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The Lion and Crown is Addison Circle’s newest old English pub

The Lion and Crown at Addison Circle is a traditional English style pub. Don’t be fooled by reviews of bad service; the original concept was to create a pub just like in England, where everything (food included) is ordered at the bar. As Americans don’t exactly understand or appreciate this way of doing things they have since added some wait staff to take your orders. The draft selection offers the usuals (Guinness, Bass, etc) as well as a few others (including Strongbow), the bottle selection is a healthy selection of imported favorites and the menu dons traditional pub food. The atmosphere hits the nail on the head with the English pub ambiance, with wood aplenty and some fantastic antique pieces, like old altar seats.

Chill like an expat at the Londoner

The Londoner in Addison is DFW’s go-to place for a UK style sesh. Even the outside of the building screams, “Pub!” The draft selection has UK favorites as well as a few local-ish choices for good measure and they even have a decent selection of Scotch. Their menu offers traditional English fare, including Chicken Tikki Masala, shepherd’s pie and bangers and mash. The Londoner also shows all the European soccer matches (at least all the ones that have available coverage) that area expats congregate to like flies to… well you get it. Their patio is ample and dog friendly. Who wants a pint?

Tavern on the Scene: Laurel Tavern

laurel tavern pic 1

If you happen to be in the San Fernando Valley on a Saturday night looking for something to do, visit Laurel Tavern in Studio City where there are a fine selection of beers on tap as well as a fine selection of pretty faces everywhere.

laurel tavern pic 2

Though the Valley isn’t particularly known for their happening nightlife, Laurel Tavern is an exception to the rule. This rustic “pub” is the perfect place to grab after-work drinks with friends or kick back with a beer and bucket of fries any day of the week. Though they have an outdoor patio in front, finding a table inside seems to be all the rage, making it exceptionally hard to find a place to sit after a certain hour.

laurel tavern pic 3

The after-work crowd tends to pile in around 6pm or 7pm when the kitchen is still open and serving dishes such as Grilled Artichoke, Chorizo Sliders and Pork Belly Skewers.

The only downside to finding a table, chair and someone to share a beer with: you have to pay for everything at the bar.

Also, don’t be surprised if you run into a celebrity or two at a table in the back.

The Porter is a Pub With Beer on the Brain

Throwing its proverbial hat in the gastro-pub scene ring is The Porter Beer Bar. The Porter boasts a beer menu of some 300 bottles and 30 more on-tap. In the kitchen, headed by Nick Rutherford (formerly of Seeger’s, Quinones at Bacchanalia, and the Chocolate Bar), pub grub is served up with gourmet style. Try their legendary wings served three ways:  Chipotle BBQ, Traditional Buffalo and Teriyaki.

The Porter also has a “Hair of the Dog” brunch on weekends featuring peach-covered waffles, biscuits and  sausage gravy, and a smoked salmon scramble.

The Porter Bar is located in the heart of Little Five Points.

Visit theporterbeerbar.com for more information.

Leave Your Hipster At the Door at Bar Lubitsch

Though it surrounds itself with trendy L.A. hotspots, Bar Lubitsch is the ultimDrink Page--Pubate bar that feels like a pub without the 60 year old men and smell of stale beer. Though the décor feels more like a Russian hole in the wall than a Los Angeles hangout, the relaxed vibe makes sure you leave the chaos of L.A. at the door. The low lighting and stool seating at the bar make this the perfect place to cozy up for conversation. Or you can head to the back room to dance.

The beauty behind Bar Lubitsch is how popular it is without even trying to be. They never overdo it with techno music or even try to spruce up the settings. The mellow vibe brings in packs of people on the weekends making this the perfect bar on Santa Monica Boulevard.

Word to the wise, choose street parking over valet if you are lucky enough to find it.

Old City, New Flair

Picture 17By day, Old City is Philadelphia’s art hub with its many galleries and show rooms. By night, it becomes the center of the city’s nightlife as party hoppers jump from pub to bar to club along the narrow streets.

From handbags to furniture, everything can be found here. Get a new ‘do at Chroma and an edgy, stylish outfit at Reward, and you’re ready for a night on the town- or maybe just cocktails at Bleu, one of the city’s hippest hangouts. And don’t forget to visit the Liberty Bell Center as your visit to Old City- and Philly in general- would not be complete without it.

This historic district gets particularly crowded on weekends, as it’s one of the prettiest neighborhoods in the city.

New Deck Tavern Pours the Best Pint in Philly

Here the beer flows, the crowds are loud, and the atmosphere is just right!

There’s no better placPicture 11e than New Deck Tavern to grab a cold pint and a Philly, cheese steak that is, with friends after a hard day’s work. Although the grub’s unbeatable, the happy hour is what’s got people coming back for more. The Deck boasts a vast array of beers from around the world as well as one of the largest single malt scotch collections in Philly. They’re proud to pour the best pint in the city, thanks to their European Draft System imported straight from Country Cork.

Study up for Quizo Pub Trivia on Wednesdays, or, perhaps, get your sing on for Karaoke Tuesdays.  This pub’s got it all, with live music, Monday night football, and more. Stop by any night of the week and confirm that the Irish sure know how to party.

Live Irish Entertainment Nightly at The Burren

There are so many great Irish pubs in Boston but when you step outside the city, the options seem to get fewer. The Burren in Somerville is a great place to check out some live Irish music and get some fish and chips while washing it down with a perfectly poured pint of Guinness. The pub features live traditional Irish entertainment seven nights a week. Named after a great rocky expanse in Ireland’s County Clare, The Burren here captures the mythical nature of its namesake with a rich old world feel. Open since January 1996, the pub was founded on a dream shared by two young Irish musicians, Tommy McCarthy and Louise Costello. Tommy and Louise began playing together nearly 10 years earlier. Today, the pub serves more than 20 beers on draft, an intimate bar, and private room where wedding receptions have taken place. Visit burren.com for the schedule, menu and information.

Insider’s Tip: On Saturdays and Sundays, there is a brunch menu available from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., which features a full Irish breakfast.

Grab a Burger and Brew at Bukowski’s Tavern

Bukowski’s Tavern located just off of bustling Boylston Street and steps from the Prudential Center and Copley Square is not only a popular hangout for college students but a great place to relax, kick back and enjoy a casual night out. This cool bar lacks pretension and formality but makes up with it in character, good food, a large beer menu (featuring over 100 craft brews to be exact) and fun atmosphere. Bukowski’s was named after writer Charles Bukowski, who was as well known for his writings as he was for his drinking. The no-frills bar menu here features hot dogs, fantastic burgers from the basic Barfly to the unique peanut butter burger, which they assure tastes great. After a few drinks and getting acquainted to the bar, you may even surprise yourself when you order up a white trash steak bomb.

Visit bukowskitavern.net for more information.