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First Thursdays Downtown Arts Walk


This is the perfect opportunity to experience Atlanta’s art scene inside and out! Take a self-guided tour of the galleries — with no beginning or ending point — and move at your own pace as you soak up some fabulous contemporary Southern art. With its growth, First Thursdays has become more than just an arts walk. It’s an event where singles can meet, business people can unwind, and couples can enjoy the beauty of downtown Atlanta’s landscape.

Each month you’re invited to stroll through magnificent buildings and streets to enjoy the beauty of Downtown and the gallery experience. Come take a walk with us the First Thursday of each month, from 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

First Thursdays ArtsWalk has grown with new programs and additional venues so that art lovers can view the arts, tour the historic districts of Downtown and enjoy various discounts at Downtown restaurants. Click here for more information.

New Wing at MFA

Boston’s Museum of Fine Art welcomes a new wing with The Art of Americas wing, unveiled November 20th. The addition doubles the number of objects from the collection on view, including several large-scale masterpieces not displayed for decades. Ancient America, Native America, Colonial America and 20th century art through the 1970s are just some examples of the various timeframes that will be displayed throughout three levels. The museum will feature 53 new galleries- there’s even four behind-the-scenes galleries! Adjoining the new wing is the Ruth and Carl J. Shapiro courtyard, a spectacular light-filled glass structure open to MFA visitors and for special events. And don’t forget the first Friday of every month is celebrated at the MFA with live music, a cash bar and a delicious tapas menu from 5:30-9:30 pm!


1. King Tut Debuts in Times Square July 1-31

It hasking tut been 30 years since the famous boy king has made his presence felt in New York City, and King Tut NYC is quite a debut. Located in the Discovery Times Square Exposition- NYC’s first large-scale exhibition center, King Tut NYC will feature 10 galleries and more than 130 artifacts from the world of pharaohs.

Highlights include King Tutanhkhamun’s iconic golden canopic coffinette and crown as well as an entire gallery that will for the first time showcase the latest DNA studies and forensic findings, like exactly how he died.

3. All Lights on Art at Kalamath Feb. 5

Picture 8On February 5 you’ll be able to see Kalamath Street from outer space. Ok, so that may be an exaggeration, but the street will definitely be brighter than normal as four different light companies located on Kalamath and 2nd will be presenting a light show consisting of both contemporary and fine art lighting.

Featured light companies Alan Duff, Mark Friday: On/Off @ Studio 12 Gallery, Image Complete, InterArchitectural Products are all part of the larger Arts District of Sante Fe that brings together 50 galleries, museums and theaters in the area with the mission to promote this unique cultural district. These companies will open your eyes to how perfect lighting can enhance your surroundings in both home and office.

After this you’ll see things in a completely different light…literally.

2. Worldwide Affair at Miami Int’l Art Fair 1/7 – 1/10/10

It’s a worldwide affair at the Miami International Art Fair as galleries from every continent contribute the best in contemporary art. All mediums of contemporary art will be represented at this four-day evePicture 21nt. The fair also includes a lecture series featuring prominent experts in International Contemporary Art. This year one of the must-see exhibits is “Next Generation” as it draws attention to artists of the future.
The fair will open with an Invitation-Only Collector’s Preview Party on January 6. Passes can be requested at the website, and are limited, so don’t wait.