this particular club Eden, just take a glance to your left or right, where you will find love quotes all over the walls, to whisper into your date’s ear, of course.

But if you want a piece of the garden, you’ll have to wait in line to get there. Unless you know someone at the door, can put your name on the guest list or want to go all out for a table.

Eden Nightclub – eating the forbidden is encouraged.

Tavern on the Scene: Laurel Tavern

laurel tavern pic 1

If you happen to be in the San Fernando Valley on a Saturday night looking for something to do, visit Laurel Tavern in Studio City where there are a fine selection of beers on tap as well as a fine selection of pretty faces everywhere.

laurel tavern pic 2

Though the Valley isn’t particularly known for their happening nightlife, Laurel Tavern is an exception to the rule. This rustic “pub” is the perfect place to grab after-work drinks with friends or kick back with a beer and bucket of fries any day of the week. Though they have an outdoor patio in front, finding a table inside seems to be all the rage, making it exceptionally hard to find a place to sit after a certain hour.

laurel tavern pic 3

The after-work crowd tends to pile in around 6pm or 7pm when the kitchen is still open and serving dishes such as Grilled Artichoke, Chorizo Sliders and Pork Belly Skewers.

The only downside to finding a table, chair and someone to share a beer with: you have to pay for everything at the bar.

Also, don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity or two at a table in the back.

No Need to Shop Elsewhere: Noni Boutique

Noni pic

Located in the Larchmont shopping district, Noni Boutique definitely stands out when it comes to high-end women’s fashion and designs. Whether it is that perfect cocktail dress you are looking for or a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, Noni only carries the best and can offer some styling guidance and advice for the girl who can’t seem to make up her mind.

noni pic 2

The racks at Noni are filled with big names such as Vivienne Westwood, Anna Sui and anyone else who is major in the fashion industry. Though Noni is considered to be one of the trendiest stores on the block, it also combines art and fashion to create a one-stop-shop for the fashion and art enthusiast. Many gallery viewings and art openings have occurred in the store so patrons can enjoy art and fashion in one viewing.

Even though some of the items at Noni are on the pricier side, be sure to attend their famous Semi-annual Sidewalk Sale that happens as a part of their “spring cleaning.”

The White Way to Dine: Villa Blanca Restaurant

Whether you are looking to run into the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills herself or her precious Pomeranian Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills combines Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with Asian touches and influences. This beautiful eatery located on Brighton Way is close to major Beverly Hills boutiques and shops and is the perfect place to grab lunch on the patio for some serious people watching.

villa blanca pic

The interior is described as “sexy and comfortable” by the designer herself and brings an element of comfort and coziness to the color white. With grandiose mirrors hanging on the walls as well as exotic and elegant flower arrangements everywhere, Villa Blanca offers brunch, lunch, dinner and a fancy bar area for all your drinking and dining needs.

The dinner menu consists of Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna appetizers with entrees such as Sweet & Spicy Butterflied Shrimp, Chicken Milanese and Japanese Mushroom Chicken. Brunch at Villa Blanca means $10 specials including Villa Blanca’s Breakfast Pizza, Vegetarian Frittata and Prosciutto and Melon.

villa blanca pic 2

Whether it’s for the food, people watching or a quick glimpse of Lisa herself, a visit to the Villa will have everyone saying, Bravo.

Your New Favorite Spot: My Studio Nightclub

Though you probably remember it as Mood Nightclub, My Studio on Hollywood Boulevard has completed transformed their space to create a lounge environment with a wall filled with books, a piano in the corner and plush sofas for endless amounts of seating.

mystudio pic

The popular nightclub is bringing all types of people in, from those looking to enjoy a night out to those looking to celebrate a birthday or special event. Since the popularity of the spot is continually growing, your name on the guest list is essential unless you are looking forward to a long wait on line. And the fact that celebrity visitors include Karissa Shannon, Seth MacFarlane and Lauren Conrad, the hopes of getting past the velvet rope continue to grow as the weekends approach.

Along with celebrity followers, My Studio has also become popular thanks to their special events that are constantly being thrown and are constantly changing. Events include special guest performances, DJ visits and other appropriately themed parties such as their Post Memorial Day Party and celebrity birthdays.

Drumsticks & Draft Beer: Dillion’s Irish Pub

Where in Los Angeles can you enjoy a 3 dollar beer while playing a free game of pool in Hollywood? Meet Dillon’s, your new favorite hangout for after work drinks, sporting events and any reason to get out of the house to get to the bar.

dillion's pic

With comfort food, endless beers on tap and waitresses running around in green and white school girl outfits, the vibe at Dillon’s is always changing, from a mellow Tuesday night with a pitcher of beer to a packed bar on the weekends.

Though most people visit Dillon’s for the cheap beer, Dillon’s large menu offers classic comfort food and game day treats such as Crisp Fried Calamari, Fried Onion Rings and Avocado Fries, slices of avocado fried to perfection served with chipotle and lemon aioli on the side.

Thanks to comfort food, inexpensive beer and an always popular bar and seating area, this Irish pub is becoming as popular as the bars and night clubs that share the same street.

Fashion Forward in Studio City: Dari Boutique

For anyone living in Studio City who cares about fashion and the latest trends in over-the-knee boots, eclectic jewelry and the like, know to visit Dari Boutique for all their fashion, jewelry and accessory needs.

dari pic

Though other stores have come and gone, Dari Boutique caters to those craving high-end brands, unusual jewelry finds and anything else you could possibly imagine. Ever since their opening, Dari has treated their loyal clients like family, knowing them by name as well as their likes and dislikes as soon as they walk through the door.

Even though the store has a Zen vibe, some of the items that fill the racks may force you to break the bank. If you love Dari but can’t always afford to spend big, the big blowout sale has some amazing deals on designer finds and expensive accessories.

If you are looking for your “go-to” store or just looking to find that “go-to” dress, the lovely women at Dari Boutique are always ready to lend a fashionable hand.

Best Day of the Week: First Friday at Abbot Kinney

If the streets of Venice weren’t crowded enough, First Fridays at Abbot Kinney are bringing in hoards of people to take their wine and food truck finds to the streets of Venice as businesses stay open late for this particular occasion.

First Friday pic

First Fridays at Abbot Kinney have become a popular event that occurs every first Friday of the month. From 6pm-10pm, merchants, vendors and small businesses alike open their doors to pedestrians who along with strolling the streets, can listen to live music, visit various gourmet food trucks and mingle with Venice locals and visitors.

Not only has First Friday become a Venice tradition, it has become a way for local merchants and vendors to gain support and a following from those looking to have a fun Friday night out. From great food to great art, First Fridays at Abbot Kinney have everyone saying, T-G-I-F!

Love on the Boulevard: Larchmont Boulevard

Though it looks like it belongs on a movie set in a small town where everyone knows your name, Larchmont Boulevard brings a certain charm to upscale boutiques, high-end eateries and popular shops you have come to love.

larchmont pic

When it comes to shopping on Larchmont Boulevard, Noni Boutique is an absolute must when it comes to designer clothing, jewelry and accessories that can’t be found in department stores. Men looking to shop on Larchmont Boulevard should visit Legion Los Angeles, a rock ‘n’ roll type clothing store with popular and European finds for the most fashionable of men.

The restaurants on Larchmont Boulevard have also begun drawing people in, from a visit to Larchmont Village Wine Spirits & Cheese for a freshly made sandwich or Panini or a trip to Crumbs Bake Shop for a homemade cupcake concoction.

Along with great shopping and restaurants, the sheer beauty and elegance of the boulevard makes strolling the street just as exciting as a visit into a shop.

Dinner, Drinks and Vodka Tastings: Nic’s Martini Lounge

Nic’s Martini Lounge is one of the only places in Los Angeles where you can enjoy live music, eat dinner and take a trip to the VodBox for vodka tastings.

nic's martini lounge pic

Though Nic’s is popular for dinner with specialty dishes such as Nic’s Oyster with spinach, garlic and walnuts as well as Pan Sear Filet Mignon with crispy fried onions, it is one of the only places in Beverly Hills that doesn’t close down once diners leave. Once the dinner rush is over, Nic’s turns into an after-hours lounge featuring live music and an array of specialty martinis to choose from. Though the live music can range from a Beatles cover band to a solo acoustic singer, the specialty martinis remain the same and the most popular drink on the menu. Specialty martinis include the “Beez Kneez” made of Marani Armenian Vodka with muddled raspberries and candied pear and the “Vicious & Delicious” made of Vicious vodka, vanilla liquor and strawberry juice.

If dinner and drinks isn’t enough to get your party started, a trip to the VodBox might just do the trick. As you dress yourself in luxurious furs, a trip inside the vodka locker allows you to taste some of the finest vodkas out there as well as in-flight tastings for the true vodka lover.

In the city that is infamous for hot weather, those at Nic’s are voluntarily entering freezing territory.

Maya Kind of Hotel: Hotel Maya


If you are headed to Long Beach or are interested in taking a tour of the Queen Mary, make sure you snag a room at Hotel Maya, a boutique hotel located in Long Beach along the water. This newly renovated hotel has all the basic hotel amenities such as dining options and pool but with an added element of luxury and sophistication.

With 199 guest rooms to choose from, Hotel Maya has accommodations for everyone, from those looking for rooms with a basic gardenview or those looking to unwind in the hotel maya picGrande Vista Jr. Suite. In-room amenities can include anything from pillow-top mattresses, flat screen TVs and private balcony.

The ever popular Fuego restaurant, featured on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker, is the perfect dining experience that combines Latin flavors with authentic Mexican cuisine. Other popular amenities at Hotel Maya are the outdoor heated pool, indoor fitness center and limousine transportation available upon request.

Once you stay at Hotel Maya, you may never want to utter another name.

Mixing to Match: Intermix Store

After Intermix called the Malibu Lumber Yard home, Malibu locals and those craving a little bit of high-end fashion came running to the opening. Featuring top designers such as Stella McCartney and popular brands such as Citizens of Humanity, this Malibu store has become a popular destination for those looking to scoop up some designer duds and accessories.

internmix pic

Though the Malibu store is packed with everything you could possibly want to find, if you can’t find in on the shelves and racks, head over to their website. Not only does the website feature clothes, shoes and accessories foud in and out of the stores, features different sections such as a Lookbook, a must list and what they are obsessed with currently. International customers are now also able to shop the website, when they aren’t free to jet over to the Malibu location.

If you visit the website and subscribe to the Lust List, you can get 15% of your very first purchase.

The Ultimate Staycation: Roosevelt Hotel

If you are looking for the ultimate staycation, pack your bags to the brim.


The Roosevelt Hotel is one of the only hotels in Los Angeles where you can enjoy the best burger, best pool and best bar the city has to offer. Dining at the Roosevelt means trying a burger at 25 Degrees, a restaurant inside the hotel that is open seven days a roosevelt hotel picweek where burger lovers can unite.

Once you finish the last crumb of your burger, a drink at the Tropicana Bar is essential. The poolside bar has become a popular hangout for young Hollywood royalty and a plethora of celebrities and their followers. For those looking to get out of their bathing suits and into nighttime attire, a visit to Teddy’s located directly off the lobby is perfect for sipping and star-spotting ,if the lines aren’t long and guest lists aren’t strict.

After you have wined, dined and laid by the pool, trust us, you’ll never want to leave.

Hey, we told you to over pack.

Singing the Blues: House of Blues Hollywood

Though they may call it the House of Blues, you most likely won’t be singing them once you head on over. Since the House of Blues can be found in pretty much any large U.S. city, the 1994 opening of the Sunset Boulevard location had to be special.

hob pic

Even from the outside, the House of Blues on Sunset is covered in tin and looks like an old rock ‘n’ roll house situated on the boulevard. Filled with different works of art and elements of architecture, the House of Blues has become a great place to throw events in Los Angeles as well as listen to lives music from some of the greatest bands and performers.

With multiple bars, levels and rooms to roam, the House of Blues is pretty impressive, until you snag yourself a membership to the Foundation Room, where all bets are off. With prayer rooms, city views and fireplaces, the Foundation Room brings drinking, dining and listening to live music up a notch.

Muy Bueno: Las Palmas

If you feel like you just stepped into an episode of “The Hills,” it’s probably because you were rubbing elbows with Brody Jenner and Kristin Cavallari at Las Palmas Nightclub in Hollywood.

las palmas pic

If you seemed to make it through the line and past the doorman, consider yourself lucky; Las Palmas is taking over the Hollywood nightlife scene and is becoming THE place to frequent. Ever since Las Palmas had a nice little face lift, the place is swarming with celebrities and those willing to purchase private tables.

Though the lines are long and the guest lists are crucial, Las Palmas has become known for featuring unbelievable DJs that deliver amazing music. If all the dancing and squeezing through crowds has got you hot and bothered, Las Palmas features two outdoor patios that shouldn’t be missed.

Even after a long night as Las Palmas, the h.wood family was kind enough to set up a taco stand out front, to fulfill any late night munchie needs.

A Dash of Moxie With Your Roxy: The Roxy Theatre

roxy pic

Since most famous music institutions in Los Angeles are located on Sunset Boulevard, it’s no wonder that the Roxy Theatre has become apart of that family. Ever since the days of live shows from Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, the Roxy has become a must for up-and-coming musicians and those who feel like giving a little love back to the fans.

The Roxy itself is an intimate space with open dance floor and bar. Though most of the music performed at the Roxy is loud enough to blow out an eardrum, the Theatre has also become a place where comedy shows and performance art can take place.

Though the Roxy makes for the perfect night out in L.A., many visitors boast about ‘On The Rox’, an after-hours bar upstairs with DJ and all night debauchery. If you wish to make it out alive without getting bombarded by crowds, park across the street in the open lot, especially if you are visiting on the weekend.

Walk the Walk: Downtown LA Art Walk

Downtown Art Walk pic

Ever since the first event in 2004, the Downtown LA Art Walk has become an event bringing food, fashion and of course art, together for Angelinos to enjoy. The second Thursday of every month brings locals as well as visitors to the Art Walk where from the hours of 12pm – 9pm, anything goes.

Though one of the first to help launch the event, Bert Green, may have had a vision for the Art Walk, each month brings something different, such as spur of the moment fashion shows and live music events. Set up outside of galleries, people can roam the streets admiring artwork, listening to music, and enjoying food from one of the many food trucks that have begun taking over the Walk.

Since every month is different, everyone who visits once seems to come back again. For immediate news, events and anything else you could be interested in finding, the Downtown LA Art Walk has redesigned their website for viewers and Art Walk aficionados to enjoy.

Live Fashionably – LF Clothing Store

LF pic

In a sea of independent clothing stores and boutique shops, LF on Robertson seems to stick out and has developed a styling mantra that has kept stars like Scarlett Johansson and Mischa Barton satisfied.

The store takes an innovative approach to styling by keeping the racks full of variety and assorted designers meant for girls who aren’t afraid to take chances in fashion. With stores in New York, Miami, Massachusetts and of course Los Angeles, the LF brand has officially spread its wings; bringing groundbreaking fashion to all coasts. Those working at LF will not only provide assistance rummaging through the racks, but can also act as makeshift stylists when needed.

For up-to-date looks and trends, many LF followers will venture to their website to see the latest “Look of the Week” or thumb through their “Look Book.”

Though most of the items in the store are on the expensive side, LF holds semi-annual sales during the Fall and Spring with items up to 60% off.

Italian Fare That Will Make You Want to Say Cheese: Cecconi’s

Cecconis pic

If you feel like dining alongside Whitney Port, Jennifer Lopez, or Kristin Cavallari, Cecconi’s is an absolute must for some of the best Italian food Los Angeles has to offer.

Located in West Hollywood, Cecconi’s serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of many dining areas such as the main dining area, bar, terrace or Butterfly Room. The Butterfly Room is the restaurant’s private dining area that can be rented out for private events and parties and can seat up to 16 people.

The dinner menu is filled with Italian favorites such as Potato Gnocchi with Bolognese and Wild Mushroom Risotto. The menu also features charcoal grill and wood oven dishes such as Eggplant Parmigiana and Mary’s Farm Chicken Paillard.

Though the food and dining experience is elegant, the restaurant gears itself towards a younger crowd by offering a midnight menu offered Thursday through Saturday from 11pm to 1am.

Bring your appetites and your autograph books.

Surf’s Up at Duke’s

If you can’t make it to Maui this weekend, your next best bet is to head over to Duke’s.

Located in Malibu and overlooking the ocean, Duke’s is the perfect dinner destination that brings Hawaiian flare without all the tourists. Locals from Malibu and Los Angeles can never seem to get enough of the fruity cocktails and signature fish tacos that Duke’s serves up for lunch and dinner.

If you stick around for dinner to enjoy their fresh fish selections such as their lobster tail, make sure to grab a table near the window to enjoy ocean views and the sunset. Though they are known for their fish tacos and array of assorted seafood, diners rave over their macadamia nut ice cream and kimo wine as well.

Duke’s also has designated nights for wine lovers and fruity cocktail aficionados. Wednesdays are dedicated to bottles of half-off wine while the Barefoot Bar assigns different nights to different drinks.

If you are visiting the bu’, make sure to visit Duke’s.

Katsuya Hollywood: A Sushi Kraze

katsuya pic

The Katsuya kraze has officially taken over Hollywood.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are frequent visitors along with anyone else who appreciates good quality sushi. With sushi favorites such as spicy albacore over crispy onion as well as spicy tuna over crispy rice, the Hollywood location is the perfect place to order off the menu or indulge in a chef’s tasting. Along with perfectly concocted dishes, Katsuya has a large list of specialty cocktails with restaurant favorites such as the Watermelon Cucumber Mojito or the Lychee Lovely with vanilla infused vodka and fresh squeezed grapefruit.

Though the beautifully decorated red and white restaurant is the perfect place for dinner or a special occasion, Katsuya has recently come up with new ways for foodies to enjoy on a budget. The Lucky Seven features seven tastings, such as tuna tacos and Kobe beef sliders, for seven dollars. Other deals include Sake Specials on Monday or Garlic Shrimp paired with a pitcher of beer for twenty bucks on select days and locations.

Reservations are recommended and valet parking is sometimes your only parking option on busy nights.

The Norton Simon Museum: Picture Perfect in Pasadena

norton simon pic

The Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena is truly noteworthy when it comes to its artwork and exhibits.

Featuring Asian Art, European Art, and anything that is remotely Modern or contemporary, is featured in this hideaway. Current exhibitions at the Norton Simon include Hiroshige: Visions of Japan, while future exhibitions will be Raphael’s “The Small Cowper”.

The vast amount of exhibitions and collections keeps tours and memberships alive. The Norton Simon, known for relatively inexpensive admission rates, has multiple levels of membership for active visitors as well as same-day admission for $8.00.

Tours are also encouraged from those at Norton Simon who administer guided tours as well as spotlight talks featuring twenty minute discussions free to visitors.

Along with guided tours and visits to the Museum, Norton Simon frequently features adult drawing and art history classes as well as lectures and dance performances.

With multiple ways to enjoy the exhibits and collections, Norton Simon makes it easy for anyone to become fascinated by the works around them.

Venice Beach: Down By the Boardwalk

venice beach pic

Whether you are looking for snow cones, inexpensive sunglasses or guys flexing at Muscle Beach, just about anything and everything can be found at the Venice Beach boardwalk.

Known for its sidewalk art displays and t-shirt shops, the energy at the boardwalk never lets up. With endless dining options and street cafes such as James Beach or Hash at Hotel Erwin, visitors can choose to dine in or on the go from endless street vendors and walk-in locations.

Along with endless dining options, the Venice Beach boardwalk is known for its shopping, from t-shirt shops to stands filled with sunglasses as well as a plethora of vintage clothing stores.

Not only is the boardwalk known for dining and shopping, but it has become famous for street performers and art displays. Whether it’s a palm reader, henna tattoo artist or someone painting portraits on the spot, all artists alike come to Venice beach to display their talents for all that travel the boardwalk to witness.

Crowds and parking to even access the boardwalk can be a nightmare on the weekends. Many private parking lots will grant you all day access for a fee. As far as visiting hours, most will tell you to visit when it is light out because the boardwalk can take on a different vibe at night.

ACME Comedy Theatre: Any Celebrity May Enter

ACME Comedy pic

The ACME Comedy Theatre has become a Los Angeles staple for those looking for a little comedy training or those looking for some entertainment.

The famous theatre is home to a long list of celebrity guests such as Lea Thompson, Joel McHale, and Adam Corolla. Friday and Saturday nights are big nights at the theater where ACME Radio Hour has their Liquid Radio Players perform completely improvised as though they were on old-time radio.

The 99-seat theatre is not only a place to watch shows but a place to learn from the best. The comedy school gives students the chance to learn the ins and outs of sketch, improv and stand-up comedy.

Though the theatre is the perfect place to spend a Friday or Saturday night, the theatre doesn’t have a concession stand and prohibits bringing food or drinks into the theatre.

If you are questioning whether or not to visit the theatre, just remember that Nia Vardalos was discovered by Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks when she was performing. Whether you are looking to discover or be discovered, ACME is the place to be.

Hot for Haute Nightclub

If you are hot for exciting nightlife Picture 11and fashion inspired décor, you might want to make your way over to Haute nightclub, the newest edition to the West Hollywood clubbing scene. The reason everyone is buzzing about this new nightclub isn’t just its perfect location and stylish feel; it’s because Haute is the new epicenter for Hollywood events and will soon become the home to many celebs.

Located on Robertson Boulevard, Haute features drinks, dining, dancing and an unbelievable patio. This place caters to everyone, from the clubber to the lounger, and is making a big splash in the Los Angeles nightlife scene. If you are in the mood to bring a little class to your night out on the town, you might as well make it haute.

Luna Park: Recreational Dining

luna park

Luna Park is what you think of when you think of Los Angeles restaurants: relaxed, good food, and fun.

Whether its groups of friends huddling around a table or a business lunch, the overall attitude at Luna Park is both inviting and exciting. Though the menus are packed with typical California finds, most people come to Luna Park to drink or order dessert.

The dessert menu features fun, D-I-Y options such as making your own caramel apples or s’mores as well as deep fried apples and coconut cream pie.

The popularity of Luna Park also falls in their drink menu and cocktail selection. The Kick A** Mai Tai is definitely the most popular as well as the Luna Park Mini Bar featuring three flights of the restaurant’s signature drinks.

Since the drinks at Luna Park keep the tables and outdoor patio filled, Luna Park created happy hour weekdays from 4-7pm as well as bottomless mimosas and sangria on Saturdays and Sundays.

Beware though: Miracle Mile locals and those living adjacent to Melrose might ask you to find another park to eat at.

Milk Boutique: Got Clothing?

milk 4

Though Milk Boutique on 3rd Street is jammed in the middle of other high end and fashionable boutiques, Milk opened their doors in 2005 with hopes to create a fashionable and artistic space for shoppers looking to fill their homes and closets with unique and expensive finds.

The founders of Milk opened the fairly large store and filled racks and tables with European designers and apparel for women as well as baby and men’s clothing. Not only are the clothing and accessories to die for, but the store is cleverly decorated with pieces such as vintage suitcases and milk cartons.

Not only is Milk a favorite for fashionistas, celebrities such as Whitney Port and Amy Smart have been spotted wearing items from the boutique.

Though the store on 3rd should absolutely be visited, the website alone is an amazing online shopping find. The site features online and in store sales as well as a blog spotlighting different months and trends for those looking for a particular piece of clothing or look.

Even though the name is simple, their clothing, shoes and accessories are anything but.

Body Factory: Smoothies That Do a Body Good

Body Factory Pic Body Factory Pic

Thanks to celebrity followers such as Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, and Playboy’s Jayde Nicole, the smoothies at Body Factory have become an after-workout essential and tasty treat for those looking to refuel.

The store, with locations in Hollywood, West Hollywood and Los Angeles, all feature endless amounts of health and nutritional products for at home cleansing and dieting. As for the smoothies, favorites remain The Body Fuel (The Hulk) and The Peanut Butter Vanilla (PBV) and contain heavy amounts of protein and antioxidants with a lower calorie count than most popular smoothie places in Los Angeles.

Though the one-stop-shop is perfect for grabbing a smoothie and loading up on goodies for your home, the smoothies are on the more expensive side which leads many people to buying the heavy bulk of protein powder to purchase and take home.

If the endless smoothie options and nutritional supplements don’t make you want to run to the gym, a glance at the Body Factory employees will most likely make you crave a six pack more than you crave a smoothie.

Colony Nightclub: Hamptons meets Los Angeles

Located in Hollywood, the Colony Nightclub looks like it belongs in the Hamptons rather than Los Angeles. From those that brought you Hyde and the SLS Hotel, the Colony is unlike any nightclub Hollywood has yet to see.

Similar to the exclusivity that the Hamptons are famous for, the Colony is a new Hollywood hotspot for celebrities and those who know someone on a list. The club, which looks more like a beach hangout, is filled with “beach chair” pillows and tree branches coming up from the floor.

Even though the club might look like it belongs on the beach, those responsible for the Colony believe that building a nightclub that could be found in the Hamptons would be just what Los Angeles nightlife needed. As they began recreating a Hamptons-esque nightclub on Cahuenga Blvd, those who actively partake in Los Angeles nightlife seemed drawn into the newness and uniqueness the club was going to offer.
colony l
For celebrities like Rihanna and playmate twins Karissa and Kristina, the Colony is the perfect Hollywood getaway when you can’t always escape to the Hamptons.

The Hollywood Bowl: An Outdoor Oasis

When you think of listening to live music in Los Angeles, you automatically think of the Hollywood Bowl. Filled with killer performances, great seating and dining options that force you to leave the picnic basket behind, the Hollywood Bowl should be on everyone’s “to-do” list, whether you are a tourist or local.

The brilliant performers and performances that fill the stage make the Bowl’s schedule impossible to beat. With weekends devoted to “A Beatles Celebration” along with other famous faces, music enthusiasts will agree that the only way to enjoy a show is at the Bowl.

Though you may expect an outdoor music venue to be filled with cheap drinks and crummy food, the Hollywood Bowl allows foodies to go wild thanks to the Patina Restaurant Group and their endless dining options for those in box seats to those looking to grab a quick bite before the show.

With great food to accompany a great show, you may think your experience at the Hollywood Bowl will be perfect. The only downside to visiting the Bowl is parking. Though the website will give you a few options on how to park, most people will tell you to find alternate ways, like the park & ride or shuttle.
Hollywood Bowl Pic

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles: In Awe of Architecture

Focused on the act of preserving architecture, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is preserving many buildings, hotels and fine pieces of art that we have come to love and know so well. Buildings such as The Sunset Tower and The Egyptian Theatre are coined as “local Art Deco treasures” found in Los Angeles that have become LA staples and places frequently visited.

This non-profit, supported by members varying from students to households, is always holding events for those looking to embrace LA Art Deco. Events such as walking tours and festivals are always being held in honor of LA art and architecture and members of the non-profit make the events calendar easy and accessible on their website.

Though we pass some of these buildings each and every day, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles encourages people to take in their surroundings by attending events held by the organization and to visit the buildings they try so hard to preserve.

In the land of the fake, this society encourages you to embrace something real.

LA Art Deco Pic

Limonaia: Handmade Goods for the Home

After founder Jessica Goldfarb discovered her love for traveling and Italian décor, she decided to bring a store to Los Angeles that would allow people to marvel and purchase products that were both unique and from across the globe.

Though the name Limonaia comes from the room where lemon trees are stored during cold seasons, the store is less about her love for these rooms and more about her love for unique gifts and goods for the home.

From decorative magnets to children’s toys, most of the products found at this hideaway are handmade and one-of-a kind. If you are looking to redecorate your home or are just looking for that added touch, a trip to Limonaia is essential for the perfect tablecloth or scented candle.

Though her store could easily be found on the roads of Capri, her store is located in one of L.A.’s best and most affluent shopping areas in Santa Monica. If you are interested in visiting the store for a massive shopping spree, visit her website beforehand to sign up for sales events so you can make the most out of your shopping experience.

Finally, someone who really turned lemons into Limonaia.
Limonaia picLimonaia picLimonaia picLimonaia picLimonaia pic

Third Street Promenade: How to Walk & Shop

With 30 blocks of restaurants, shopping and live entertainment, one trip to Third Street Promenade is all it takes to get you hooked. From fire throwers to live street performances, there is always something new and exciting happening on the streets of Santa Monica.

Minutes away from the Santa Monica Pier as well as the ocean, Third Street Promenade is always happening, from early in the morning to late at night. Though the Promenade is filled with original boutiques and restaurants, it definitely has its fair share of name brand stores and well known restaurants.

Though the restaurants, live entertainment and shopping could drive anyone in, Third Street Promenade seems to gain popularity during the Summer time when shoppers can walk up and down the promenade. At night, the Promenade turns into a row of bars and breweries for those looking to party by the beach.

If you plan on visiting during a particular time, make sure to check the list of events located on Downtown Santa Monica’s website. You can find dining events, music shows and art exhibits that will occur on the streets of Santa Monica.

Even though it’s Third, it definitely finishes first.
Third Street Pic

Corkbar: Uncork & Unwind

corkbarIf you are looking to do a little wine tasting, you no longer have to trek to Temecula or plan a visit to Napa. Thanks to the creators of Corkbar, those looking to wine taste simply have to head Downtown to uncork and unwind.

Whether you decide to drink by the bottle or glass, Corkbar is filled with the finest reds and whites California has ever seen. Tasting menus are perfectly concocted for those looking to experience wine tasting at its finest. If you are looking to pair your vino with a little bit of grub, Corkbar also offers a full menu filled with dishes such as Shrimp & Grits and their signature Corkbar Burger. And after you wine and dine, indulging in dessert is an absolute must. With offerings such as a Chocolate Board filled with chocolates and dried fruits as well as “breakfast” consisting of cinnamon brioche with caramel sauce, the motto at Corkbar is truly to eat, drink and be merry.

Corkbar not only offers great wine tastings and food preparations, but they are always looking for new ways to please their customers. With Jazz Wednesdays and Test Kitchen Tuesdays featuring new bite-size appetizers for guests to enjoy, diners are definitely raising their glasses for Corkbar.

Morels Steakhouse: Drink Up

In a city full of bleach blonde hair and fast food, Morel’s Steakhouse brings an element of Parisian flare that Los Angeles has desperately been craving.

Located at The Grove, Morel’s is the dream steakhouse and bistro combination for those who love a good steak with a hearty onion soup. Perfectly situated next to The Grove’s famous fountain with hourly shows, Morel’s is the perfect first date, anniversary or just because restaurant to enjoy a great meal and free show.

Though the red awnings are home to delicious dishes such as dessert fondue and filet mignon, Morel’s gained a reputation for being THE place to get your drink on. From crazy mojito concoctions to never ending wine lists, Morel’s is the perfect dinner and a drink location.

And in true Paris form, Morel’s offers diners patio seating to enjoy live jazz music and the ambiance of those passing by.

Thanks to its perfect location, wine list and food, Morel’s definitely brings a bit of Paris to a whole other city.
morels cimg1337-500x375

Nick & Stef’s: A Steakhouse with a Twist

Though any Los Angeles Foodie will tell you that they adore any restaurant that is apart of the Patina Group, Nick & Stef’s may hold a special place for steak lovers and happy hour goers in L.A. Located Downtown, this steakhouse is the epitome of elegant dining with a splash of trendy followers and those who simply love a good drink deal.

The menu is stocked with amazing items but everyone is always raving about the dry-aged steaks that vary in cut and size. Though anything on the menu is order worthy, Nick & Stef’s offers diners programs and specials that other restaurants seem to forget. Weekdays at Nick & Stef’s means happy hours filled with $5 mixed drinks and mini bar bites. Along with their proclaimed happy hour, Nick & Stef’s offers lunch steals such as their $12 burger and other lunch favorites.

In a restaurant filled with dark wood tables and chairs with bright white ceilings, you might not expect such exciting things to happen at a steakhouse. With changing happy hours, lunch specials and other daily events, you might want to be on a first name basis with your good ole pals, Nick & Stef.
nick 7284

Real Food Daily: RFD for Real Friggin’ Delicious?

Whatever you think RFD really stands for, this restaurant devoted to Vegan cuisine is one of L.A’s only restaurants that keep vegan and non-vegans coming back for more.

Thanks to Ann Gentry and her devotion to organic produce and homegrown essentials, Real Food Daily has become a popular lunch and dinner hangout for those looking for healthy meals and dishes to satisfy any appetite. With vegan signatures such as Fettuccini Alfredo and “the TV Dinner”, comprised of vegetable meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies, dinner goers and lunch loungers all agree that they look forward to any dish that RFD is serving.

If you think going vegan means skipping dessert, you won’t believe your eyes when you take a look at the dessert menu. Filled with heavenly treats such as Dream Chocolate Pudding and Coconut White Cake, you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Though the food at RFD is consistent and exceptional, they are always trying new ways to spruce up the menu and keep newcomers and regulars on their toes. Summer months at RFD mean changing dessert menus that alternate weekly and picnic baskets packed with fresh produce and summer dishes made ready to order.

With locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood open seven days a week, every Angelino can indulge in some real food, daily.
Real Food Daily Pic

The Wonderous Wiltern Theatre

Ever since it opened in the 1930’s, the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles has been a popular entertainment venue for music lovers and band followers to gain an up close and personal performance from their favorite singers and celebs.Wiltern Pic

The beautiful theatre is best known for small acoustic performances where fans can buy tickets through LiveNation for prices cheaper than those at larger venues. Even though the theatre is on the smaller side, the Wiltern is never short on amazing performers, from Lily Allen to Taking Back Sunday. As the big name bands prepare to take the stage, prepare for at least a few cool opening bands to perform.

As venues such as Staples Center get overrun by people, parking and cheap popcorn, those are choosing to head to the Wiltern where it feels like home and is just as noisy as if the band was playing in your own living room.

Insider’s Tip: Though the ticket prices and small venue are definite perks of visiting the Wiltern, the theatre is infamously known for outrageous drink prices such as $16.00 beers and expensive parking in their accompanying structure. Those selling tickets at the box office will advise you to park on the street to avoid long exiting lines and expensive fees.


The letters “AOC” on a bottle of wine explain the origins of that particular bottle. In terms of the origins of this fantastic wine and cheese bar, you would have to thank Caroline Styne and Suzanne Goin for their take on a French restaurant, combining a selection of various wines with equally perfect dinner pairings.

Located on one of L.A’s Picture 36most happening streets, AOC originated as a true culinary competitor. And thanks to its atmosphere, menus and unbelievable catering, they remain undefeated. Though AOC is only open for dinner hours, there are still many ways to enjoy what’s on the menu. Whether you are looking for a wine and cheese tasting or an actual sit down dinner with dishes such as Clams with Wild Mushrooms or Halibut with Carrot Puree, the end result has many diners becoming regulars.

If you can’t make it during dinner hours, not to worry: AOC can cater any party or event. And if you are looking for a little more than just a meal, AOC offers “Flight & Bite” night every Monday offering two flights of wine and bite size portions for you to enjoy.

Insider’s Tip: With such rave reviews, you may want to round up the troops and head right over, but the truth is, AOC is perfect for a slighter older crowd consisting of Hollywood types and couples.

The Paley Center for Media, and More

There is no better place for The Paley Center for Media than Beverly Hills, where most of the celebrities you will be watching on their televisions probably live just miles away from the center. In the beautiful white building adorned with miniature TVs streaming video clips for those walking the streets, you can find anything from an old I Love Lucy rerun to a live event hosted by the cast of Greek. For the true television, radio and movie aficionado, The Paley Center for Media may just be everything you could possibly ask for.

Withpaley 150,000 advertisements, television and radio programs in its collection, The Paley Center is the world’s leading museum for preserving media as well as leading discussions on media trends. Just like the entertainment industry, The Paley Center is constantly changing its programs and events, from large festivals to preview parties. For the true media enthusiast, a visit to the Paley won’t only allow you to relive television’s past but also to embrace future celebrity performances. With appearances from late night talk show hosts to entire casts of television shows, there always seems to be a party happening at Paley.

Whether you choose a guided daytime tour or an event with a celebrity, it’s an unanimous vote that a Paley visit is a good visit. Thanks to free admission and convenient parking across the street, it has never been this easy to visit some of your favorite famous friends, either on screen or in person.

For the Love of Jurassic Technology

With displays featuring chicken skins and galleries devoted to the soviet space dogs, The Museum of Jurassic Technology is the exact opposite of what you would expect from a museum visit. Unlike other museums with uptight tour guides and galleries that can send you into a snooze, this museum’s offering of eclectic and sometimes wild Picture 69exhibits combines science with conceptual art, making this place the perfect location for museum lovers and those who just want to have a good time.

Exhibits such as Rotten Luck feature decaying dice is just one exhibit of many that is unlike any other exhibit you are likely to find in a historical museum. Though the unique exhibits make for a unique visit, try not to mind the musty smell while making your way through this distinctive space.

Though this museum isn’t exactly for the faint of heart, the 5$ donation fee, (3$ for students) makes the visit worth it as it opens your eyes to what a museum can actually be. Afte, make sure to head upstairs for tea and cookies where you are awarded from your fine visiting efforts and donation.

With off the wall exhibits and masterful creations, it appears as though this museum has grabbed up all the fun from the other museums and conveniently placed it on Venice Boulevard.

Chipper at The Charlie

You’ve seen hotel rooms with private kitchenettes, blackout shades and even a personal butler. If you think you have seen it all when it comes to living in the lap of luxury, you haven’t seen anything yet. Welcome to The Charlie Hotel.

Picture 73It may sound like an ordinary hotel but it is anything but. Located in West Hollywood, The Charlie is made out of 14 bungalows all named after famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and of course, Charlie Chaplin himself. The 14 bungalows all located on the street N. Sweetzer are the most luxurious and elegant bungalows, if you can even call them that, that anyone would be lucky enough to stay in. Whether you choose a two bedroom bungalow or a two bedroom apartment, each guest is meant to feel as though they are in someone’s home rather than a guest at a hotel.

Each bungalow features typical hotel services such as room cleaning and internet, but what separates The Charlie from others is its commitment to personal assistance, with amenities such as dog walking, weekly fresh flower deliveries and a gardener.

If a month or even a day at The Charlie sounds ideal, join the club. Celebrities such as Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were once spotted checking in to one of the bungalows. Apparently Chaplin is trying to keep the tradition alive, from one celebrity to another.

Worth the Venom at The Viper Room

The Viper Room in the infamous West Hollywood area of Los Angeles is known for cheap drinks, dark lighting and headlining bands that only true fans have ever heard of. All the appeal is due in part to its landmark location and the fact that it is a true Hollywood staple in the music scene.

Unlike other music venues that promise intimate performances in crowded corners, a trip to The Viper Room actually feels like you are watching a performance in your backyard. With booths lining the walls and spaces that can hold no more than 200 people, Viper Room devotees vouch that a performance at The Room will beat all others.

Though it can’t get much better than paying between $10-20 to see your favorite musician or band, The Viper Room has made up for semi-expensive parking by offering insanely cheap drinks, especially for Hollywood. Five dollar drinks are served from the hours of 11pm-2am nightly, which means you can get trashed while standing inches away from the bands who taught you how to. Along with the novelty of cheap drinks comes the souvenir mug, a Viper Room purchase that you can fill up and take home with you.

While the rest of West Hollywood is buying $20 drinks and paying cover at the club, those at The Viper Room are enjoying themselves as they get to experience old Hollywood in a new way. With cheap drinks, cheap admission fee and up close and personal performances, The Viper Room is a Hollywood-must, especially for all those fun loving music fanatics.

Going in the Right Direction at East/West

In any direction you go, you will find that all the fun is happening at East/West lounge. Thanks to its new renovations, including swanky furniture and a tequila room, it’s hard not to want to venture over any free chance you get.

Picture 7Once awarded “Best Gay Bar in Los Angeles,” East/West keeps to its reputation, offering a lounge feel with club perks such as insane drink menus and table service. With drinks consisting of The Naughty Peach and Lemon Love, you will probably feel as though you belong in a sweaty Miami nightclub. Though East/West prides itself on not being that typical nightclub, the line to get in certainly reminds you that are you in L.A.- and if you want to get in, you’ve got to wait.

In the land of the overpriced, East/West actually throws customers a bone every so often by offering 2-for-1 drink specials and happy hours. Not only does this lounge provide cheap drink opportunities, they also dedicate certain nights to certain performers. If you check their weekly events section online, you are sure to find music video nights and spinning DJs.

Overall, East/West truly hits the nail on the head by taking the perks from a club and throwing them into a lounge. By creating a cool and comfortable setting with drinks you would find in a nightclub, East/West seems to be going in the right direction.

Get Mellow at Willow Spa

As you are driving on Santa Monica Boulevard looking for this spa, don’t expect to find it on the first level of a high rise or accompanying a gym. Willow Spa looks more like someone’s holistic house than a “top ten” rated spa in Los Angeles, but if you can gather your bearings, one visit to Willow Spa may change the way you live and the way you relax.

Known for its Asian-willow picinspired massages, facials and scrubs, Willow Spa is similar to others offering over-the-top treatments in luxurious surroundings. Though most spas open the door for you and close it when you leave just as fast, Willow Spa explains the importance of living well, while also indulging in such treatments. One of the greatest things about this spa- other than its tropical feel and décor- are the packages they put together, such as the Thai “Balance” package that is like a small vacay to paradise, featuring a Tamarind body scrub and Flower and Milk foot soak; or the specialized Bride & Groom package that offers a week by week “to-do” spa and relaxation experience before the big “I do’s.”

If you are ready to roll your eyes about how expensive this “luxurious” treatment is going to cost you, you might want to clasp those rolling eyes and take a look at the price menu. An hour massage is less than a hundred dollars which is considered a bargain, especially in this city. So the next time you are driving down Santa Monica in bumper to bumper traffic, look for the Asian-influenced cottage offering a home away from home… or at least a well-deserved pit stop.

Get Rady For The Getty

Amongst the 110-acre property of rolling Santa Monica Mountains, the Getty Center is L.A.’s most popular and prestigious museum. Filled with paintings, sculptures and changing exhibits, every trip to the Getty seems to be different and always feels like you should come back another time to see more.

Though the art and exhibits are worth the tram and long lines, the Getty offers guest lectures, live performances and concerts for those looking for that true Getty experience.

If you are lucky enough to visit the museum during the spring and summer time, you will find that bringing your lunch and lounging in the Gardens truly makes this the best museum.

Nice to Meet You, Fred Segal

Picture 15The epitome of Los Angeles living is all rolled up into one at Fred Segal on Melrose. Only in L.A. can you sip cocktails, shop designers and spot celebrities all in the same location. The lavish store, broken up into sections such as “The Parliament” and “Fred Segal Fun and Style,” is the ultimate hot spot for celebrities, and those who adore them, to get their shop on.

The reason Fred Segal is so popular is due to its location and ability to deliver the best clothing, shoes and accessories for L.A. fashionistas. If you are in the mood to spot a celeb, it definitely comes with a price; Fred Segal is the epitome of overpriced.

If you aren’t fortunate enough to drop some cash at the store, it is definitely worth it to sit out on the patio for lunch or an afternoon cocktail. Even though it’s a clothing store, some might argue that this is a Los Angeles landmark. Let the sightseeing begin.

Tom Colicchio Knows How to Get Craft-y

Ever since Tom Colicchio made his mark on Atlanta, Dallas and New York, it was about time that the Top Chef superstar brought Craft to the City of Stars, Los Angeles. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or dessert, Craft restaurant brings swanky, sexy, simple, sophisticated American classics together without ever missing the mark.

Featuring courses of octopus and Dry-Picture 9Aged sirloin, the food at Craft truly cannot be beat and pretty much everything off the menu is worth ordering. And that’s the point, everything comes a la carte, and sides like Shitaki mushrooms will blow your palate away as much as the cooked-to-perfection NY strip steak. Though Craft is known for its fish and meat, it is probably one of the only Los Angeles restaurants with a dessert menu long enough to act on its own. Between classic beignets and fabulous dessert combinations, you truly get the full culinary experience.

Though the food is outstanding on its own, the décor and ambiance of the restaurant truly make it an unforgettable experience. If a party is in your future, make sure to book the outdoor patio that can seat up to 80 people.

In the famous words of Bravo’s Top Chef, “Please pack your knives and go” to this restaurant!

Queen Mary: Board a Ship like Royalty

You may know her from your history textbooks or your grandfather telling you about WWII, but today the Queen Mary is referred to as a hotel and attraction rather than a ship for soldiers.

Most Southern Californians will tell you to experience one of the Queen’s many tours on the history of the boat and submarine excursions. When visiting this Queen MaryLong Beach destination, it’s crucial to visit restaurants such as Observation Bar and Chelsea Restaurant for perfect seafood and even more perfect ocean views. If you are looking to remain at sea as long as possible, the boat offers some surprising amenities, such as a fitness room and a spa.

Though the boat itself is quite spectacular, the Queen Mary also doubles as a great hotel. People will argue that staying on the boat and just visiting are completely different experiences. With such great amenities and a concierge experience that makes you feel as though you are sailing your own yacht, you may never want board on land again.

The next time you want to hit the high seas, you might as well do it like royalty.

Livin’ the Beach Life at Hotel Erwin

Picture 5Hotel Erwin, the boutique hotel situated in Venice, is the perfect place to stay when you want to get a little sun and beach front location without all the hustle and bustle of the Venice Beach boardwalk.

This hotel is extremely chic and brings a whole new element to the beach. With great views of the boardwalk and Abbot Kinney, guests rave about the location and amenities. A great amenity is the restaurant Hash, featuring a mouth watering breakfast and lunch with favorites such as Cap’n’s French Toast and Venice Benedict. Another plus is the rooftop bar, High Lounge, where guests and patrons can get ocean front views during the evening.

Mixed in with the henna tattoo parlors and cotton candy stands, there is an amazing hotel just waiting to be visited. The next time you are at Venice Beach, you should definitely deal with Erwin.

Nothing Standard About This Rooftop

Picture 7The rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel is the ultimate place to be seen in Los Angeles. The “who’s who” of L.A. gather to this swanky bar as often as possible during the summer time to enjoy their time around the pool. The rooftop bar is a place where the drinks are refreshing and the amount of beautiful people is overwhelming.

Those who choose to gather Downtown usually engage in a dip in the pool or lunch by the water. But if you choose to venture out at night, don’t be surprised to witness a “famous” L.A. DJ spinning or a celebrity or two walking by.

Though some may ask why the Rooftop bar is consistently so popular, the reason is a perfect combination between beautiful people and beautiful views. Overlooking Downtown LA, filled with high rises and skyscrapers, views during the days and nights are anything but standard.

Island Hopping, Catalina Style

When you and your significant other are looking to spice things up, you might want to ditch the Picture 12typical Palm Springs or Napa Valley getaway. Catalina Island is the perfect place to relax without turning in your sneakers and map. Offering amazing hikes, great museums and restaurants worth visiting twice, the trip by land, sea or air is definitely worth it.

Activities on the island include golfing, scuba diving and boat tours. If you are of the less adventurous breed, the island offers some great boutiques and clothing stores for the shopper extraordinaire.

Though weekend getaways are always worth it, the island will most likely always be home to a wedding each and every weekend. So if you are thinking about booking a trip but want to avoid the wedding craze, the website offers hotel packages and accommodations to make your stay extra special.

Whether you decide to fly or choose to drive, the trip to Catalina is worth it.

Wild & Wonderful at the W Hotel in Westwood

The W Hotel in Westwood is the perfect hideaway for a Los Angeles vacationer. Hidden in a residential neighborhood, you can forget about the hustle and bustle of foot traffic, but are minutes away by car. This perfectly situated hotel has everything you could every want: from an amazing spa to beautiful rooms, a perfect place to grab a cocktail and an even better place to sweat it all off.

With great rooms and even better service, the Picture 20W Hotel is home to Bliss Spa, one of the most prestigious and well known spas in LA. Over-the-top treatments and indulgences are waiting behind the blue signage and it’s a perfect perk for the hotel guest.

Along with a great spa, the W Hotel features an amazing pool area called “WET” and fitness facility titled “SWEAT.” Both “WET” and “SWEAT” are two reasons people choose the W, from the newly redesigned heated pool to a state-of-the-art workout room that any gym enthusiast could dream of.

The W Hotel also features some great dining experiences, from NineThirty, a great place to experience American cuisine, to The Backyard, located poolside and also recently redesigned.
If all of this sounds intriguing and you are ready to make plans, make sure to check the website before you do. The Starwood Hotels are always offering amazing deals and packages to make sure your stay is as perfect as what the hotel can offer you.

Putting the TRUE in The Troubadour

Picture 19The Troubadour in West Hollywood is the truest definition of a LA live music venue. New bands, old bands and whatever falls in between seem to flock to The Troubadour for weekly performances that keep the tickets sold out and the lines long. With multiple acts and set lists, The Troubadour has seen some pretty impressive faces, from Neil Young to James Taylor. If you have made it in the music industry, you have most likely played here.

When it opened its doors in 1957, it probably wasn’t expecting to be the locale for a spontaneous performance seven years later by Bob Dylan himself. Thanks to people like Young and Dylan who have once taken the stage, the weekends are packed with bands hoping that this is the first day to the rest of their thriving careers.

Insider Tip: Due to the selection of up and coming bands with Los Angeles favorites, ticket prices tend to vary. The other bummer is the parking situation, whether it is parking in the structure across the street or valet parking. Situated in between clubs and bars, parking is nearly impossible so it may pay to walk or take whatever you saved on the ticket and hand it over to valet.

NOKIA Live & It Will Thrive

From Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball to Mo’nique’s Spread the Love Comedy Tour, NOKIA Live in Downtown Los Angeles is the premier venue for every concert, performance or comedic throw down the City of Angels has to offer.

Breaking all the rules in 2007, NOKIA LivePicture 18 opened its doors to fans so they would get to experience an intimate performance from their favorite performers without paying the price. The indoor theater, which can seat close to 7,000, is conveniently located near Staples Center where an extreme portion of L.A. action is generally taking place on any given night.

Though the NOKIA Theater is worth visiting, those craving an even more intimate experience should pay close attention to Club NOKIA, a state-of-the-art theater that can seat a little over 2,000 people. This “club” is home to emerging and new artists, bands and shows that are looking to launch their careers but may already have a decent following.

Thanks to Club NOKIA and NOKIA live, Angelinos don’t have to venture far to witness their favorite up and coming band or sold out superstar. They can enjoy the benefits of being in the heart of downtown with an experience that feels too personal to put a price tag on.

Get Dolled Up and Party With Some Guys

Picture 7When opening night brings celebrities like the Maddens and Kendra’s baby shower together, you know this spot is going to be good. Guys & Dolls is the ultimate Hollywood lounge and nightclub. Featuring a patio as soon as you walk in with tables and bottle service, it is the perfect place for a summer night of partying. The inside, which features an open dance floor and more V.I.P tables, makes you realize why all the celebs are running to hang with their other Hollywood friends.

Though the décor is beautiful to match the beautiful L.A. faces, the door policy is strict to assure that only the most successful guys and most gorgeous dolls get through the velvet rope. With major events and premieres happening on a regular basis, Guys & Dolls’ is always filled with VIPs, the right drinks, and beautiful scenery.

Insider’s Tip: If you and friends want to venture out to this club and are unable to drop a name or get on the guest list, bottle service is a must to be escorted to the front of the line and have a table to yourselves.

The Buzz Around Cafe Bizou

With three locations and endless rave reviews, it’s no wonder that Café Bizou is popular all over Los Angeles, from Pasadena to Sherman Oaks to Santa Monica.

This French bistro is the perfect birthday, anniversPicture 15ary or first date location. Though elegant and intimate, it’s doubtful you can show up on a Friday night without spotting a sweet sixteen to your right and a newly engaged couple to your left. If mood lighting and a quiet atmosphere is your thing, then this place probably isn’t. The Santa Monica location may be beautiful, but with that beauty comes a whole lot of people.

Thanks to its two dollar corkage fee and prix fixe menus, the long wait you will experience without a reservation is most definitely worth it. Diners who swear by this café leave raving about the flourless chocolate cake and the Steak au Poivre as a few of their favorites.

Café Bizou truly takes French food to a whole other level, leaving the ritzy feeling behind and bringing family and friends together. With great food and great prices, don’t be surprised to find another location coming to a city near you.

Real or Wax at The Hollywood Wax Museum

While you can spot celebrities on the street or dining at their favorite digs, nothing really beats a photo op with one of your favorite stars. The Hollywood Wax Museum, situated on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, is the only place where no matter what time of day, you can be face-to-face with Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Elvis Presley and even Judy Garland.  The Hollywood Wax Museum is the longest running wax museum and the only one devoted entirely to famous faces in the United States.

Even though posing and snapping photographs is all the fun, thePicture 7 true beauty behind this museum is how long it takes to bring these stars to life. Careful planning and authentic design go into each creation giving each wax figure a real presence- taking a team of 7 artists three months to make! The museum is constantly changing to allow for new, popular stars to be immortalized for fans in the life-like wax. This museum is perfect for the City of Stars, because it gives museum goers a chance to pose with a celebrity without having to chase them down.

Insider’s Tip: Open 365 days a year, a visit to this museum is probably best accompanied by other spots such as the Guinness World Records Museum or Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Thanks to multiple ticket packages that the museum offers, you can visit all three and get a true taste of Hollywood celebrities, world records and unbelievable sightings.

Love It at the Lovitz Comedy Club

Picture 24Looking for a laugh with a famous face to match? Look no further than the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal City Walk. Along with the famous actor/comedian, many famous faces have passed through to deliver some of the best laughs Universal City has ever seen. With three levels and out of this world audio, the experience at this comedy club is truly unlike any other.

The reason this club is a rising gem is also due to its appearances and live tapings. Thanks to Pilot Jake and the rest of the girls from The Bachelorette, the comedy club turned into a group date experience where all the girls went on stage to perform some original routines.

Though this comedy club has brought in some pretty hysterical people, don’t expect the decor to be as A-list as the comedians. Taking a more laid back approach, the beach set meets Full House decor sets the mood for a, errr, unique experience. With a fun ambiance and even funnier performers, this comedy club is sure to keep the laughs roaring in.

Kodak Theatre is Hollywood’s Crown Jewel

HoPicture 11me to the Academy Awards and American Idol, The Kodak Theatre epitomizes Hollywood fame and entertainment. Since its opening in 2001, The Kodak Theatre has been known as Hollywood’s “Crown Jewel,” has been the marching ground for celebrities and their golden Oscars.

Though the Academy Awards are definitely a big deal, the theatre will also be bringing in a circus favorite around the world in 2011: Cirque Du Soleil. With the awards and elaborate shows, it’s hard to imagine that the theatre is ever going to have a slow day. When the Oscars and other award shows aren’t being filmed and the other events have yet to debut, the Kodak Theatre offers guided tours for those who want a real Hollywood experience.

With events, tours and Academy Awards, the Kodak Theatre is a true gift given to Hollywood.

The Standard Sets It Very, Very High

Whether you are poolside or cozying up in The Purple Lounge, nothing is standard at The Standard. It only takes one step into the lobby to realize that you are at one of the swankiest hotels in Los Angeles. Filled with modern furniture and a staff that looks like they were castPicture 17 from Ford Models, The Standard upholds its reputation of combining trendy elegance with a retro chic vibe.

If you are a lucky patron of the hotel, make sure your room has views to match its interior. Placed on Sunset Boulevard, views overlooking Hollywood are as worthy as the price you are paying for it.

For those just looking for a night out on the town, this is probably the only hotel you will ever see where the lobby gets as much action as a Las Vegas Casino. If you venture further into the 24/7 restaurant, you can find yourself in a club-like experience with flashing neon lights and select DJs.

Though the rooms and lobby are equally as amazing, nothing truly beats being poolside at The Standard. While sipping cocktails in the sun, don’t be surprised to run into celebrities who also ventured out to frolic under the shades of this fabulous pool.

Overall, the Standard can please any need, from the clubber to the sunbather. If you are looking for an over-the-top experience, you might as well go Standard.

Practice What You Beach at Venice

Filled with beach bodies, body builders and people doing sidewalk tricks, a trip to Venice Beach is as unique as the people who walk the boardwalk. With souvenir shops and waterfront views, anyone from any age visits the boardwalk to either embark on a rollerblading excursion or simply engage in a henna tattoo.

Though there is always something going on at Venice, the best time to Picture 21visit is during a warm day. The boardwalk fills up with pedestrians once the sun is out, which gives Venice Beach its unique charm.

If you are looking for beautiful blue water and soft sand, you might want to rethink packing that bikini. You may find stragglers dipping their feet in the water, but you will rarely find people lounging by the shore; people come here more for the unique culture and always-surprising sidewalk sidekicks.

If snow cones and psychics sound like a fun Sunday afternoon, Venice Boardwalk is your new home away from home.

Insider Tip: Though the crowds are great and cheap boardwalk food is even better, parking is definitely problematic, so find a cheap lot a few blocks away. And if you have heard of the saying “fun in the sun,” take that saying to heart. Once the sun goes down, so does a lot of the fun, so leave when you can still feel yourself building your tan.

MI6 is the New 007

Picture 9Though it doesn’t stand for “Mission Impossible,” MI6’s long line may leave you time to figure out its meaning- and who’s inside (hint: Daniel Craig’s employer). Originally Foxtail, the hot, new Santa Monica Boulevard club has started fresh and bumped up the stakes. With an impossible guest list and packed dance floor, you either need to know someone on the list or buy your way in.

The reason for MI6’s skyrocketing popularity is due to its location and setup. Situated on one of L.A’s busiest streets, street parking is actually plausible if you come at the right times. And thanks to its two story location, you can either make your way to the downstairs dance floor or upstairs for bottle service and tables.

Thanks to celebrity partygoers such as Lauren Conrad and Lamar Odom, MI6 has taken the clubbing scene by storm offering multiple bars and an even better DJ. With dark lighting and large crowds, the truest clubbing fans should venture to MI6 where the parties are known to last longer than the closing time of 2 A.M.

Goodbye, Foxtail. Hello, MI6.

The Best Drive is to Universal City Walk

When venturing out to Hollywood to witness the bright lights and eccentricity on the boulevard seems daunting, there is an alternative that takes out the chaos and adds some fun. Universal City Walk is truly one of a kind in that it’s a city within a city, offering everything from movie theaters to restaurants, candy shops to water ballet. Locals and tourists alike are always gathering in the one pPicture 9lace where acting like a kid is commendable.

Though rummaging through magnet stores and a shop completely dedicated to Pez seems over the top, the adults have their fair share of fun, too. Universal has some American dining favorites, from Hard Rock Café to Wasabi. If you are looking for a quick bite to soak up all the fun, Universal has adapted the mall-like food court and offers quick eats from Dodger Dogs to Panda Express.
Once the shopping and eating comes to a rest, Universal City Walk has a nightlife scene offering great alternatives for those who don’t want to venture to the other side of the hill. Places like Saddle Ranch and Howl at the Moon bring in large crowds and keep the excitement alive all night.

Whether it’s daytime fun or nighttime entertainment, the crowds never seem to stop arriving at City Walk. The next time you feel like driving to Hollywood, skip the traffic and expensive drinks and drive to the Walk.

Frederick Takes Hollywood to the Bedroom

Move over Fredericks PicVictoria; Frederick isn’t afraid to spill the secret about where to find the best lingerie at affordable prices. Unlike other lingerie shops, Fredericks of Hollywood is bringing flare back into the bedroom without breaking the bank. With cute corsets and matching lingerie pieces, it’s no wonder everyone is calling out for Frederick.

Found all over Los Angeles, whether in malls or on busy streets, people go crazy for what the store will offer next, from matching Valentine’s Day sets to their unbelievable sale items. And in true Hollywood form, they wouldn’t dare forget to sell matching shoes and accessories to go along with your lingerie set. The next time you are in the mood for a little glam in the bedroom, the only way to go is to go Hollywood.

Rose Bowl’s Year-Round Fabulous Flea Market Finds

For fashionistas and thrifty shoppers, the Rose Bowl is not a famous collPicture 4ege game. Though you’ve probably been there to see a concert or watch a live band, once a month the Rose Bowl turns into a plethora of sellers eagerly marking down prices on all of their things. If you are one of those people who think flea markets are for hippies and grandparents, you clearly haven’t seen this one.

From vintage gowns to silk scarves, you can pretty much find anything you want at this flea market. Buried under vintage t-shirts and old records can be designer bags at discount prices. With hundreds and hundreds of sellers, the Rose Bowl flea market is an all day affair. This flea market is truly the best in Los Angeles, but it only comes once a month so make sure to consistently check the schedule on their website to ensure you never miss a month!

1200 Reasons to Visit Bar 1200

If you’re in the mood for celebrity spotting, but are completely over the typical L.A. scene, look no further than Bar 1200 at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in West Hollywood. This plush and somewhat secluded bar can easily be passed when walking tsunset marquishrough the courtyard, which makes it the perfect place to spot a musician and/or rock star.

The bar features black and white photographs of familiar celebrity faces and provides the famous and the not so famous a place to grab a drink and lounge around. The popularity of this bar comes from the fact that it is a secluded hideaway from the hustle and bustle of Sunset Boulevard. It has a rock ‘n’ roll feel with a vast amount of seating to cozy up to in a booth or to hit the back patio.

If you are visiting Bar 1200 on a weekend, park across the street in the parking structure which will make it easier to find your car and provide less damage than an expensive valet charge.

Four Star Service at the Four Seasons

When you think of the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, the words elegant and refined immediately come to mind. This beautiful hotel that has seen more weddings and Bat Mitzvahs than any church or synagogue is the ultimate destination for saying “I do” or “L’chaim.” Four Seasons Pic

The Four Seasons, filled with rolling greens and stunning gardens, is the perfect place to stay overnight or come just for the day. Though this isn’t the spot for a twenty-something looking for a club or bar, it is the perfect place to relax by the pool or hit the spa.

Speaking of which, The Spa at the Four Seasons is an absolute must for any tourist or L.A. native. Offering the finest services, massages and body treatments, your visit to the spa will make you feel A-list worthy in a matter of minutes. If you aren’t lucky enough to ever actually spend the night, the spa offers visitors a chance to lounge by the pool before or after a service to give you the ultimate Four Seasons experience.

Theater Geek Chic at Pantages

Whether mixing business with pleasuPantages Picre or date night with personal enjoyment, either way you look at it, visiting the Pantages Theater for an exciting show is well worth it. Built in the 1930’s, the Pantages features some of the best live performances Los Angeles has to offer. With over 2,500 seats in the huge auditorium, this theater is the best place to go to when you’re in the mood for a piece of old Los Angeles history mixed with new and exciting features.

Currently featuring dance performances such as Stomp and Riverdance, the Pantages is always featuring the newest and most popular shows as well as live numbers L.A. has yet to see.

If you are in the mood for penguin suits and ritzy gowns, you might want to turn the other way. The dress code is far more casual than usual theater attire and the casual vibe is easily matched.

The Finest are Flocking to Birds

Whether they’re pet lovers at heart or realize Los Angeles hipsters flock there regularly, Birds is the secret gem to going out in L.A. for a guaranteed good time. The laid back atmosphere still manages to bring in a cool crowd full of wannabe writers and Hollywood hipsters.

Picture 9The three best times to visit Birds are for your birthday, an amazing happy hour, and when you are single on Valentine’s Day. For birthdays, the lovely employees of Birds will decorate the “birdcage” for the special event and fill it with balloons, drinks and utter humiliation from the guy with the microphone. If you are lucky enough to venture to the bar within the hours of 4pm-6pm, you might find yourself at your happiest. And finally, if you find yourself without a Valentine on the 14th, Birds has devoted an “anti-Valentine” themed gathering to draw in local singles to celebrate the anti-love.

Other than fun birthdays and an even better atmosphere, the food and drinks are equally as appealing. With a great martini list and even better food menu, there is no reason why you should be missing out on such a great experience in Hollywood.

Sunrise to Sunset at The Mondrian

The best part about staying in a Los Angeles hotel is mixing your down time in the room with the best restaurants and nightlife this glamorous town has to offer. The Mondrian is the go-to hotspot for hotel guests and non-guests alike.

Picture 15Skybar at The Mondrian is constantly packed and never seems to lose its elegance or wow factor. Along with the great late night spots are even better places to eat. Asia de Cuba is one of the most popular restaurants right now and it’s the perfect spot to eat great food either on the patio or in a lavishly decorated dining room. The Mondrian is also infamous in the summer for hosting pool parties for people looking to catch some rays and celebrity sightings.

Due to its location on Sunset Boulevard, The Mondrian is the one-stop shop for all of your tanning, dining and nightlife needs.

Ravaging The Food World Like An Animal

With pig ears onAnimal Pic the menu and bacon chocolate for dessert, it’s no wonder this place is called Animal. The absurd combinations may have customers questioning, but it all turns to delight when they find themselves licking the bowl clean.

Powerhouse chefs Vinny Dotolo and Jon Shook took their friendship out of the culinary classroom and onto one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles. The two chefs who have taken the culinary world by storm delivering dishes full of ethnic flare and out of this world creations.  Eaters will vouch that everything is good on the menu and you truthfully cannot go wrong.

What makes this dining experience unlike the rest is that you find yourself in a trendy location with terrific food. Unlike happening spots with not so happening food, the ambiance and food go hand and hand and make this dining trip worth venturing to again.

Santa Monica Museum of Art: A Museum With A Twist

An untapped treasure, SMMoA, also known as the SanPicture 8ta Monica Museum of Art, is one of those must-see places for the art extraordinaire or those who love to browse. On the walls of this unique and beautiful place, you will find the work of local, national, and international artists who take massive risks in their art and interpretation. The relatively new museum, started in the mid 1980’s, features highly unique exhibits and showings in contemporary art for those looking to be inspired by the original and innovative.

Unlike average gift shops, the website offers some of the most interesting take home gifts, from salt and pepper shakers to revamped sweaters and tees. In a town full of new and exciting things, SMMoA is the perfect destination for any L.A. explorer.

Leave Your Hipster At the Door at Bar Lubitsch

Though it surrounds itself with trendy L.A. hotspots, Bar Lubitsch is the ultimDrink Page--Pubate bar that feels like a pub without the 60 year old men and smell of stale beer. Though the décor feels more like a Russian hole in the wall than a Los Angeles hangout, the relaxed vibe makes sure you leave the chaos of L.A. at the door. The low lighting and stool seating at the bar make this the perfect place to cozy up for conversation. Or you can head to the back room to dance.

The beauty behind Bar Lubitsch is how popular it is without even trying to be. They never overdo it with techno music or even try to spruce up the settings. The mellow vibe brings in packs of people on the weekends making this the perfect bar on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Word to the wise, choose street parking over valet if you are lucky enough to find it.

Planet Blue’s on a Whole Other Level

In the worPicture 12ds of Rachel Zoe, “It’s on a whole other level.” Planet Blue, home to some of the best designers and funky finds, gives a whole new meaning to a one stop shop. Everything in the store, whether clothing or accessories, is absolutely brilliant and interestingly unique. The store is filled with packed racks of clothing.

Though at times overwhelming, the store itself feels more personal as they directly acknowledge their employees style trends and picks on the internet. With an abundance of beautiful clothing left and right, the only things not so beautiful are the prices. Mixed in with the ridiculously overpriced, you can always dig hard enough to find a good deal. If digging isn’t for you, make sure you check the website and storefront frequently to catch absurd deals and seasonal sales.

Date Night at the Cemetery’s Cinespia

When you are looking for a taste of old Hollywood and a way to spice up your love life, there is no better date spot than the Hollywood cemetery. On Sunday nights, thePicture 17 cemetery opens its doors for the hundreds of people who are looking for a cheaper way to go to the movies. With old Hollywood flicks constantly being aired, you feel as though you are truly in another decade.

One of the best parts of Cinespia is that you can turn the experience into your own. People bring blankets, food and even wine as they sprawl onto the lawn and cozy up for a film. The uniqueness of this experience draws a large crowd so make sure to get there early- really early. While this may be the only movie theater you can actually bring your own food into, it is also one of the best experiences when you are looking for a change in scenery, literally.

SLS Hotel: Single Lady Safe Haven

It’s one of a kind, disturbingly beautifulPicture 14 and has more personality than your fifth grade science teacher. The SLS hotel on La Cienega is one of those hotels you might just find yourself staying at even if you already live in Los Angeles.

With “a to die” for lobby and beautiful bar area, the SLS hotel is truly unique in that every inch of the hotel is beautifully designed. If you aren’t lucky enough to ever score a room, a drink in the lobby or the Bazaar is unbelievably worth it. Celebrity families like the Kardashians have been spotted here drinking in the bar or exiting late at night. Even if you find the drinks are overpriced and the valet parking is even pricier, don’t leave without checking out the bathrooms; they are probably cooler than half the hotels you have ever been in.

X-Rated Ventures at Voyeur

With aerialists crawling through nets on the ceiling and naked women in bondage in glass displays, VoyeuVoyeurr brings a whole new meaning to the art of sexual observation.

The beauty behind Voyeur isn’t just the naked women; it’s the ability to get a bar and nightclub rolled up into one. The reservation only tables in front feature loud club music and packs of people, while the back end is more relaxed with a less packed bar.

This new Los Angeles playpen for the rich and famous is exactly what you anticipate it to be: impossible to get into. Make sure you know someone at the door or get your name on the list before trying to smuggle your way in. Though I could describe the magic behind the closed doors of this fabulous club, the name speaks for itself; you’ll only know once you come and observe.

Pizzeria Mozza: The People Will Tell You It’s Amazing

The pizza is fabulous, the caprese salad is mouthwatering, and the olive oil ice cream is to die for. Owned by Italian culinary heavyweights Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich (son of Lidia Bastianich), don’t be surprised to see that every patron walLAmozzaking out of Pizzeria Mozza raves about every single dish on the menu.

The portions, ideally shared family style, bring the best Italian food to Los Angeles from some of the most talented chefs in the world. The collaboration that is Pizzeria Mozza is far more casual than it’s sister Osteria, but the food is in no way sacrificed.

If you plan on making reservations the day before, think again. Though you might find yourself eating at the bar, the food is that good that you might not even care. This Hollywood hotspot brings fancy food to a casual setting, and that my friends is “Amore!”

Star-Gazing Without the Paparazzi at Griffith Observatory

Mixed in with Hollywood nightclubs and overrated bars, you will find one of the best places in Los Angeles where the stars aren’t driving drunk and wearing Dior. The Griffith Observatory is one of the only places that actually makes learning interesting and gives you first hand access to star-gazing at its finest. Picture 22

With multiple exhibits and shows, you can learn all sorts of stuff, from constellations to how much you would weigh on the moon. Even though this place is great to visit with friends, it is filled with couples and PDA galore since walking and admiring the sky is a perfect activity for two.

They are closed Monday and the weekends can get really crowded, so make sure you get there early enough to be able to walk around before it closes at 10. Even though the romantic date spot and beautiful sky scenery should be enough to sway you, the even better perks are that it is free and so is parking.

Finally, a place where you don’t have to pay to see some stars.

Nothing to Toi About

Toi pictureEven though there are countless Thai restaurants spread all over Los Angeles, nothing compares to Toi on Sunset. Half Rock ‘n Roll café and half amazing food, this place is the ultimate stop for great veggie Thai food with even better service. Some must haves include their amazing Pad Thai and even more amazing vegetarian dishes such as the dried chili cashews and the eggplant, pumpkin and tofu.

Other than the food, what makes this place so great is the atmosphere; the décor is wild and the walls are filled with rock royalty paraphernalia and posters galore. While you may find other restaurants shutting their doors earlier than eleven, this place shuts down at 4am, making this a great after hours spot for drinks and dining. And don’t worry about what days this place is open; they are open seven days a week until 4am each night!

With fabulous food and a killer vibe, the only downfall would be the horrendous parking situation on the weekends; try to find a spot on Sunset or take the time to search for parking, because after all, it is open until 4am.

Hike Your Way to the Hollywood Sign

You can take tour buses, visit celebrities’ homes, and even put your hands in their handprints, but there’s nothing better than saying you got up close and personal to the famous Hollywood Sign that the average person only sees from a distance.

Picture 6With proper research on which turns to take and where to park, the hike to the Hollywood Sign is an absolute must for tourists and locals alike. When embarking on the hike, make sure to know where that certain “left turn” is; if you accidentally go right you will find yourself in Griffith Park.

The forty-minute hike involves stamina and hiking shoes, but the view is absolutely breathtaking. With cameras left and right protecting the sign, the closest you might get to the white letters is behind a fence. Yet the experience and view are well worth it. This is one tourist spot even a Hollywood tour bus couldn’t get you to.

Going Mad for Wonderland

Though Los Angeles is infamously known for being a town filled with women doing anything and everything they can to stay young, Wonderland has officially taken it to a whole ‘nother level. Wonderland nightclub, loosely based around thPicture 4e childhood favorite, is the newest addition to the Dolce Group, the men who brought us favorites such as Ketchup and Bella restaurants.

With mirrored walls and framed rabbit shadows, you might expect to find yourself dizzy, when in fact the club is quite tasteful and elegant. Opting for a more relaxed vibe than over the top, Wonderland is the new celebrity hang out on one of the most popular streets in Hollywood. With frequent visitors such as Rhianna and the girls from MTV’s The Hills, it’s no wonder everyone is coming out to play and standing behind the velvet rope. But be warned Alice imposters, only the real deal are getting in this New Year’s with tickets costing up to $200.00 a person awaiting the stroke of midnight.

You may not be able to fall down the rabbit whole, but you may just fall in love with this new Hollywood hangout.

Hotel Cafe: The Only Two Things This Spot Doesn’t Have

Even though Hotel Café is hidden on one of Los Angeles’s most popular streets, the venue feels like a throwback to old Hollywood amidst a sea of trendy nightclubs and sports bars. With up to four performances in a night, Hotel Café is a popular hang out for music lovers interested in independent artists at a fraction of the price.

The dark lighting and limited amount of seating encourages guests to really enjoy the multiple performancePicture 13s. With a very limited menu at night, most people are found hanging out at one of the two bars or lining up against the wall with a ledge.

Though the setting is extremely relaxed and less ritzy than the rest of Hollywood, don’t be surprised if you find a celebrity or two among the crowd; the last celebrity spotting was Ryan Cabrera supporting his fellow independent artists.

If one of your favorite performers is making his or her debut, we recommend getting there extremely early to snag one of the five tables in the front row that are usually filled by the time anyone goes on. And if you find yourself struggling with parking on a busy night, enter into the alley on Cahuenga where you can find valet parking in the back.

Love Yourself in Le Labo Perfume

lelaboIf you have always wanted your signature scent and didn’t know where to turn, Le Labo Fragrances is an absolute must. The inside of the store looks more like a testing lab than a chic boutique, but the gentle details and eloquent touches give you a “Paris chic” vibe that the bustling streets of L.A. are missing.

One of the specialists in the store will walk you through your scent likes and dislikes, leaving you in charge to create your own signature scent. Though the bottles can get a bit pricey, they make great gifts that allow you to put your name and expiration date on the bottle.

If the idea of mixing lavender and vanilla all day long sounds unappealing, you can always opt for the other solution and purchase the perfumes on their website. Le Labo Fragrances on 3rd Street is one of those unforgettable places that makes you feel one of a kind, just like the perfume you bring home.

East Coast Meets West at The Thompson Hotel

On one of the busiest streets in Los Angeles you can finally get a taste of New York. The Thompson Hotel looks like it came straight out of the Big City with its leather sofas and swanky rooftop pool. With five other hotels in New York, The Thompson brings a similar glamorous New York vibe as well as New York favorites, such as Dean & Deluca goodies in the minibar.Picture 7

If you are looking for a trendy hotel where you won’t find drunken clubbers and late night action, this hotel is the perfect spot to be in. It’s a perfect location to put you in the heart of daytime shopping action and then withdraw you into seclusion at night.

This is also a place where you might actually enjoy staying around the corridors. BondSt is a phenomenal sushi restaurant that was replicated after the one in New York. The ABH bar, which stands for Above Beverly Hills, is a great place to grab a cocktail and enjoy the view. With restaurants straight from New York and the décor and vibe to match, it’s definitely time to be in a New York state of mind- but with better weather.

Old Hollywood Meets New at Jane’s House

Though Jane’s House on Hollywood Boulevard was once the school to many of our favorite Hollywood legends, the new class of A-listersLAjaneshouse and socialites are making it their own. The newly remodeled mansion-turned-Hollywood-hideaway is drawing everyone in on the weekend thanks to its cozy décor and adorable bartenders.

Though the elegant furnishings may make you feel as though you should have arrived with Charlie Chaplin, the multiple bars both inside and outside are always serving fun drinks and the DJ is always playing the latest hits. At Jane’s House there isn’t a designated dance floor, but this house turns into a “house party” as you will find girls dancing on balconies or the railing of a patio.

If you find yourself visiting Jane’s on a Saturday night, check the website for guest list details to score yourself a ticket to the open bar that happens for an hour before midnight. With its cozy confines and ideal location in the heart of Hollywood, this bar is definitely schooling the rest on how to recreate an old Hollywood feel with new Hollywood fun.

DNA Does Hollywood Wardrobes at Half the Price

DNA pictureIn the midst of a town filled with designer duds and overpriced everything, we can only thank our lucky stars that a place like DNA landed itself on one of the most well known and priciest streets in Los Angeles. Filled with straight off-the-rack clothing and in season accessories, DNA on Sunset is one of the only places in L.A. where you can actually shop without breaking the bank. Racks are filled with designer jeans, while shirts and dresses come from some of the trendiest and most expensive stores you could find.

You might expect that your discount shopping trip will be accompanied by not so accompanying salespeople, DNA provides exceptional customer service with a personal shopper experience. Thanks to its busy location, you may want to enter in the back to avoid as much foot traffic on Sunset as possible.

Though DNA is a woman’s shopping haven, there are definitely enough great finds here to fulfill the male shopper extraordinaire.

Bringing Back the Milk Moustache at Milk Shop

Whether you go sweet or savory, the Milk Shop features some of the best sandwiches, sodas,LAmilk and sweets an L.A. restaurant could offer. Though breakfast and lunch are the most popular times to visit the shop, most people stop by for a quick slice of blue velvet cake or a Shirley Temple float.

If you think blue cake and whimsical ice cream floats sound more childish than chic, you won’t believe how elegant the décor is and how its fashioned similar to an upscale New York eatery. This place is a perfect first date spot where you are encouraged to create your own malts or split a pear and almond tart for two. With first daters, young couples, and anyone who loves good food, it wasn’t long until the ladies from MTV’s The Hills made their debut on the show eating a casual late afternoon lunch here.

If you are going for lunch, do how the Hills girls do; snag a table outside on the street to get front row seating for people watching.

A Land with Anything but Waste: Wasteland Clothing

Whether it’s vintage or brand new, Wasteland has become a go-to shopping spot for fashion addicts, celebrity stylists and those looking for a good deal.

Though the racks of Wasteland can be filled with expensive vintage pieces ranging from Louboutin heels to Chanel bags, the store is also filled with clothing that was sold to the store by fellow Angelinos and can be very reasonably priced.

Selling to Wasteland is pretty similar to other consignment stores except for the fact that they are probably pickier. Their buying guide can be found online from what designers they are looking for to different trends and seasonal picks.

What makes Wasteland unlike other Los Angeles stores is that it takes away the “digging” you would probably do in other vintage stores. All the clothes are uniquely and thoughtfully purchased from sellers and can include vintage and new pieces. Wasteland will also come to your home to purchase large collections of vintage accessories and apparel.

One man’s treasures ends up at Wasteland.

Glitz, Glam and Geoffrey’s

When you think of Malibu dining, you think of oceanfront seating and impeccable seafood. If you are in the mood for the Malibu dining experience, there is no better place than Geoffrey’s.

Situated right on the water, the laidback and ambient environment makes this restaurant the perfect first date place spot or a place to celebrate an occasion. With gorgeous waterfront views and the sights of Malibu, the food definitely matches up to the ambiance and décor. With favorites such as baked brie and caramelized pears for an appetizer and a selection of seafood such as paella and lobster, the seafood extraordinaire is always tastefully satisfied.

If you are thinking that good food in a beautiful setting will bring in the glam and glitz, you are right. Celebrities such as a Dick Clark swear by Geoffrey’s and visiting this restaurant is always a chance for a nice photo opp.

If you can’t make it out for dinner, brunch at Geoffrey’s is still something that shouldn’t be missed. Dishes such as Sautéed Day Boat Sea Scallops with a Foie Gras Risotto keep brunch at Geoffrey’s in a league of its own.

Who needs a man who looks good, can cook and treats you like a queen: you’ll always have Geoffrey.

Spitz – Home of the Doner Kebab

When their saying is “Home of the doner kebab,” you know they must be doing something right.

Thanks to two college students that dreamed of distributing the classic and fresh food to the streets of Los Angeles, Spitz became a getaway for those craving the Spanish food but couldn’t seem to get away to Madrid in time to get it. With two locations offering dishes such as “The Chicken Doner” where you are encouraged to pick a bread, style and sauce to accompany the chicken and other vegetables offered with the dish, people seem to be craving kebab more than ever.

Along with the classic doner meals, Spitz offers wraps and salads for those craving the kebab with fewer calories. Though the food is definitely all the rage at Spitz, the clever college men included a full bar and even a happy hour full of hummus strips and sangria to bring back an element of college life.

Though spit comes from the device in which the meat is cooked vertically, patrons and kebab lovers do anything but spit out anything Spitz is serving.

Culturally Clad at Club Mayan

Club Mayan, located in Downtown Los Angeles, is one of L.A.’s only historical and cultural remnants left in the area. Featuring live music and a dance club, Club Mayan encourages all visitors to let loose in their three leveled escape.

The multi-level club seems like it belongs in a Hawaiian paradise rather than on the streets of Downtown. Reopened in the 90s, Club Mayan not only reinvented their décor but also their vibe. Encouraging L.A. hipsters to dance the night away on Friday Sound Machine nights and bring their own leis on Tropical Saturdays, the club seems to be the only place left in this city where each level feels like a different getaway.

The perks of having such a historical hangout in Los Angeles are invitations to new musical acts and themed nights for the dress up fanatics anxiously waiting for Halloween. With varying cover charges and a relatively strict dress code, Club Mayan is a great birthday celebratory spot allowing you to create your own guest list as they treat you like a King or Queen.

If you are looking to come on a particular night, make sure to consistently check the events calendar on the club’s website. But if none of the names look recognizable on the calendar, just make sure to come on either a Friday or Saturday when the music is loud and the energy is on.

Laugh it Up at Comedy Store

If you are looking to laugh your ass off in the home of true comedic hilarity, look not further than The Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard.

When passing the painted black building with red drapery, you might think that this is just another comedy house on comedy house row. Though some say the interior and exterior is nothing to rave about, everyone will agree that the comedians who grace the stages should truly never be missed.

Featuring three rooms for comedians to perform seven days a week, The Comedy Store is not only famous for being around for so long but for also having handfuls of comedians and celebrities constantly hitting the stage. Celebs like Dave Letterman and Eddie Murphy are just two of an extraordinary amount of talent that have performed at the Store and with a two drink minimum, you’ll probably laugh even more than you though you would.

Even though you are supposed to let loose at the store, there are few pointers to follow to play smartly. If you plan on buying tickets at the door, opt for buying them online to avoid herds of people who figured they would do the same thing. And if you show up without knowing who will be performing, head to the “original room” where people rant the funniest comedians perform.

When the lines are too long and the crowd top big, you don’t have to head home. You can always go to their sister store in La Jolla, if you are willing to drive a few extra miles for a few extra laughs.

Patio Perfection at Cafe Pinot

As a member of L.A.’s infamous Patina Restaurant Group, Café Pinot is the perfect culmination of dining outdoors with American and French Californian cuisine.

Centrally located downtown, Café Pinot is that restaurant that your parents are probably going to before they see Elton John play in concert or where your roommate is taking his girlfriend for their anniversary before he drags her to the Lakers game. But if you choose to embark on downtown activities such as a nice little visit to the Staples Center, some patrons swear that the only thing that should truly never be missed at Patina is the desserts. With classic favorites such as chocolate lava cake and apple crumble, those can enjoy everything Patina has to offer either before or after the first basket.

And in true Los Angeles fashion, Patina encourages patrons to enjoy the outdoor patio seating where it is most important to be seen. Though other restaurants may offer dining outdoors, no one truly does it like this restaurant.

Though you might have to dress up and keep the kids at home, Café Pinot is the perfect addition to everything downtown L.A. has to offer and added that little extra that it was missing.