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Island Hopping, Catalina Style

When you and your significant other are looking to spice things up, you might want to ditch the Picture 12typical Palm Springs or Napa Valley getaway. Catalina Island is the perfect place to relax without turning in your sneakers and map. Offering amazing hikes, great museums and restaurants worth visiting twice, the trip by land, sea or air is definitely worth it.

Activities on the island include golfing, scuba diving and boat tours. If you are of the less adventurous breed, the island offers some great boutiques and clothing stores for the shopper extraordinaire.

Though weekend getaways are always worth it, the island will most likely always be home to a wedding each and every weekend. So if you are thinking about booking a trip but want to avoid the wedding craze, the website offers hotel packages and accommodations to make your stay extra special.

Whether you decide to fly or choose to drive, the trip to Catalina is worth it.

2. Charles River Canoe & Kayak Race April 25

Screen shot 2010-03-24 at 4.43.45 PM The Charles River Watershed Association celebrates 28 years of canoe & kayak races on the Charles River at the ‘Run of the Charles’ on Sunday, April 25. Professional, amateur and recreational canoe and kayak races include international, national and local racers. New England’s largest canoe and kayak race includes 6, 9, and 19-mile races, a 24-mile, five-leg canoe relay race, and a 26-mile professional marathon. The Charles River is one of the most spectacular places in Boston and adding a competition just makes it sure to be fun for all participants, volunteers, and spectators.