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Osteria La Buca

Osteria la Buca is located on Melrose Ave, two blocks East of Paramount Studios on the outskirts of Hollywood. We celebrate the gift that is Southern California produce and grass roots Italian cooking. We have a focused list of Italian and California wines and offer a full bar specializing in boutique spirits from around the world. We represent handmade, whole beast, long braise, and farm fresh traditions. We welcome all to gather around our tables.

Syrup & So Much More: The Waffle

Unlike other modern breakfast places in Los Angeles, The Waffle serves both modern and classic breakfast and lunch food in a diner-style environment fit for a Brady Bunch family member.

The Waffle pic

This breakfast eatery has become famous for their endless breakfast options including specialty waffles such as their Blueberry Lemon Waffle as well as six versions of Hash Browns such as their Smoked Salmon with cream cheese, red onions and capers. For starters, The Waffle created fun and unique appetizers such as a Flight of Savory Waffles and Waffle Dip and Chips featuring spinach, artichoke and parmesan dip accompanied by homemade potato chips. The restaurant also serves signature lunch specials and vegetarian dishes.

The Waffle has not only become popular for its food, but they have also become known as a “dog-friendly” eatery where dogs are welcome on the front patio. This eatery is also open late for those looking for breakfast after dinner, or drinks.

Runyon Canyon: The Hottest Place To Break A Sweat

In the land of kickboxing, yoga and Pilates, you can find one of the best workouts in Los Angeles that actually comes with a view.

Runyon Canyon has become a celebrity hotspot and weekend go-to for the true workout enthusiast. After you grab your Evian and leash up your dog, prepare to be quite literally “wowed” by the gorgeous views surrounding you at each possible direction.

Runyon is truly unlike any hiking trail of its kind. Filled with beautiful people in an equally beautiful setting, this is the type of place that is the perfect escape, first date or Saturday ritual.

But be warned: the sun’s shining rays can get easily mistaken with the packs of running bleach blonds and blinding white teeth.

This canyon is officially the chicest place to run-yon.

2000 N Fuller Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90046
Neighborhood: Hollywood

New York City Meets Los Angeles: The Hudson

No, we aren’t in New York City. The Hudson has arrived to Los Angeles, and with reason.

Reason being that this bar is the perfect place for after work drinks, a Saturday night out or a quick way to say you’ve done something outdoorsy (as long as you sit at the table closest to the tree that literally makes its way into the bar and through the roof.

The Hudson is what you would call geek chic. It’s chic enough for a night out with your girls but geek enough to find a cute computer programmer in the corner to buy you a drink and then hop into the photo booth with later.

And if you happen to get a little hungry after those round of beers all those “geeks” bought you, a basket of fries from the Hudson always does the trick.

Taste The Forbidden Fruit: Eden Nightclub

Step off of Hollywood Boulevard and step into Eden, literally.

Eden Nightclub in Hollywood is the newest nightclub addition to what is referred to as Hollywood row. But what makes this nightclub different than the rest? Everything.

Let’s start with the decor – the interior is chic and sexy, filled with dark furniture and wood for days. And if you ever question why they call this particular club Eden, just take a glance to your left or right, where you will find love quotes all over the walls, to whisper into your date’s ear, of course.

But if you want a piece of the garden, you’ll have to wait in line to get there. Unless you know someone at the door, can put your name on the guest list or want to go all out for a table.

Eden Nightclub – eating the forbidden is encouraged.

Your New Favorite Spot: My Studio Nightclub

Though you probably remember it as Mood Nightclub, My Studio on Hollywood Boulevard has completed transformed their space to create a lounge environment with a wall filled with books, a piano in the corner and plush sofas for endless amounts of seating.

mystudio pic

The popular nightclub is bringing all types of people in, from those looking to enjoy a night out to those looking to celebrate a birthday or special event. Since the popularity of the spot is continually growing, your name on the guest list is essential unless you are looking forward to a long wait on line. And the fact that celebrity visitors include Karissa Shannon, Seth MacFarlane and Lauren Conrad, the hopes of getting past the velvet rope continue to grow as the weekends approach.

Along with celebrity followers, My Studio has also become popular thanks to their special events that are constantly being thrown and are constantly changing. Events include special guest performances, DJ visits and other appropriately themed parties such as their Post Memorial Day Party and celebrity birthdays.

Drumsticks & Draft Beer: Dillion’s Irish Pub

Where in Los Angeles can you enjoy a 3 dollar beer while playing a free game of pool in Hollywood? Meet Dillon’s, your new favorite hangout for after work drinks, sporting events and any reason to get out of the house to get to the bar.

dillion's pic

With comfort food, endless beers on tap and waitresses running around in green and white school girl outfits, the vibe at Dillon’s is always changing, from a mellow Tuesday night with a pitcher of beer to a packed bar on the weekends.

Though most people visit Dillon’s for the cheap beer, Dillon’s large menu offers classic comfort food and game day treats such as Crisp Fried Calamari, Fried Onion Rings and Avocado Fries, slices of avocado fried to perfection served with chipotle and lemon aioli on the side.

Thanks to comfort food, inexpensive beer and an always popular bar and seating area, this Irish pub is becoming as popular as the bars and night clubs that share the same street.

Katsuya Hollywood: A Sushi Kraze

katsuya pic

The Katsuya kraze has officially taken over Hollywood.

Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus are frequent visitors along with anyone else who appreciates good quality sushi. With sushi favorites such as spicy albacore over crispy onion as well as spicy tuna over crispy rice, the Hollywood location is the perfect place to order off the menu or indulge in a chef’s tasting. Along with perfectly concocted dishes, Katsuya has a large list of specialty cocktails with restaurant favorites such as the Watermelon Cucumber Mojito or the Lychee Lovely with vanilla infused vodka and fresh squeezed grapefruit.

Though the beautifully decorated red and white restaurant is the perfect place for dinner or a special occasion, Katsuya has recently come up with new ways for foodies to enjoy on a budget. The Lucky Seven features seven tastings, such as tuna tacos and Kobe beef sliders, for seven dollars. Other deals include Sake Specials on Monday or Garlic Shrimp paired with a pitcher of beer for twenty bucks on select days and locations.

Reservations are recommended and valet parking is sometimes your only parking option on busy nights.

Worth the Venom at The Viper Room

The Viper Room in the infamous West Hollywood area of Los Angeles is known for cheap drinks, dark lighting and headlining bands that only true fans have ever heard of. All the appeal is due in part to its landmark location and the fact that it is a true Hollywood staple in the music scene.

Unlike other music venues that promise intimate performances in crowded corners, a trip to The Viper Room actually feels like you are watching a performance in your backyard. With booths lining the walls and spaces that can hold no more than 200 people, Viper Room devotees vouch that a performance at The Room will beat all others.

Though it can’t get much better than paying between $10-20 to see your favorite musician or band, The Viper Room has made up for semi-expensive parking by offering insanely cheap drinks, especially for Hollywood. Five dollar drinks are served from the hours of 11pm-2am nightly, which means you can get trashed while standing inches away from the bands who taught you how to. Along with the novelty of cheap drinks comes the souvenir mug, a Viper Room purchase that you can fill up and take home with you.

While the rest of West Hollywood is buying $20 drinks and paying cover at the club, those at The Viper Room are enjoying themselves as they get to experience old Hollywood in a new way. With cheap drinks, cheap admission fee and up close and personal performances, The Viper Room is a Hollywood-must, especially for all those fun loving music fanatics.

Terroni is Terrific for Pizza and Pasta

This hot little Hollywood Italian spot will win your taste buds like it has won the locals. Terroni is the perfect weeknight place when craving some good carbs. Named after the region of the Picture 8restaurant’s imported olive oil and hot peppers, Terroni is the real Southern Italy where simplicity reigns as much as the ingredients.

At Terroni, it’s best to always prepare for a little wait as the restaurant doesn’t take reservations, but there’s no better place than to start at the bar! A glass of the Montepulciano is the perfect pairing for all authentic antipasti, pizza or pasta fare. The pizza has that thin crust, burnt richness that can only be had when right out of the brick oven.  If you can take the heat, ask for the hot peppers. You’ll leave carrying out jars of the stuff!

Besides the amazing pizza, Terroni is the perfect spot for a first or blind date; its sweet decor is just romantic enough, but the tables are close enough to spark up a conversation to your left or right if your date is a dud.

Get Dolled Up and Party With Some Guys

Picture 7When opening night brings celebrities like the Maddens and Kendra’s baby shower together, you know this spot is going to be good. Guys & Dolls is the ultimate Hollywood lounge and nightclub. Featuring a patio as soon as you walk in with tables and bottle service, it is the perfect place for a summer night of partying. The inside, which features an open dance floor and more V.I.P tables, makes you realize why all the celebs are running to hang with their other Hollywood friends.

Though the décor is beautiful to match the beautiful L.A. faces, the door policy is strict to assure that only the most successful guys and most gorgeous dolls get through the velvet rope. With major events and premieres happening on a regular basis, Guys & Dolls’ is always filled with VIPs, the right drinks, and beautiful scenery.

Insider’s Tip: If you and friends want to venture out to this club and are unable to drop a name or get on the guest list, bottle service is a must to be escorted to the front of the line and have a table to yourselves.

Real or Wax at The Hollywood Wax Museum

While you can spot celebrities on the street or dining at their favorite digs, nothing really beats a photo op with one of your favorite stars. The Hollywood Wax Museum, situated on the famous Hollywood Boulevard, is the only place where no matter what time of day, you can be face-to-face with Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp, Elvis Presley and even Judy Garland.  The Hollywood Wax Museum is the longest running wax museum and the only one devoted entirely to famous faces in the United States.

Even though posing and snapping photographs is all the fun, thePicture 7 true beauty behind this museum is how long it takes to bring these stars to life. Careful planning and authentic design go into each creation giving each wax figure a real presence- taking a team of 7 artists three months to make! The museum is constantly changing to allow for new, popular stars to be immortalized for fans in the life-like wax. This museum is perfect for the City of Stars, because it gives museum goers a chance to pose with a celebrity without having to chase them down.

Insider’s Tip: Open 365 days a year, a visit to this museum is probably best accompanied by other spots such as the Guinness World Records Museum or Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Thanks to multiple ticket packages that the museum offers, you can visit all three and get a true taste of Hollywood celebrities, world records and unbelievable sightings.

Kodak Theatre is Hollywood’s Crown Jewel

HoPicture 11me to the Academy Awards and American Idol, The Kodak Theatre epitomizes Hollywood fame and entertainment. Since its opening in 2001, The Kodak Theatre has been known as Hollywood’s “Crown Jewel,” has been the marching ground for celebrities and their golden Oscars.

Though the Academy Awards are definitely a big deal, the theatre will also be bringing in a circus favorite around the world in 2011: Cirque Du Soleil. With the awards and elaborate shows, it’s hard to imagine that the theatre is ever going to have a slow day. When the Oscars and other award shows aren’t being filmed and the other events have yet to debut, the Kodak Theatre offers guided tours for those who want a real Hollywood experience.

With events, tours and Academy Awards, the Kodak Theatre is a true gift given to Hollywood.

1. Denver Film Society Roots for Its Own at Oscars Party March 7

Picture 24The Oscars are one of the biggest cultural events every year, but in Denver they are especially special in 2010. Three of Denver Film Society’s films are up for the golden statuette, including Precious, The Cove and a documentary short.

The Party with Oscar at the innovative Museum of Contemporary Art offers the select few a true Hollywood experience, complete with a red carpet. Throughout four floors of the MCA’s unique galleries, patrons will be sipping champagne, snacking on gourmet hors d’ouerves and watching the Academy Awards on well placed viewing screens all over the museum. If this venue and event isn’t fabulous enough, the MCA also offers one of the best skyline views of the gorgeous city.

2. Dallas’ Only Official Oscar Night Party March 7

Picture 19It’s every movie star’s dream to win an Oscar. For everyone else, just being at the Oscar’s would be a dream come true. USA Film Festival rolls out the red carpet to make that happen with the official Oscar Night America Dallas. On March 7th, watch The Academy Awards in style, from your seat at Studio Movie Grill. Sip on champagne while you experience the thrills and excitement as the event is telecast on the large theater screen. Dinner will be served, as well as a live auction featuring movie memorabilia. The same official program will be provided as the one at the presentation at Kodak Theatre in Hollywood!

2. Oscar Night at Lucca Back Bay March 7

Picture 31This March, Oscar fever will sweep the nation. After the biggest box office year in the history of U.S. cinema, this year’s ceremony is sure to go down in history as one of the most memorable. So the only question is: where are you going to watch it? Why not watch the ceremony in style.

On Sunday, March 7, Lucca Back Bay is hosting a party to celebrate the hottest night in Hollywood. Executive chef Anthony Mazzotta will prepare a regional Italian menu specific to the changing seasons. Watch Hollywood’s brightest stars walk down the red carpet from Lucca’s lounge; separated from the main dining room the lounge features a substantial bar filled with a varied selections of scotches, bourbons and the finest Italian wines. It’s a night that promises to be filled with fun, friends, and plenty of little golden men named Oscar.

3. Oscar’s Official Party in Atlanta March 7

Picture 14It’s Oscar season again, and what better way to watch the awards than with all the glamour and excitement of Hollywood. On March 7, the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre will host Atlanta’s only official Oscar party. While tens of millions of cinema lovers glue themselves to their television sets to learn who will receive the golden statuettes, the Oscar Night America attendees will be watching the events with champagne, dinner and a massive screen in a first-class affair. After a year full of so many great films and the first time in decades that 10 films have been nominated for Best Picture, it is really anybody’s game. So come out to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre and watch the awards the way the stars do, in red carpet style.

The Standard Sets It Very, Very High

Whether you are poolside or cozying up in The Purple Lounge, nothing is standard at The Standard. It only takes one step into the lobby to realize that you are at one of the swankiest hotels in Los Angeles. Filled with modern furniture and a staff that looks like they were castPicture 17 from Ford Models, The Standard upholds its reputation of combining trendy elegance with a retro chic vibe.

If you are a lucky patron of the hotel, make sure your room has views to match its interior. Placed on Sunset Boulevard, views overlooking Hollywood are as worthy as the price you are paying for it.

For those just looking for a night out on the town, this is probably the only hotel you will ever see where the lobby gets as much action as a Las Vegas Casino. If you venture further into the 24/7 restaurant, you can find yourself in a club-like experience with flashing neon lights and select DJs.

Though the rooms and lobby are equally as amazing, nothing truly beats being poolside at The Standard. While sipping cocktails in the sun, don’t be surprised to run into celebrities who also ventured out to frolic under the shades of this fabulous pool.

Overall, the Standard can please any need, from the clubber to the sunbather. If you are looking for an over-the-top experience, you might as well go Standard.

The Best Drive is to Universal City Walk

When venturing out to Hollywood to witness the bright lights and eccentricity on the boulevard seems daunting, there is an alternative that takes out the chaos and adds some fun. Universal City Walk is truly one of a kind in that it’s a city within a city, offering everything from movie theaters to restaurants, candy shops to water ballet. Locals and tourists alike are always gathering in the one pPicture 9lace where acting like a kid is commendable.

Though rummaging through magnet stores and a shop completely dedicated to Pez seems over the top, the adults have their fair share of fun, too. Universal has some American dining favorites, from Hard Rock Café to Wasabi. If you are looking for a quick bite to soak up all the fun, Universal has adapted the mall-like food court and offers quick eats from Dodger Dogs to Panda Express.
Once the shopping and eating comes to a rest, Universal City Walk has a nightlife scene offering great alternatives for those who don’t want to venture to the other side of the hill. Places like Saddle Ranch and Howl at the Moon bring in large crowds and keep the excitement alive all night.

Whether it’s daytime fun or nighttime entertainment, the crowds never seem to stop arriving at City Walk. The next time you feel like driving to Hollywood, skip the traffic and expensive drinks and drive to the Walk.

2. Val Kilmer Talks Upcoming Mark Twain Film Feb. 11

Picture 2This month the Mary Baker Eddy Library Centenary Series gets some Hollywood attention as the former Batman star Val Kilmer spills the secrets on his new Mark Twain/Mary Baker Eddy movie. Together with Mike Davis, library researcher, and Chet Manchester, who has written a screenplay on Eddy, Kilmer & Co. will discuss how these two literary geniuses were intertwined and influential in their time and today. It should be a great night of learning as well as getting some secret details on the upcoming major motion picture!

Don’t forget to call in advance for reservations, as space is limited.

The Finest are Flocking to Birds

Whether they’re pet lovers at heart or realize Los Angeles hipsters flock there regularly, Birds is the secret gem to going out in L.A. for a guaranteed good time. The laid back atmosphere still manages to bring in a cool crowd full of wannabe writers and Hollywood hipsters.

Picture 9The three best times to visit Birds are for your birthday, an amazing happy hour, and when you are single on Valentine’s Day. For birthdays, the lovely employees of Birds will decorate the “birdcage” for the special event and fill it with balloons, drinks and utter humiliation from the guy with the microphone. If you are lucky enough to venture to the bar within the hours of 4pm-6pm, you might find yourself at your happiest. And finally, if you find yourself without a Valentine on the 14th, Birds has devoted an “anti-Valentine” themed gathering to draw in local singles to celebrate the anti-love.

Other than fun birthdays and an even better atmosphere, the food and drinks are equally as appealing. With a great martini list and even better food menu, there is no reason why you should be missing out on such a great experience in Hollywood.

Date Night at the Cemetery’s Cinespia

When you are looking for a taste of old Hollywood and a way to spice up your love life, there is no better date spot than the Hollywood cemetery. On Sunday nights, thePicture 17 cemetery opens its doors for the hundreds of people who are looking for a cheaper way to go to the movies. With old Hollywood flicks constantly being aired, you feel as though you are truly in another decade.

One of the best parts of Cinespia is that you can turn the experience into your own. People bring blankets, food and even wine as they sprawl onto the lawn and cozy up for a film. The uniqueness of this experience draws a large crowd so make sure to get there early- really early. While this may be the only movie theater you can actually bring your own food into, it is also one of the best experiences when you are looking for a change in scenery, literally.

Going Mad for Wonderland

Though Los Angeles is infamously known for being a town filled with women doing anything and everything they can to stay young, Wonderland has officially taken it to a whole ‘nother level. Wonderland nightclub, loosely based around thPicture 4e childhood favorite, is the newest addition to the Dolce Group, the men who brought us favorites such as Ketchup and Bella restaurants.

With mirrored walls and framed rabbit shadows, you might expect to find yourself dizzy, when in fact the club is quite tasteful and elegant. Opting for a more relaxed vibe than over the top, Wonderland is the new celebrity hang out on one of the most popular streets in Hollywood. With frequent visitors such as Rhianna and the girls from MTV’s The Hills, it’s no wonder everyone is coming out to play and standing behind the velvet rope. But be warned Alice imposters, only the real deal are getting in this New Year’s with tickets costing up to $200.00 a person awaiting the stroke of midnight.

You may not be able to fall down the rabbit whole, but you may just fall in love with this new Hollywood hangout.

1. A Show Stopping New Year at Social Hollywood 12/31/09

Social Hollywood, Hollywood’s only Mansion style venue, invites you to join in on the major social event for New Year’s Eve. Enjoy a spectacular dinner, hors d’oeuvres, and desserts prepared by Citrus’ Celebrity Chef Michel Richard. This is the same Citrus Restaurant that was voted Best Restaurant in the United States by Traveler Magazine.

With three different dance floors and music, there’s something for every taste. Top off the night with a spectacular midnight countdown show with aerialists, performance artists, pyro-displays, special effects, lighting, and much more. In Hollywood they definitely know how to put on a show.