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A new month and a new set of fun ideas! Plus start on your Labor Day Weekend planning…


Two movies to choose from tonight — can you guess one?? — plus, where should you eat today?

December 29, 2014

For one week only, see The Temptations and The Four Tops on Broadway! Plus, where should you eat lunch today? And a great concert at Webster Hall.

Pick Your Favorite Brew at Public House

If you could go to a bar where you can have any type of beer, which one would you choose? At Public House, it’s all about beer. Located in the heart of Chicago, this bar/restaurant has hundreds of different drafts of beer, a great food selection, and a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. It is a great place to not only eat and drink but also socialize with other beer-lovers. Only after one visit will you want to come back for more.

Eat Breakfast Any Time Of Day At Buvette

Buvette is an exquisite French-Italian breakfast cafe where you can meet for food and drink anytime of day. Located in the West Village, this unique restaurant serves a wide variety of food. You can either go in the morning and eat a fluffy brandade with fresh squeeze orange juice or sit down for dinner with steak tartare and a glass of champagne. Another satisfying feature includes a French and Italian list of wines that makes Buvette a place where breakfast and wine can coincide.

Tastebud-melting authentic Greek food & good friends… at Kanela!


Kanela [kuh-nel-uh] is a marvelous world bringing a local, organic, and flavorful approach to a Greek-inflected American breakfast + lunch menu reflecting our heritage as well as the origin of the name, which means cinnamon in greek, and which you will find in abundance on the menu. A refreshing take on mama’s recipes and delivered to you just the same way, with love and a smile.

Our deep earth tones, vintage chandeliers, exposed brick walls and wrap- around seating have created a dapper vibe for a snazzy, yet mellow breakfast + lunch.

We use only the finest and freshest ingredients available in order to please our customers. Every kanela plate is carefully inspected to meet the highest standards and our quality expectations. We use Eggland’s Best Cage-Free Organic Eggs, Julius Meinl Coffee and support our local farms and markets. Our bars offer an elaborate menu of classic and signature cocktails made with fresh fruit and herbs. Every detail receives special attention.

JJ’s Cafe

Fair warning right here – if you do venture to East Dallas and stumble into this place for breakfast, do not be alarmed by the utterly terrible interior. I am talking industrial carpeted floors, wood-grain paneling, tacky items from the likes of Hobby Lobby. It’s as if I walked onto the set of Rosanne. It’s stuck in a mid 90’s sitcom, except the only joke is at this restaurant’s expense. Just don’t be scared, because the food is actually pretty tasty.

It’s saving grace is the food and the clientele. I was not only the youngest person in the dining room, but the youngest by maybe 60 years. How can you dislike a place that is frequented by the elderly? Their sweet demeanor and just simple happiness of being there makes you want to call your grandparents up to tell them you love them. So, it’s no shock that visited JJ’s today with my grandmother, Mammy (or also known as the world’s cutest and most awesome lady, ever!). The waitress knew her name, cracked a few jokes, and was constantly warming my coffee cup – already good in my book at that point!

I ordered the Southwestern Chicken omelet with swiss cheese and a corn tortilla melted on top of the thick egg fold over stuffed with bell peppers, onions, and tasty chicken. The side potatoes had a zesty flavor and that perfect amount of crunch I look for in potatoes. As I looked around the table, everyone else seemed to be enjoying their meal as well. But the biggest shocker of all they offer a Yelp check-in discount. Looks like old-people a thing or two about technology after all.

Mobile outdoor feast…for a cause

Denver’s favorite summer lunch tradition, Civic Center Eats Outdoor Cafe, is the perfect venue to sample goodies from the area’s growing food truck invasion. Cop a squat at one of many shaded tables set up at historic Civic Center Park and munch on a variety of foods while listening to live music. Hey, beats a desk lunch any day. Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. through Sept. 27. Proceeds benefit the Civic Center Conservatory.


The Dutch at the W epitomizes simple elegance

The Dutch at the W Hotel on South Beach is turning the chic, boutique hotel on its head offering an unpretentious menu and equally casual atmosphere. It’s easy to relax in the lovely, bright restaurant where the kitchen is expertly run by renowned New York chef Andrew Carmellini.

Of course, housed within a hotel, which is unusual unto itself given that most hotel restaurants really aren’t of such a high quality, they serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hazelnut crusted French toast amd crab cake benedict with asparagus and a kicky chipotle hollandaise elevate the breakfast standards while entrees like short rib ravioli, roast mushroom and taleggio fonduta and pappardelle, lamb ragu, sheep’s milk ricotta and milk are great for lunch and hefty enough they could be on their supper menu. Short ribs and sea scallops make a second appearance on that menu but are dressed up differently.

The Dutch is in the W Hotel, located at 2201 Collins Ave., Miami Beach, 305-938-3111, www.thedutchmiami.com

Syrup & So Much More: The Waffle

Unlike other modern breakfast places in Los Angeles, The Waffle serves both modern and classic breakfast and lunch food in a diner-style environment fit for a Brady Bunch family member.

The Waffle pic

This breakfast eatery has become famous for their endless breakfast options including specialty waffles such as their Blueberry Lemon Waffle as well as six versions of Hash Browns such as their Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onions and capers. For starters, The Waffle created fun and unique appetizers such as a Flight of Savory Waffles and Waffle Dip and Chips featuring spinach, artichoke and parmesan dip accompanied by homemade potato chips. The restaurant also serves signature lunch specials and vegetarian dishes.

The Waffle has not only become popular for its food, but they have also become known as a “dog-friendly” eatery where dogs are welcome on the front patio. This eatery is also open late for those looking for breakfast after dinner, or drinks.

Squat and Gobble Satisfys Any Craving

For a delicious and reasonably priced breakfast, lunch or dinner check out one of the Squat and Gobble restaurants in the city. There’s something to satisfy everyone’s taste buds – from a plethora of dessert and savory crepes to satisfying salads and sandwiches. They also have beer and wine options and several of the locations have patio seating for those sunny San Francisco days – a true treat for city folks.

Be sure to try out their Marina crepe with salmon or the Gobble Club which has turkey with a delightful cranberry aioli sauce. It’s like Thanksgiving year round

Squat and Gobble restaurants are conveniently located at five spots around San Francisco. You can grab a bite to eat in Lower or Upper Haight at 237 Fillmore or 1428 Haight Street. There is a location in the Castro at 3600 16th Street, one in West Portal at 1 West Portal right next to the West Portal Station and a large location in the heart of the Marina at 2263 Chestnut.

The White Way to Dine: Villa Blanca Restaurant

Whether you are looking to run into the Real Housewife of Beverly Hills herself or her precious Pomeranian Giggy, Lisa Vanderpump’s Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills combines Mediterranean and Italian cuisine with Asian touches and influences. This beautiful eatery located on Brighton Way is close to major Beverly Hills boutiques and shops and is the perfect place to grab lunch on the patio for some serious people watching.

villa blanca pic

The interior is described as “sexy and comfortable” by the designer herself and brings an element of comfort and coziness to the color white. With grandiose mirrors hanging on the walls as well as exotic and elegant flower arrangements everywhere, Villa Blanca offers brunch, lunch, dinner and a fancy bar area for all your drinking and dining needs.

The dinner menu consists of Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna appetizers with entrees such as Sweet & Spicy Butterflied Shrimp, Chicken Milanese and Japanese Mushroom Chicken. Brunch at Villa Blanca means $10 specials including Villa Blanca’s Breakfast Pizza, Vegetarian Frittata and Prosciutto and Melon.

villa blanca pic 2

Whether it’s for the food, people watching or a quick glimpse of Lisa herself, a visit to the Villa will have everyone saying, Bravo.

Second City’s Lauren Ash Brunches at Bongo Room

After a long week of wise cracks and improvised jokes, Second City star Lauren Ash hits up the sinfully delicious brunch at Bongo Room. Lauren’s must-have is the Nestle Crunch Pancakes, with bananas and crumbled Nestle Crunch bars baked into the pancake. If that sounds decadent, take a look at the rest of the menu. The Chocolate Tower French Toast is a favorite, with chocolate French Toasts piled high and topped with bananas and both chocolate and white chocolate shavings. For those who want to stay away from the carbs- although this is the place to divulge- Bongo Room has a phenomenal Lump Crab Egg Benedict that’s cooked to perfection, and a lunch menu filled with American favorites like BLT’s and classic salads, but all served in over-the-top portions. Bongo Room proves that not everything is bigger in Texas, because brunch is massive at Bongo Room.

*** Lauren Ash is a Canadian-born comedian and actor at Chicago’s iconic Second City comedy club. Lauren has received rave reviews for her starring role in Second City’s Taming of the Flu.

Newsroom Cafe: The Other Robertson Hotspot

The Ivy may get all the paparazzi on Robertson, but Newsroom Cafe is where you’ll see the real LA locals and low-key celebs. Although it’s based around healthy, vegetarian-friendly dishes, Newsroom Cafe serves up burgers and wine and alcohol like the best of them. With a perfect location- complete with a people-watching patio, it is packed for lunch and dinner and at night, it turns into a hot bar scene. Newsroom is known for its freshly made juices, Veggie Burger, and, of course, a large magazine rack and wifi. This is the perfect place to stop for a break from all the trendy boutique shopping.

Diggin’ Deep Dish at Gino’s

ginos_pizza_chicago-0953There are two types of pizza in this world. New York thin slice and Chicago deep dish. Sorry, Italy – your pizza doesn’t really even register anymore. If you ask the DJs Deep Dish, their answer is simple – Chicago pizza takes the cake (or pie). When they moved to the USA, they fell so in love with it, that they named themselves after it.

When looking for that classic Chicago deep dish, the place to go is Gino’s East . Don’t expect the most glamorous ambiance or the best service, no, no. This is all about the checkered table cloth, simple service but amazing pizza. There’s just something about that cornbread crust.

Beginner’s beware: You don’t need a lot of pie here. One piece will likely fill you up in a beautiful way. Also, if you think you’re in a hurry – forget it! A deep dish pizza at Gino’s will run you a minimum of 30 minutes – but hey, heavenly taste don’t come easy baby, so chill.

Bin 36 is Oenophilian Heaven

Bin 36, it’s as simple as that, hell their very own Brian Duncan was voted “Wine Director of the Year” by Gourmet Magazine. Here’s a place where flights of wine take up table tops, their wide array of flirty flights making it near impossible not to opt for one (because one equals four). Cheese specialties fatten up the acidic wine selections making this happy hour heaven, the perfect place for a date and a top joint for scouting for peeps who still have class.

Yes, Bin 36 does have food and yes it is delicious – it’s just an after thought when the wine menu is taking the spotlight. But it’s worth the spotlight as well, Chef Caputo’s wonderful selections are attributed to his rich culinary past working in Michelin rated restaurants in France and studying wine in Sonoma.

Breakfast, lunch (perfect business lunch in 40 minutes!) and dinner, Bin 36 is now somewhat of a Chi-town icon with is wine shop and wine classes. Each month they offer classes on food and wine pairings (whilst promoting tasting as the best means to learn!), themed movie, culture and game nights. They’ve also spread to Wicker Park with Bin Wine Cafe.

Real Food Daily: RFD for Real Friggin’ Delicious?

Whatever you think RFD really stands for, this restaurant devoted to Vegan cuisine is one of L.A’s only restaurants that keep vegan and non-vegans coming back for more.

Thanks to Ann Gentry and her devotion to organic produce and homegrown essentials, Real Food Daily has become a popular lunch and dinner hangout for those looking for healthy meals and dishes to satisfy any appetite. With vegan signatures such as Fettuccini Alfredo and “the TV Dinner”, comprised of vegetable meatloaf with mashed potatoes and veggies, dinner goers and lunch loungers all agree that they look forward to any dish that RFD is serving.

If you think going vegan means skipping dessert, you won’t believe your eyes when you take a look at the dessert menu. Filled with heavenly treats such as Dream Chocolate Pudding and Coconut White Cake, you really can have your cake and eat it too.

Though the food at RFD is consistent and exceptional, they are always trying new ways to spruce up the menu and keep newcomers and regulars on their toes. Summer months at RFD mean changing dessert menus that alternate weekly and picnic baskets packed with fresh produce and summer dishes made ready to order.

With locations in Santa Monica and West Hollywood open seven days a week, every Angelino can indulge in some real food, daily.
Real Food Daily Pic

So Chic And So Good: Terzo Piano at the AIC

When the Modern Wing of the AIC unveiled in 2009, it gave the already gigantic museum an additional whopping 65,000 square feet of modern galleries designed by Renzo Piano. Thankfully, Chicago also got a restaurant out of it: Terzo Piano. Those who don’t have time to do the museum can still enjoy the fresher-than-fresh offerings from the restaurant as well as its striking views of Millennium Park and Chi-town skyline.Picture 6

With salads so fresh you wonder where the garden is, delectable flatbreads and entrees, taste anything they offer and you’ll realize Chef Tony Mantuano (of Spiaggia) can do no wrong! And after your main course, it’s simply a must that you indulge in the cava di stagionatura or the authentic cheese cave. Fresh picks of cheese from neighboring masters in Wisconsin and imported delights from around the globe are the perfect way to finish your extended lunch or dinner.

As for the decor, think Modern Wing baby. Just as the wing was designed, so was the restaurant. Stark, clean white is complemented by earth accents of subtle metal and wood: so chic and so, so good.

Tom Colicchio Knows How to Get Craft-y

Ever since Tom Colicchio made his mark on Atlanta, Dallas and New York, it was about time that the Top Chef superstar brought Craft to the City of Stars, Los Angeles. Whether it’s lunch, dinner or dessert, Craft restaurant brings swanky, sexy, simple, sophisticated American classics together without ever missing the mark.

Featuring courses of octopus and Dry-Picture 9Aged sirloin, the food at Craft truly cannot be beat and pretty much everything off the menu is worth ordering. And that’s the point, everything comes a la carte, and sides like Shitaki mushrooms will blow your palate away as much as the cooked-to-perfection NY strip steak. Though Craft is known for its fish and meat, it is probably one of the only Los Angeles restaurants with a dessert menu long enough to act on its own. Between classic beignets and fabulous dessert combinations, you truly get the full culinary experience.

Though the food is outstanding on its own, the décor and ambiance of the restaurant truly make it an unforgettable experience. If a party is in your future, make sure to book the outdoor patio that can seat up to 80 people.

In the famous words of Bravo’s Top Chef, “Please pack your knives and go” to this restaurant!

The Latest Momofuku is Ma Peche in Midtown

Ma Peche, David Chang’s newest Asian fusion restaurant and the first to venture outside of the East Village, is now open for business.  The restaurant is in Midtown’s Chambers Hotel, but don’t let the new neighborhood or the high ceilings in the hotel lobby fool you.  ma pecheMa Peche stays true to the Momofuku brand of exclusivity that is brought about by dim lighting, community seating and chefs working within an arms reach.  Oh, and they don’t take reservations.

The menu at Ma Peche changes daily depending on what local farmers have on the chopping block.  That’s code for: this restaurant serves a lot of meat, and has no vegetarian options.  Mainstay entrees include spicy pork two ways, ribs with carrots and spaetzle, and mussels with crab paste and beer.

After the meal is over and the reasonable tab is settled, stop by the Milk Bar at the front of the house.  Offerings include Cereal Milk soft serve and Crack Pie.  They call it that because, well, it’s really addictive.

Another Starr: Butcher & Singer

Channeling a time when martinis at lunch were the norm and no self-respecting woman left the home without her coif in full pompadour, Butcher & Singer serves steak and seafood in Picture 14high fashion. If you are one of those that agree there can never be too much Mad Men in our lives, Butcher & Singer is your opportunity to walk right onto that set and light up a cigarette.

The stars at this Starr restaurant are steaks and seafood, just as any classic steakhouse should. Prime steaks are prepared a la carte from the beautiful open kitchen. Seafood highlights are cold-water lobster, classic surf and turf, freshly caught fish and Lobster Newberg. And for lunch, the Butcher Burger has won Philadelphia battles with its grilled onions, English cheddar, and homemade Russian dressing serving the knockout punch.

5. Eat Out for Boston Restaurant Week March 14-26

Picture 19Besides all the drinking this month for St. Patrick’s Day, Boston has a two-week holiday known as “Restaurant Week.” From March 14-19 and 21-26, dozens of restaurants across the city will be offering signature dishes at a ridiculously low rate: two-course lunches for $15.10, three-course lunches for 20.10 and three-course dinners for 33.10. Participating restaurants include some of Boston’s best, like The Cafe at Taj Boston, Capital Grille, Ginger Park and Mooo. For two weeks in March, there’s no better excuse to eat a three-course lunch and dinner every single day.

5. Have a Feast During NYC Restaurant Week Jan. 25-Feb. 7

Picture 24New York City is known for having one of the best culinary scenes in the world and Restaurant Week is a time for all New Yorkers to take advantage of the incredible talent without gasping at the bill. For just $24 for lunch and $35 for dinner, people can enjoy a gourmet three-course meal that has been put together by industry heavyweights like David Burke, Mario Batali, and Bobby Flay.

Some 200 restaurants participate in the two week long event including award winning restaurants like Tabla, Megu, Nobu, Rosa Mexicana, Spice Market, and the list goes on and on and on. Reservations begin on January 12th so make sure to book for the coveted restaurants early- and frequently!

2. Have a Feast During NYC Restaurant Week 1/25-2/7/10

Picture 10New York City is known for having one of the best culinary scenes in the world and Restaurant Week is a time for all New Yorkers to take advantage of the incredible talent without gasping at the bill. For just $24 for lunch and $35 for dinner, people can enjoy a gourmet three-course meal that has been put together by industry heavyweights like David Burke, Mario Batali, and Bobby Flay.

Some 200 restaurants participate in the two week long event including award winning restaurants like Tabla, Megu, Nobu, Rosa Mexicana, Spice Market, and the list goes on and on and on. Reservations begin on January 12th so make sure to book for the coveted restaurants early- and frequently!

Eat Chic at Cafe des Architectes

Nestled in a perfect Gold Coast locale, the Sofitel Hotel is a hubbub of activity: business people staying, cool locals hanging, and enough gorgeous French people to star in a Sophia Coppola film. Within the hotel lies the delicious Cafe des Architectes with its partner bar, the aptly named Le Bar.

pic20No matter the day or time, people watching here is like eating candy: sweet and energizing. But of course, the people are here for the cuisine. After all, the chef, Martial Noguier was a semifinalist in the James Beard Best Chef of 2009 competition! He will also be starring in his television debut on the upcoming Glutton for Punishment on the Food Network.

His culinary skills have also lent a hand in making Cafe des Architectes a hotspot for Christmas and NYE dining. The five-course menu starts at $89 and goes up to $160 with wine pairings. From short rib tortellini to veal strips and center cut tuna – you will actually need and want to save room for executive pastry chef Suzanne Imaz’s delectable creations like the white chocolate coconut mousse!

Year round this cozy-chic eatery remains a hotspot for food, drinks and gorgeous patrons serving brunch, lunch, dinner and the worker-friendly executive 30-minute lunch. Merci Noguier!

DC’s Morning Must: The Bean Counter

The Bean Counter is a friendly neighborhood spot for more than just a cup-a-joe.  It’s open for breakfast and lunch and is famous for its Cuban Sandwich. At breakfast you can find, Huevos Rancheros stuffed English muffins, a Peanut-Butter-and-Nutella sandwich, and more. The owner’s wife bakes up cholesterol-conscious brownies made with olive oil, oatmeal and chocolate-chip cookies made with whole-wheat flour and even dog treats for your pooch! And there’s coffee, all locally roasted from organic fair-trade beans. Colombian is the house brew, with rotating specials like Tanzanian and Ethiopian.

Michael’s Pre-Theater and Power Lunches

A midtown must, Michael’s is the talk of the town when it comes to power lunches and pre-theater dinner. Financiers, CEOs, suits, and celebs rub elbows while filling up on award-winning wines and expertly executed entrees ranging from lobster to duck and scallops to steak. Contemporary art by the likes of Jasper Johns and Frank Stella deck the walls of the airy Garden Room, not that guests need to notice anything other than the famed food.

One & Only Square Sushi at Zento

Satisfy sushi cravings at this breakthrough contemporary Japanese restaurant. Home to the famous square sushi, Chefs Gunawan Wibisono and Sam Ho are masters of flavorful and innovative fare and Zagat swears by its roll specials and bento boxes. The intimate setting makes this eating enclave one of downtown Philadelphia’s foodie destinations.

Dovetail Restaurant

Dining out is delicious at this lovely little oasis nestled on the Upper West Side. Muslin-covered walls and exposed brick set an elegant ambiance for patrons with a passion for extraordinary eats. There’s a sherry cellar downstairs that dually serves as a private dining room, and the main dining area seats 75. Come for brunch, lunch, or dinner and prepare to be dazzled!

Rockit Bar And Grill

Executive Chef James Gottwald has taken the traditional bar and grill concept and given it a contemporary culinary twist. The Rockit Burger has won major acclaim, including Good Morning America calling it the top in the nation. The menu also features such other casual cuisine as signature pizzas, salads, sandwiches, and entrees. Plus, the stylish setting here was designed by Oprah fave Nate Berkus himself, so you’ll be sure to dine in style. Open for lunch, dinner, and Saturday & Sunday brunch. And now, they’ve just opened a second location in Wrigleyville!

Cool Place to BOND over Drinks

BOND just may be the hottest place to grab a cool drink in Boston’s Financial District. Located inside The Langham Hotel, this grand dame encompasses an impressive bar with dramatically high ceilings in a room filled with enormous, countless chandeliers. Boston’s most beautiful club is also filled with some of its most sophisticated people.Picture 11

Once part of the Federal Reserve Bank, the former Julien restaurant was transformed last year into a hip setting for cosmopolitan dining and drinking. Cocktails such as The Trust, Pretty Boy Floyd, Bonnie & Clyde and Butch Cassidy reflect the storied history of the building.

BOND is a high-end lounge that acts like a nightclub: bottle service is almost mandatory to skip the massive line that curves its way through the hotel’s lobby. A stylish well-heeled 20-something crowd comes here late night to dance and party to the DJ spinning tunes on the balcony, while an after-work 30-plus group can be seen sipping bubbly in the Dom Perignon Lounge or relaxing with a glass of Riesling while noshing on a crock of lobster pot pie or ahi tuna tataki and tartar.

Grab a reservation or make sure to get in early as BOND is one of the most upscale and sought after nightlife destinations in Boston. Check out the website at bondboston.com.