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Bush in concert and the Battle of the Burger returns to the city. Plus, the Giglio Di Sant Antonio Feast and Modern Art Auction kicks off.


Celebrate Back to the Future’s anniversary with burgers or try crickets at the AMNH!

Bold, beer hall fun found all night long at Houston Hall!

Houston Hall

Come on down to Houston Hall to hang out with friends and have a beer or two. The huge room, formerly a FDNY storage facility, has rows of tables and benches, and a very lengthy bar, which on a busy night can be five people deep. The hall resembles a downtown version of a German Beer Hall. It’s self-serve seating. The bar has a strong menu of unusual brews made by Greenpoint Beer Works in Brooklyn. Visit houstonhallny.com for more information.

JJ’s Cafe

Fair warning right here – if you do venture to East Dallas and stumble into this place for breakfast, do not be alarmed by the utterly terrible interior. I am talking industrial carpeted floors, wood-grain paneling, tacky items from the likes of Hobby Lobby. It’s as if I walked onto the set of Rosanne. It’s stuck in a mid 90’s sitcom, except the only joke is at this restaurant’s expense. Just don’t be scared, because the food is actually pretty tasty.

It’s saving grace is the food and the clientele. I was not only the youngest person in the dining room, but the youngest by maybe 60 years. How can you dislike a place that is frequented by the elderly? Their sweet demeanor and just simple happiness of being there makes you want to call your grandparents up to tell them you love them. So, it’s no shock that visited JJ’s today with my grandmother, Mammy (or also known as the world’s cutest and most awesome lady, ever!). The waitress knew her name, cracked a few jokes, and was constantly warming my coffee cup – already good in my book at that point!

I ordered the Southwestern Chicken omelet with swiss cheese and a corn tortilla melted on top of the thick egg fold over stuffed with bell peppers, onions, and tasty chicken. The side potatoes had a zesty flavor and that perfect amount of crunch I look for in potatoes. As I looked around the table, everyone else seemed to be enjoying their meal as well. But the biggest shocker of all they offer a Yelp check-in discount. Looks like old-people a thing or two about technology after all.

Twisted Root

Three chefs, sick of eating frozen, tiny, and under-seasoned burgers, opened a real burger joint to make it the way they do at home. Fresh and seasoned meat, hand battered buttermilk fried stuff, fresh cut sweet potatoes, homemade pickles, Root Beer, ice cream and even condiments… It’s like eating at our kitchen table!

Get a cold ass beer at Fred’s Texas Cafe

Fred’s is one of those decades-old gems that has now found itself nestled amongst a gaggle of shiny new restaurants and apartments. Despite the West 7th neighborhood growing up (literally) around them in the last few years, they still offer the same old chill atmosphere, “cold ass beer always,” arguably the best burgers in town and a down-home good time. With a quaint but tiny interior, people usually come to Fred’s for the patio. Be warned: it fills up quickly on nice days. Luckily Fred’s is the kind of place where everybody seems like an old friend and nobody thinks twice about sharing tables or letting you squat while they settle the bill.

The Hamilton

Strange and amazing, unlikely and enviable, the life of Alexander Hamilton could be a blueprint for the evolution of Washington, DC. This is a man who started off an orphan and ended up a lawyer, banker and founding father before dying famously in a duel with the Vice President of the United States. First built to house the federal government, DC is now a city where polish and sophistication have been charmed by a bohemian spirit yielding a new, thriving, artistic underground. Located just two blocks from the White House, the District’s newest destination for envelope-pushing, visionary music and talent defies convention, much like Hamilton himself. Visit thehamiltondc.com for more information.

Flay brings the flavor to University City- Bobby’s Burger Palace

Food Network stars are no stranger to the Philadelphia food scene. Inspired by chef and TV personality Bobby Flay’s boyhood summers at the Jersey Shore, Bobby’s Burger Palace offers a gourmet spin on a fast-food favorite. A burger with fresh goat chesse and lemon meyer honey mustard runs for a reasonable price of $7.50, cheapier than most fancy burgers you would find in an upscale restaurant. You can also get the standard burger sides like fries at $2.50 or a thick creamy milkshakes for $5 a pop. With hip leather barstools, this 71-seat David Rockwell designed eatery resembles a back-to-the-future burger joint. I am sure Marty McFly would approve!

Insider’s Tip: If they ask you if you would like your burger “crunchified”, don’t be concerned. No they are not offering to burn it to a crispy black- they simply want to know if you would like to add chips on your burger for that extra bite!

Ted’s Montana Grill’s Bison Burgers Can’t Be Beat

If you’re looking for a new taste on the traditional burger, there’s no better place to satisfy a juicy burger craving than at Ted’s Montana Grill. Founded by media guru Ted Turner and famed restaurateur George McKerrow, Jr.,  Ted’s Montana Grill found a niche in the American grill market and it stuck: Bison Burgers. Repeatedly acclaimed as one of the best burgers in cities across the US, New York’s urbanites love Ted’s home range twist on American classics as a pre-theater must or relaxed dinner.

Ted’s Montana Grill hasn’t become a restaurant empire just for its most popular item, it also does all the American classics with style. Try freshly cut french fries, hand-dipped salt and pepper onion rings, pecan crusted salmon and steaks. Located right in Rockefeller Center, Ted’s Montana Grill proves hearty American food shines in the heart of Manhattan.

LoHi SteakBar Raises the Stakes—and the Bar

Picture 7When locals heard chef-about-town Sean Kelly had turned up at this smart, sexy Lower Highlands spot, they swarmed in pronto—and they haven’t left since. Hopping nightly with the city’s hipper foodies, LoHi SteakBar features a highly likeable menu that centers on an array of steak frites and burgers, rounded out by funky snacks, sandwiches, and sides—from blue cheese fondue to rock shrimp po’boys to creamed spinach, plus retro desserts like banana splits.

The bar mixes a mean cocktail or two as well, including a fresh update of the banana daiquiri, and 3-for-1 bloodies come with weekend brunch.