Saddle Shoe Tours

Discover a new and always evolving concrete canvas

“Lia’s tours are all about opening your eyes and discovering the impressive paintings, hidden sculpture, and stylized prints, right under your nose. Her tours are like urban scavenger hunts, and by the end you’ll be able to recognize Roa’s murals, Stickman’s Stickmen, and way more, which will earn you some serious cool points with your friends.”


Shelter: Argentine & Italian food with a rustic winter feel

Williamsburg: not a place for asking questions.

It’s a place for sitting at a slab of oak tree beneath a stuffed goat, and digging on some scrumptious meat pastries…

At least it is at Shelter, a spacious Williamsburg lair of whiskey and Argentine-Italian edibles, now open.

El Almacen and Rosarito Fish Shack. Same folks behind those created this—a kind of hunting lodge of pizza and empanadas. Which… is a strange combination, yes. But after running the following equation—Pizza + Empanadas + Moose Horns + Whiskey = A Damn Good Time—mathematicians have determined the whole thing works just fine.

Industrial style meets nature at risk taking clothing store Owen

Owen’s thoughtful compilation of men’s and women’s wear in rich jewel tones, dark neutrals, and complex, highly textured knit, leather, and fur, make it a worthwhile addition the high-end boutiques in the meatpacking district. Phillip Salem, Owen’s enthusiastic, 25-old-owner, handpicks every piece―his lofty goal is to ensure that each pick is both statement-making and timeless.

Honey Butter Fried Chicken… best chicken in Chicago, cocktails too!

Honey Butter Fried Chicken is an excellent place to go for, you guessed it, fried chicken! Their unique blend of ingredients, paired with their fresh, healthy chicken, creates a one-of-a-kind taste that people come from all over to enjoy. All food and drink pieces are crafted by the owners/culinary experts for a taste you can’t get anywhere else.