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Refine your sweet tooth with handmade designer candy from Papabubble

Papabubble is a unique candy shop that prides itself on its craft of candy. Made by hand, the hard candy of Papabubble includes many different varieties. You can even customize your own candy to include flowers designs and even your own name! Come to this original candy shop that puts a twist on the candy making business!

The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats At The National Museum Of American Jewish History


The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats is the first major exhibition in this country to pay tribute to award-winning author and illustrator Ezra Jack Keats (1916–1983), whose beloved children’s books include Whistle for Willie, Peter’s Chair, and The Snowy Day. The exhibition invites visitors to discover over 80 original works by this groundbreaking American Jewish artist, the first to feature an African-American protagonist in a modern full-color picture book. With works ranging from preliminary sketches to final paintings and collages, the exhibition also offers a reading area for visitors of all ages, drawn from Keats’s art and stories.

The Snowy Day and the Art of Ezra Jack Keats is organized by The Jewish Museum, New York, from the collection of the de Grummond Children’s Literature Collection, The University of Southern Mississippi. The exhibition was funded at The Jewish Museum through a generous grant from the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation. Additional support was provided by the Joseph Alexander Foundation, the Alfred J. Grunebaum Memorial Fund, and the Winnick Family Foundation.

The exhibit runs through October 20, 2013. Visit nmajh.org for more information.

The Varsity – The World’s Largest Drive-In

The Varsity is the world’s largest drive-in restaurant, serving customers in Atlanta since 1928. People from all over the world come to experience The Varsity because there is nothing like it anywhere!


The original Varsity, located at 61 North Avenue, near Georgia Tech, opened in 1928 on a 70′ X 120′ lot with a white picket fence by a man named Frank Gordy; a man with a $2000 nest egg and “million dollar taste buds.” Through his dedication to freshness, superior quality, advanced technology and serving the best food fast, he gained a reputation that is known worldwide. The Varsity has hosted well known people from the entertainment industry, the sports industry, the Governor’s mansion, the White House, as well as visitors from all over the globe. Through Frank Gordy’s determination, the original Varsity has grown into a two-story “Lunching Pad” and there are now 7 sister locations. The Varsity has become an Atlanta institution known and loved by all.

There are now 7 locations in and around the Atlanta area. Stop by for some amazing food. Click thevarsity.com for more information.

Explore The Past at The National Museum of American History!

In 2013 the country will commemorate two events that changed the course of the nation – the 1863 Emancipation Proclamation and the 1963 March on Washington. Standing as milestone moments in the grand sweep of American history, these achievements were the culmination of decades of struggles by individuals – both famous and unknown – who believed in the American promise that this nation was dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.” Separated by 100 years, they are linked together in a larger story of freedom and the American experience.

To commemorate these two pivotal achievements, the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History in collaboration with the National Museum of African American History and Culture will present an exhibition that explores the historical context of these two crucial events, their accomplishments and limitations, and their impact on the generations that followed. The exhibition will be on view from Dec. 14, 2012 through Sept. 15, 2013. Click here for more information.

The diverse collections of the National Museum of American History reflect a wide variety of subjects relating to the history of the United States as well as the history of science, medicine, and technology.

Sons of Essex

The Sons of Essex menu is a reflection of the diverse melting pot of cultures that has gentrified the Lower East Side. The old school ‘Bowery Boys’ atmosphere and ‘Gangs of New York’ vibe pays homage to the history of the Lower East Side, fusing a traditional American comfort food menu with the spices of Lower East Side immigrants past with the use of local ingredients and Essex Street Market fruits & vegetables. Yupp, that’s how we roll.

Wholesome American Goodness at The Blue Duck Tavern

The Blue Duck Tavern located inside the Hyatt Hotel offers a sunken garden veranda with an outdoor fountain, adding a distinct element of romance and elegance.

Featuring its classic and wholesome American meals with a market-based menu, the Executive Chef Brian McBride offers delicacies made with the finest and freshest locally sourced ingredients. Time honored cooking methods such as roasting, braising, preserving and smoking, are techniques that are used to create each tantalizing dishes.

The restaurant welcomes guests with an open staff pantry and kitchen, complete with a wood-burning oven. The hand-crafted furnishings and heavy, wooden tables keep the restaurant warm, homey, but contemporary, offering a welcoming dining experience.

American History – One Portrait At A Time

The National Portrait Gallery archives portraits of people who made significant contribution to American history and culture from the era of our Founding Fathers to the current political arena. Each photograph and each portrait tells an expansive story which weaves into the tides of our cultural past.

Sauntering through the exhibits and taking a glimpse into the establishment of our great nation with portraits of proud Native American chiefs and those of revolutionary generals and explorers. From studying each expression of every portrait, you get a better glimpse of those who shaped out nation.

For more inspirations, take a trip up to the second floor to see the America’s Presidents collection.

Syrup & So Much More: The Waffle

Unlike other modern breakfast places in Los Angeles, The Waffle serves both modern and classic breakfast and lunch food in a diner-style environment fit for a Brady Bunch family member.

The Waffle pic

This breakfast eatery has become famous for their endless breakfast options including specialty waffles such as their Blueberry Lemon Waffle as well as six versions of Hash Browns such as their Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onions and capers. For starters, The Waffle created fun and unique appetizers such as a Flight of Savory Waffles and Waffle Dip and Chips featuring spinach, artichoke and parmesan dip accompanied by homemade potato chips. The restaurant also serves signature lunch specials and vegetarian dishes.

The Waffle has not only become popular for its food, but they have also become known as a “dog-friendly” eatery where dogs are welcome on the front patio. This eatery is also open late for those looking for breakfast after dinner, or drinks.

Feel At Home at 51st State Tavern

51st State Tavern is a cozy, homey place for a diverse crowd of local residents, working professionals, and college students. With an outdoor patio and two floors equipped with two antique wooden bars, classic Guinness posters, a jukebox that everyone fights over, a pool table, and six plasma TV screens, this is the right place to kick back, relax, and have fun. With a wide selection of beers on tap, make sure to gulp it down with some classic American and Mexican food from the menu. Visit 51ststatetavern.com for more information.

Shhhhh… Wanna know a little secret? On Mondays, 51st serves delicious 50 cent tacos and on Tuesdays, 20 cent wings, plus various other beer specials!

The City upon “The Hill”

Standing proudly as the epicenter of Washington, DC ,the United States Capitol is not only a historical complex housing the nation’s legislature, but it is also a symbol of the American people and the government.

With a scheduled visit, you can take a peek at politicians bickering through bills, peruse through an important collection of American art, and tour the stately dome that has long served as the international symbol of democracy.

The guided tour beings with a quick film, “Out of Many, One,” which highlights the important impact of Congress upon our daily lives. An informative tour detailing interesting facets of Capitol Hill’s unique history and its breathtaking beauty will definitely impress any visitors!

Insider tip: If you visit when the Congress is in session, you can request visitor passes for the Senate and House Galleries to see your favorite politicians in action!


The American Repertory Theater: Fun in Harvard Square

art The American Repertory Theater (better known as ART to locals) has been welcoming major American and international theater artists since it opened in 1980. The theater, which hosts reinterpretations of classical texts and provocative new music theater productions (think Cabaret or Alice vs. Wonderland), has received numerous awards, including the Tony Award, the Pulitzer Prize and numerous local Elliot Norton and IRNE awards. The staff here also teaches undergraduate classes in acting, directing, dramatic literature, dramaturgy, design, and playwriting at Harvard University. In 1987, the theater also created the Institute for Advanced Theater Training at Harvard University. Discount tickets are available for college students. For informaton and schedules, chgeck out americanrepertorytheater.org.


Corn MAiZE at Connors Farm

Corn MAiZE at Connors Farm 9/11 – 10/31

This year Connors Farm invites you to get lost in their corn maize designed in the shape of “The American Legend” Clint Eastwood. It’s open late on the weekends, so if you like your maize with a side of spooky, make sure you come by after dark!



Luna Park: Recreational Dining

luna park

Luna Park is what you think of when you think of Los Angeles restaurants: relaxed, good food, and fun.

Whether its groups of friends huddling around a table or a business lunch, the overall attitude at Luna Park is both inviting and exciting. Though the menus are packed with typical California finds, most people come to Luna Park to drink or order dessert.

The dessert menu features fun, D-I-Y options such as making your own caramel apples or s’mores as well as deep fried apples and coconut cream pie.

The popularity of Luna Park also falls in their drink menu and cocktail selection. The Kick A** Mai Tai is definitely the most popular as well as the Luna Park Mini Bar featuring three flights of the restaurant’s signature drinks.

Since the drinks at Luna Park keep the tables and outdoor patio filled, Luna Park created happy hour weekdays from 4-7pm as well as bottomless mimosas and sangria on Saturdays and Sundays.

Beware though: Miracle Mile locals and those living adjacent to Melrose might ask you to find another park to eat at.

For Swank and Steak, It’s Always Elway’s

Picture 14Although it may have owed its early fanfare to the popularity of its namesake, retired Broncos quarterback and co-owner John Elway, this Cherry Creek steakhouse has endured on its own merits: a swanky white-cloth setting, a legendary local bar scene, and a solid (if spendy) repertoire of chops, luxury seafood, and other modern American classics.

In fact, its success has spread downtown, with an even fancier, leather-swathed and wine-walled outpost in the Ritz-Carlton—where the day begins with power breakfasts and ends with sightings of sports celebs hunkered down over ribeyes and crab legs.

Eric Fischl & The New Gen of Odeon Artists

It makes perfect sense that artist Eric Fischl’s favorite restaurant is The Odeon Restaurant. The Odeon is the grandfather of the hot culinary scene that is TriBeCa today. It was the first to arrive on the scene, before TriBeCa got its moniker for being the Triangle-Below-Canal, and attractedPicture 8 the who’s who of the art world, including Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. The Odeon is known for its brasserie fare including the country frisee salad, trouffled poached eggs and sautéed cod.

At night, especially on warm summer evenings, the restaurant’s terrace sports the beautiful and fabulous of New York sipping martinis and cocktails.  And Eric Fischl’s keeps the Odeon’s artist attraction alive today with his frequent visits to this American brasserie pioneer.

** Eric Fischl is an artist and sculptor and native New Yorker. Fischl’s works have been featured at The Whitney Museum and sculptures in Rockefeller Center.

Coi Is Not For The Shy Eater

Adventurous eaters, welcome! Coi is small and sleek and caters to foodies who want to sample new and exciting flavors. Chef Daniel Patterson’s unique dishes include Picture 26Yuba (soy skin) papardelle with coconut milk and curry, sea bream sashimi with white soy, yuzu and chives, caviar sautéed bone marrow with beet gelee, and soft cooked egg yolk with spicy onion relish bacon and parmesean foam. With dishes such as these, it’s no surprise he was voted San Francisco Magazine’s Chef of the Year 2007.

Coi prides itself in using only the best ingredients in the dishes. Coi searches high and low, locally of course, to find cultivated plants grown from heirloom seeds; wild-harvested leaves, flowers, barks and roots; seaweeds and coastal grasses, and more. Coi insists its guests are served nothing short of the best that San Francisco has to offer.

Grand Lux Café

Inspired by the lavishness of European cafes, the Grand Lux Cafe has something for everyone. Influences range from Thai and Malaysian to American and European. Dishes include: Austrian-style Wiener schnitzel and Indochina shrimp and chicken, fused with Chinese and Indian flavors. The cocktail menu features enticing Mai Tais, spicy Bloody Mary’s, and Kicked Up Coladas.