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Have the day off this President’s Day? Try a new restaurant, check out the Dog Show, or buy a new coat! Plus a good old NYC rivalry.

Yank Sing Delivers Dim Sum on the Ritz

Picture 61If the hustle and the bustle of Chinatown’s to-go only dim sum spots makes you feel “lost in translation,” but you still have a taste for the Orient, Yank Sing might be just the thing. One of only five restaurants designated “an American classic” with a 2009 James Beard Foundation award — the Oscars of the culinary world — this delightful dining spot is the definitive dim sum house.

With unflinching, rapid-fire servings of an exceptional variety of fried and steamed small plates wheeled around in carefully choreographed carts, your only worry will be to know when to stop. Luckily, you can get comfortable sitting back to overeat and taste your terrific tea at a luxe table dressed in white linens — a far cry from the flickering overhead lights and suspended poultry of Stockton Street. Better yet, with prime locations in both the Embarcadero and the Financial District, your hotel suite or business meeting may be just a hobble, skip or jump away.

Chow Down in Style at Mr. Chow

Picture 7No matter where a Mr. Chow restaurant opens, it instantly becomes a spot where everyone must go, especially celebrities. In Miami – in South Beach’s swanky W Hotel no less- Mr. Chow is brimming with elegance and style.

The Asian food here has to be called cuisine, because of offerings like fresh steamed sea bass filet and fresh lobster noodles – lobster tails sauteed in ginger sauce served on a bed of  handmade noodles. The flair and creativity with which the dishes are prepared is unequaled and so stands the reputation of this hot bed of Beijing-inspired yummy. Don’t come looking for honey chicken, General Tsao’s or special fried rice here, it’s non-existent.

4. World Premiere of Madame White Snake Opera Feb. 26-Mar 1

Picture 4Move over Madame Butterfly, there’s a new Asian heroine on the scene and this one is about to make a grand debut. Madame White Snake will premiere with the Boston Opera for a long weekend in February.

The opera is cross-cultural drama based on a Chinese legend; a powerful white snake demon transforms into a beautiful woman, Madame White Snake, in order to experience love. When she does falls in love and marries a man, consequences and betrayal threaten to break up the fairy tale romance.

Internationally renowned opera and theatre director Robert Woodruff will be returning to Boston to bring Bean-town this incredible drama.

Stylish to the Exotic at Pearl River Department Store

Teas, slippers, lamps, party supplies, stationary, fengshui, window blinds, ceramics, bags, lanterns, condiments, kitchenware, and chinese dolls are a few of what fills the shelves at Pearl River. Clearly,  Pearl River isn’t your average department store- or even store for that matter. As an intriguing blend between two very different cultures, Pearl River is the first Chinese American department store.

Stepping into the SoHo store, one is immediately overcome with unique colors and never-before-seen (in the West, at least) toys and trinkets. The three-story store in the middle of SoHo is constantly expanding, like the new 10,000 foot home department.  Needless to say, it’s a one-stop shop for everything you may need, Chinese or American.

Sunda provides an atypical twist on Asian fare

Executive chef Rodelio Aglibot brings a tasty twist to traditional dishes from Japan, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other Southeast Asian islands. Sunda is a creation of Billy Dec, Brad Young, and Arturo Gomez: the trio behind Chicago hot spots Rockit Bar & Grill and The Underground. And Executive Chef Rodelio Aglibot brings an extensive background in Asian cuisine and culture, recognized by several media outlets as the “Food Buddha.” With cuisine that is accessible, comfortable and fresh, you’re bound to rub your belly after a meal at Sunda.

Soak in the Charm of Chinatown

Picture 7Chinatown has a unique character and charm all its own. There are a number of bargain furniture stores, banks, grocery stores here. Holistic healers often come here to shop the wide selection of Chinese herbs and medicines in some of the natural healing stores. But the big seller here, of course, is the food! More than 50 restaurants are scattered around the area, from Vietnamese, to dim sum to sushi.

The unique architecture of buildings such as Sing Chong Building and the Bank of Canton is what really gives this community its name. Being the city where the first Chinese immigrants arrived in America, it makes sense that SF is home to the largest Chinatown outside of Asia. You can’t help but think you’re not in Cali anymore.