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Sushi and Burritos Fuse at Sushiritto

San Francisco is  known for many things and being the capitol of innovative restaurants is one of them. Sushiritto, located in SOMA, is one of the latest fusion restaurants to hit the city by taking sushi and rolling into a burrito-style roll that is easy to eat on the go.

The menu is simple  – they offer six signature rolls including a vegetarian Buddha Boy roll – which combines traditional sushi roll elements with a Mexican flair (think ingredients such as Mexican Kabayaki sauce and melted pepper jack cheese).

It’s standing room only in the actual shop so head over to Union Square or find a nice bench to enjoy this unique taste of San Francisco.

Sushirrito is located at 59 New Montgomery Street in San Francisco.

Reindeer Romp San Francisco

There’s just something about seeing reindeer in real life that will kick your holiday spirit into high gear! From now until January 1, you can see reindeer at the San Francisco Zoo. The four reindeer — Holly, Velvet, Peppermint and Belle — will be on display during normal zoo hours. I’m not sure if they will prance, but they will certainly graze on holiday-themed treats and entertain zoo visitors with their large antlers. Free with admission to the zoo.



San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Celebrate with the San Francisco Symphony orchestra, holidays with the symphony December 2nd-31st. They’ll be timeless classics and sentimental holiday favorites. This year, the San Francisco Symphony offers a warm and inviting array of concerts — perfect additions to your holiday traditions. Join us for timeless classics and sentimental holiday favorites, sure to add joy, smiles, and holiday memories to share with those you love.


32520Symphonic orchestra of murcia Auditorio Victor Villegas

Best Place for a Scenic Walk

Best Place for a Scenic Walk

Enjoy a beautiful scenic walk in San Francisco while avoiding those daunting hills at Crissy Field. Take in the picturesque view of The Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands. Take a seat and relax at the Crissy Field Center where you can grab a great sandwich and look at the Bay through their large, plate-glass windows.


24 Days of Central Market Arts Sept 24-Oct 17

24 Days of Central Market Arts

September 24-October 17

24 Days of Central Market Arts is a three-week performing arts festival in San Francisco’s Central Market district. The events include dance, live music, participatory and family-friendly arts activities for all to enjoy the uniquely vibrant arts scene that the neighborhood offers. Most of the events are free and family friendly so head on down and see all the art that San Francisco has to offer.



1. Calder to Warhol at SFMOMA’s 75th Anniversary July 1-31

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art is celebrating its 75th sfmoma 75 anniversaryanniversary with an enormous exhibit of over 1,000 iconic works by artists like Alexander Calder, Roy Lichtenstein, Chuck Close, and easily the most recognizable, pop-artist Andy Warhol. There will also be plenty of sculptures on the beautiful rooftop garden, which has been described as a gallery with no ceiling.  The SFMOMA’s massive permanent collection is still impressive, and for those who are a little baffled as to why a line of Campbell’s soup cans counts as art, there’s the “Making Sense of Modern Art” mobile tour, which can help viewers read between the lines of those Marilyn Monroe prints.

Coi Is Not For The Shy Eater

Adventurous eaters, welcome! Coi is small and sleek and caters to foodies who want to sample new and exciting flavors. Chef Daniel Patterson’s unique dishes include Picture 26Yuba (soy skin) papardelle with coconut milk and curry, sea bream sashimi with white soy, yuzu and chives, caviar sautéed bone marrow with beet gelee, and soft cooked egg yolk with spicy onion relish bacon and parmesean foam. With dishes such as these, it’s no surprise he was voted San Francisco Magazine’s Chef of the Year 2007.

Coi prides itself in using only the best ingredients in the dishes. Coi searches high and low, locally of course, to find cultivated plants grown from heirloom seeds; wild-harvested leaves, flowers, barks and roots; seaweeds and coastal grasses, and more. Coi insists its guests are served nothing short of the best that San Francisco has to offer.


Take a boat ride to and a tour through the small island full of rich history. Alcatraz was one of the first US forts on the west coast, an infamous federal penitentiary, and occupied by Native Americans for eighteen months. Alcatraz also has gardens, tide pools, and a view of the city like none other. For a highly entertaining and educational excursion, visit Alcatraz Island.